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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kill Killer K

    Version: 0.76 | Updated: 11/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Note: this guide will not be updated. This guide is a disgrace, and I
    completely lost interest in it. It got ratings of 2s and 3s only and
    I never update it. I WILL however make a new guide, under a new name.
    I stopped responding to this email address; and I checked it exactly
    4 times since the update before this one on 12/4/04. Like a said, look
    for a new guide coming soon. It will be under a new user name; but I will
    mention the name Kill Killer K in it.
    Thank you - Kill Killer K
    P.S. When my next guide is updated, this one will be taken off of GameFAQs.
                              Halo 2: FAQ/Walkthrough
                         For the Microsoft Xbox Game System
                               Author: Kill Killer K
                 Author's Email: kill_killer_k [at] yahoo [dot] com
                     Halo 2 ESRB Rating: M for Mature (Ages 17+)
                ESRB Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Violence, Language
         Halo 2 Developed and Published by Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios
            Halo 2 Release Dates: 11/09/04 US, 11/11/04 Europe and Japan
                          FAQ/Walkthrough Version: 0.76
                      FAQ/Walkthrough Last Updated: 11/26/05
                         FAQ/Walkthrough Created: 11/21/04
                     Halo 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Table of Contents:
                            one) copyright information
                              two) version history
                              three) introduction
                                 four) controls
                                 five) enemies
                                  six) weapons
                                seven) vehicles
                              eight) gameplay tips
                               nine) walkthrough
                              ten) multiplayer mode
                            eleven) bugs and glitches
                        twelve) frequently asked questions
                             thirteen) miscellaneous
                                fourteen) credits
       Tip: This is a large guide, so for easier navigation, press Ctrl and F
      at the same time to bring up the Find menu. On it, type the section or a
          keyword you are looking for. Then press find and there you go!
                            one) copyright information
       This Halo 2 FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright (C) 2004 Travis L. Combs a.k.a.
       Kill Killer K. No website may host this FAQ without my permission. This
       FAQ can not be altered in any way. It may not be copied, and it can not
       be sold or purchased for any reason. This guide is the result of my free
      time. Breaking the copyright may result in serious legal action. Thank you.
                 Only the following sites may use this FAQ/Walkthrough:
                                two) version history
                               Version 0.25 - 11/21/04
                                   Started the FAQ
                                Version 0.5 - 11/22/04
                My FAQ got rejected on GameFAQs, so I'm working on it more.
                             Added Level 3: Cairo Station
                                Version 0.5b - 12/2/04
         Haven't updated this in awhile, in fact, this really isn't an update.
              Submitted to SuperCheats yesterday, it got accepted (yay).
           Submitted to Neoseeker. Awaiting to see if it gets posted or not.
                                Version 0.5c - 12/3/04
                    Another submittion, this time to GameWinners.
                                Version 0.75 - 12/4/04
                   I promised more levels today, so here they are.
                               Added Level 4: Outskirts
                               Added Level 5: Metropolis
    Version 0.76
    Added tips submitted by Ah-toh Toh-toh. Final version. I lost interest in this
    guide, and it is a disgrace. Look for a new guide coming next year under a new
    Also, I abondon the whole centered text thing. Its gay.
                                 three) introduction
       Hello, everyone, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Halo 2! This guide
       is the result of all my hard work and free time. Halo 2 is the sequel to
      the launch game Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo 2 features 15 levels, but it is
       really 13 levels. The first one is an introduction and the second one is
     a diagnostics test. This game can be beaten usually in 12-15 hours. The game
     also features 4 difficulty modes; Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary. So, I
     hope you like my guide on Halo 2! And remember, feel free to email me if
     you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. at the address
                    of kill_killer_k [at] yahoo [dot] com. Enjoy!
                                   four) controls
                             Left Analog Stick - Move Around
                            Right Analog Stick - Look Around
                           Left Analog Stick (click) - Crouch
                         Right Analog Stick (click) - Zoom Scope
              L Button - Throw Grenades; if dual wielding, shoots left weapon
                             R Button - Shoots right weapon
                                      A - Jump
                                  B - Melee Attack
                  X - Reload; pick up a new weapon (if standing over one)
             Y - Switch Weapons, dual wield (if standing over a gun compatible)
                                  White - Flashlight
                               Black - Switch Grenades
                          Direction Pad - Move through Menus
                                    Start - Pause
                                    five) enemies
       The basic infantry unit of the Covenant. Can be strong when in groups but
        offer very little threat single. Short aliens that are usually fleeing
             after seeing you. But if with an Elite, they stay and fight.
          Aliens of a higher rank than Grunts. They have shields, making it
      difficult to shoot them at times (Meleeing can help). They are faster than
                       Grunts. Still, they offer little threat.
       Not very common, Hunters are dangerous foes covered in armor. They are
      hard to beat as you can only kill them from their back. Their weapons are
               the powerful fuel rod cannons. Offer lots of threat.
        Tall, common enemies. Their weapons are plamsa rifles. They are the
      strongest common Covenant member. They have good hiding tactics, so watch
                         out. Usually appear with Grunts.
       They fight in a pack and are stronger than Elites. They can offer a ton
         of threat. Their weapons are explosive. They don't appear until the
                               second half of game.
       Like Brutes, Drones are new to the Covenant. Have the ability to fly
       for short periods of time. They are highly intelligent. Due to their
           flying ability, they have developed good fighting strategys.
       Little is known about these characters. None have ever been killed or
        captured. There are very few of them. What is known is that they are
         administrative or religious in nature and have little to do with
                            battlefield circumstances.
                                     six) weapons
    --------------------------------Human Weapons---------------------------------
                                     M6C Pistol
                                Dual Wield compatible.
         Standard UNSC sidearm. Recoil-operated magazine-fed handgun, firing a
           magazine of 12.7mm semi-armor piecing rounds. Fired accurately in
            semi-automatic mode, can be powerful anti-personnel weapon. This
                   stripped down "C" variant does not feature a scope.
                                     BR55 Rifle
        Battle Rifle fires 9.5mm rounds from 36-round magazines. Mounted with
          a 2x optical scope for targeting. Fires in short, automatic bursts
        of three rounds. Very accurate, relatively high rate of fire makes it
                         a useful all around infantry weapon.
                             M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
                                Dual Wield compatible.
             "Bullet hose" fires sustained burst of 5mm fire from 60-round
         magazines. SMG's, while not accurate over long distances, can provide
              withering fire at close quarters. Tends to "walk" upwards as
             compounding momentum from recoil takes hold. Therefore, careful
                     moderation of aim required to maintain accuracy.
                                  S2 AM Sniper Rifle
             Gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon utilizes a smart-linked scope
           with two levels of magnification (5x and 10x). Firing 14.5mm armor
            piercing, fin stabilized, discarding-sabot rounds makes it very
          powerful. Sheer size and limited magazine capacity dictate strategic
            use. Devastating from a secured position, has clearly limited use
                                as a close-range weapon.
                                M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
              Most commonly used light anti-vehicle weapon in UNSC arsenal.
         Man-portable, shoulder fired, with a single 2x level of magnification.
          Fires 102mm shaped-charge, high explosive tracking rockets. Reticle
              indicator denotes when launcher has achieved lock on target.
                                     M90 Shotgun
          Powerful, loud, pump-action, magazine-fed, firing 8-gauge magnum
        (3.5") rounds with strong recoil. Devastating at close range and in
         confined quarters, should be used with caution. Ineffective damage
             ratios at long range mean it should be used appropiately.
                             M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade
        Basic explosive device has changed little thanks to excellent design
       and flexibility. Well-thrown grenade will kill or stun most opponents.
       Fuse activates half a second after striking surface or object to avoid
          accidental denotation. Also allows combatants to "bounce" grenade
                            into difficult to reach targets.
                               M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted)
         3-barreled, electric-powered, link-less drum-fed, vehicle mounted
           light anti-aircraft gun. Standard armament on Warthog. Fires
         450-550 rounds per minute. Excellent armor penetration capability.
                            M68 Gauss Cannon (vehicle mounted)
          Asynchronous linear-induction motor produces bipolar magnetic field
            to fire 25mm projectile at hyper-sonic velocity. Excellent armor
              penetration capability, but not as effective against multiple
    --------------------------------Covenant Weapons------------------------------
                                     Plasma Pistol
                                Dual Wield compatible.
            Understood better than most Covenant weapons, Plasma Pistol is
            semi-automatic, directed-energy weapon. Fires rapid bursts of
           superheated plasma, but holding trigger for extended period can
            build a powerful overcharged plasma bolt. Becomes temporarily
         unusable as it discharges excess heat. Both Plasma Pistol and Rifle
                     use power core we don't fully understand.
                                     Plasma Rifle
                                Duel Wield compatible.
           Favored by Elites, but used by many Covenant troops, is a direct
         energy weapon and capable of both automatic and semi-automatic fire.
           Extended bursts of automatic fire causes the weapon to overheat,
          temporarily disabling the gun and depleting energy core. Once the
                 energy core has completey discharged, it is useless.
                                Duel Wield compatible.
      Unusual magazine-fed weapon fires razor-sharp crystalline projectiles,
       using unexplained homing abilities to center on soft organic targets,
      to pierce flesh no matter the angle of impact. Energy shields deflect
        them successfully, and they ricochet from the other hard surfaces.
        Ammunition explodes after it impacts flesh, causing further damage.
                                  Covenant Carbine
        Rare Covenant projectile-firing rifle, a powerful, stocky weapon,
        and fitted with a magnifying scope. Fires single rounds with high
        degree of accuracy and power. In some ways its technology mimics
       Covenant's Fuel Rod Gun, although obviously on a smaller scale, but
                offers similar penetration to UNSC's Battle Rifle.
                                Particle Beam Rifle
         Very precise, powerful weapon, uses relatively familiar particle
       beam acceleration method to fire devastating beam of energy. Limited
         battery capacity means weapon can fire only 18 bursts before it
          depletes charge. Integrated scope enables two levels of zoom,
             approximately 5x and 10x. Makes excellent sniper weapon.
                                    Brute Shot
        Type of grenade launcher used, as far as we can tell, exclusively
       by Brutes. Grenades it fires from a four round belt can be deflected
        deliberately for tactical reasons, such as firing around corners.
       One of the least precise Covenant weapons yet encountered, limited
          ammunition capacity is made up for by huge razor-sharp bayonet
                               Covenant Energy Sword
         Initially thought to be purely ceremonial. Few have been seen in
          combat, but they are invariably carried by high-ranking Elites.
        We don't understand how it functions, but it cuts through any armor
        with ease. You can press B for a regular melee attack or pull R for
       the basic undercut attack. Or wait until reticle turns red to lock on
               an enemy, then pull R to perform a fatal lunge attack.
                                   Fuel Rod Gun
       Launching highly radioactive fuel rod projectiles, weapon is effective
      against both vehicles and personnel. Weapon is bulky, heavy, and carries
              five fuel rods per clip. Single 2x level of magnification.
                                  Plasma Grenade
         Using unknown technology that can apparently differentiate between
         strategic targets and non-threatening surfaces, this grenade, when
       thrown accurately, adheres to combatant or vehicle, but not to a wall.
       Three second fuse is activated as soon as greade comes to rest either
                     on ground or stuck to an intended target.
                                 seven) vehicles
    ----------------------------- Human Vehicles----------------------------------
                                  M12 Warthog LRV
                       Crew: 1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 gunner
                                Weight: 3.25 tons
                     Armament: 12.7mm three barreled machine gun
       Light reconnaissance vehicle (LRV), a proven and reliable standard USNC
     vehicle. Also unofficially known as "Warthog", LRV is equipped with powerful
      machine gun. Maneuverable and excellent in any terrain, Warthog replies on
       superb traction and updated braking system. To powerslide, pull L for the
                                M12G1 Warthog LAAV
                      Crew: 1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 gunner
                                Weight: 3.5 tons
                          Armament: 25mm Gauss Cannon
      The Light anti-armor vehicle (LAAV) is identical in every respect to other
             Warthog variants, except for the turret mounted Gauss Cannon.
                                M808B Scorpion MBT
                   Crew: 1 driver, 4 Passengers/Gunmen (on side)
                                 Weight: 66 tons
                        Main Gun: 90mm high velocity shell
                Secondary Gun: 7.62mm AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer)
        Although Scorpion Main Battle Tank's primary role is an anti-vehicle
        platform, its effectiveness again Covenant infantry makes it a useful
         anti-personnel weapon, too. Ceramic-titanium armor makes it almost
       invulnerable to small-arms fire. Vehicle has single pilot cockpit, but
        in emergencies can transport four additional infantrymen on jumpseat
    ----------------------------Covenant Vehicles---------------------------------
                                  Crew: 1 driver
                   Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
                 Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons (100-250 kW range)
        Standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle, deployed by Covenant
       in all ground combat. Usually, but always, piloted by Elites, is highly
       maneuverable and fires twin bolts of superheated plasma. Vehicle is also
      capable of sustained bursts of speed, although can not fire and appears to
     be less maneuverable at such speeds. Pull L to boost speed. Possible that it
              uses energy from weapons systems to achieve speed increase.
                                  Crew: 1 driver
                    Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
                            Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
                     Secondary Weapon System: Fuel Rod Cannon
      Fast and maneuverable, a formidable aerial assualt vehicle. Well shielded
       against small arms fire, Banshee can be crippled or destroyed by heavier
     weapons. Fuel rod cannon makes it a dangerous bomber as well as fast fighter.
      Banshee has been observed barrel-rolling and looping in turns and arcs that
                 would be impossible with conventional aerodynamics.
                                 Crew: 1 Driver
                   Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
              Armament: Plasma Mortar and 2 Auto-firing Plasma Cannons
    Slow, Bulky, and presenting a huge target, is nonetheless the Covenant's most
        destructive mobile armor. Huge bulk is well shielded; covering fire it
      provides from massive Plasma Mortar makes it an inestimably dangerous foe.
     Piloted by a single occupant, who controls all vehicle and weapons systems,
           also features limited boost system for enhanced maneuverability.
                     Crew: 1 driver, 1 gunner, 2 passengers
                  Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
                            Armament: Plasma Cannon
       Multi-troop armored transport is small and maneuverable and while slow,
      can move with ease in confined spaces. Main weaknesses are lack of speed
       and acceleration, and that occupants are fairly exposed. Rear mounted
     plasma cannon is dangerous, and vehicle provides multiple firing positions.
                     Crew: 1 driver, 1 gunner, 8 passengers
                  Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
                            Armament: Plasma Cannon
      Covenant's main mode of moving large numbers of troops around on land.
      Can hold driver, gunner, and up to 8 occupants, depended on species of
       Covenant. Seems to be outfitted to carry Elites, Brutes, Grunts, and
       Jackals. Equipped with plasma cannon, but main purpose is the deploy
                               eight) gameplay tips
      *Don't stand in one spot and shoot. This makes it easier for your opponent
      to attack you. Keep moving left and right, as it can help you live longer.
      *At points in the Campaign, you may find it difficult to pass, and you get
      upset. Don't break the controller, I have a different solution. Save your
     game, and come back to it fully refreshed later. This makes a big difference.
         *When availible, use a turret rather than your own gun. This not only
       saves your limited ammo, but it also keeps you safer because (usually) you
                               are out of the action.
    Tips submitted by ah-toh toh-toh:
    *always strafe while fighting, especially against needlers as you will 
    some needles
    *remember that Johnson, Miranda, or the Spec-Ops leader is INVINSIBLE
    *take cover as much as possible, this helps on heroic and legendary 
    *if using a battery powerd weapon, exchange it for a new one as often 
    *if you just used up a full clip of ammo, switch to your other weapon 
    give it to an ally, he will reload is and when you take it back you 
    have the 
    same amount of ammo. NOTE:Does not work with batterry powered weapons
                       *Additional Gameplay Tips coming soon*
                 *Feel free to email me any Gameplay Tips you have*
                                nine) walkthrough
    -------------------------level one: The Heretic-------------------------------
        You start out the decent lengthed game of Halo 2 with an introduction.
      It shows an Elite getting questioned and yelled at because he didn't save
      Halo. He says he will continue his campaign againsts humans, but they do
     not allow him. He is then taken away. Afterward, you see another short clip.
    ---------------------------level two: Armory----------------------------------
        You start out the second level with a diagnostics test. Use the right
       thumbstick to look at the red targets. After that, you are told to walk
      around a bit, and get used to your new suit (Mark VI). Afterward, walk to
      the red square on the floor to charge your shield. Hold X when prompted to
       start charging. During charging, Sarge Johnson comes in. After charging,
     you need to follow Sarge Johnson. He goes to an elevator. Follow him in and
      you will go down. After that, follow him across the hall to the tram. Hop
     in the tram, and ride down to the end. Then get out. Sarge Johnson talks to
     you the whole time. He mainly talks about going back to Earth and how it has
      been a long time. A cutscene starts after you get out, with people taking
     pictures. Master Chief complains and says, "I thought you said their wouldn't
      be no pictures." Sarge Johnson replys, "I thought you said you were gonna
      wear something nice." After that cutscene, a new cutscene comes up showing
      the Elite from the Heretic getting dragged in a Covenant prison type place.
     You then see him get tortured. After that cutscene, a few small cutscenes go
    back and forth between the Human and the Covenant. You will see a high ranked
     Marine giving out awards. Then you get news that aliens are trying to board
     the ship. You, Master Chief, are told to defend the ship. You say you need
                                    a weapon.
    ------------------------level three: Cairo Station----------------------------
       You start out Cairo Station after the cutscenes of Armory. Start out by
       going down the stairs and meeting up with the rest of your crew. Follow
      them through the door and down the hall. You should automatically pick up
      a gun. After entering the door keep going straight. At the end go down the
     stairs. At the end of the stairs, straight ahead, you'll notice a door with
           green lights on it. This is the door the Covenant comes out of.
                             --Home Field Advantage--
        You'll notice the door starting to get busted open. After it is open,
        put that pretty little gun of yours to work. You'll know when you are
        locked on to an enemy when your aim in the middle of the screen turns
         red. In this bunch of Covenant, you'll encounter Grunts and Elites.
        After they are killed, go through the door they busted and turn right.
       There is another bunch of Covenant. After defeating that group, go down
      to the end of the hall. Turn right, and you'll see stairs. Go up them. At
     the top, turn left. About halfway across to the door across the hall, look
      left. You should see Marines fighting Covenant. Don't go down yet. Look
      a little more to the left and you should see a turret. Use that for now
      two reasons. One, so you are out of the way and much safer. Two, so you
      don't waste ammo. You have limited ammo, the turret has unlimited. Kill
      the Covenant you can from that point, and then drop down. As soon as you
     drop down, look right. There is an open door and should be an Elite in it
      if your crew didn't fight it off. Anyway, focus back the direction you
    were going. Kill the aliens on the other end. After the main floor is done,
     walk all the way down to the wall the has R.01 painted on it. Look left,
     then look right. You'll notice to open doors, Covenant in each one. Time
     to kill. Chances are they will come after you once seeing you, so stay on
      the main floor. After the Covenant from both halls are defeated, go into
      the left hallway. Then turn left again and go up the stairs. Once up the
     stairs, go through the unlocked door. You'll notice more Covenant action.
     But don't drop down yet. Look right and you'll see grenades on the floor.
      Pick them up, but still don't go down. You'll see turrets on a walkway
         above the floor. Chances are your crew are using some. If one is
     availible, take it, once again so you are safer and you don't waste ammo.
      Notice that the Covenant keep coming out of their ships. They will pop
         out until you hear a message saying, "I can't believe it! They're
      retreating!" You get a small break, then hear, "This is bad. Real bad."
       You'll see more Covenant. Help your crew take them out. You'll notice
       they are all in one spot. Try throwing a grenade. After they are dead,
       follow your fellow Marines. There are more Covenant at the place they
      lead you. Once again, put that pretty little death machine to work. You
      should watch out here, as there is a high possibility of them throwing
        grenades. After killing that small batch, you'll hear an Elite say
      something, and then more pop out. Kill all the aliens (there are several
      batches, occasionally coming out). You are done when you hear a message
        saying, "They are leaving the Athens" or something like that. Then
           quickly look out the window and you'll see a big explosion.
                               --Priority Shift--
         You are told that the Covenant brought a bomb, and then you are
        told to find it. Go around the room until you find the staircase
         going into the ground. Walk down them and go through the door.
        Walk down the hall and enter the second door. As soon as you do,
      shoot the Elite on the other side. You'll notice you are starting to
       get shot at. These are invisible Elites. However, you can still see
        them. You know when you look at gas fumes in the air how it makes
      things look? Its like that here. You kind of notice them "bubble out".
       Anyway, you can see where they are shooting from, to make it more
         obvious. After killing the Invisible Elites, go up the stairs.
      Then transfer to the other side of the room, and go up them stairs.
       As soon as you get up there, hurry and look about 140 degrees left
        and you'll notice two Elites. They shouldn't notice you yet, so
       kill them while it is easier and they have their backs turned. Then
      run out the door they were standing by. Does this room look familiar?
      Yeah, but this time more Covenant took over. Kill them all. You might
        want to use a good weapon that can zoom. After killing enough of
      this group of Covenant, run to the other end. Go left at the opening.
       Go up the stairs killing anything that gets in your way. After what
     can be a pretty tough battle is, well, more fighting. After going past
      the second door from the big bunch of Covenant at the top, go around
       the boxes to find some Marines killing aliens. If you need a quick
       break to relax and charge your shields, stay behind the boxes for a
        few seconds. Then run out and help the Marines kill the Covenant.
        After the death of many Covenant, go to the other end. And, fight
      yet another batch of aliens. After killing them, go all the way down
                      and turn right. Go through the door.
                         --Authorized Personnel Only--
         After you go through the door, it locks, so there is no turning
         back now. You'll notice the door clear at the other end open and
         you'll see aliens come out at you. You can easily kill them. Now
       go down the room and walk out the door they came in through. If there
        is another enemy, kill him. The drop down below. Make a u-turn and
        walk under what you were just on. Turn left and you'll see a green
       lighted door. You will also see an enemy. Kill him and go through the
      door, then down the hallway, and through another door. You'll then see
      a Marine walk towards the right side of the screen. Turn right, and you
       will hear a noise like a bee, mosquito, or something like that. These
      are drones, and there are lots of them. Kill them all. After that, you
       will see the floor drop slowly. This is an elevator used to carry big
      objects like Pelicans. As far as you can see on the screen, you'll see
      more Covenant. Go over there and kill them. The floor starts to majorly
       drop. Your good-for-nothing crew doesn't follow you and help you, so
     you are on your own. But don't worry, you can take them. Throwing grenades
      can make this part easier. Now after they are all killed, go through the
      door. The one behind you closes and the one in front of you opens. Keep
      going straight and you'll see more Covenant (yes, they are never ending.
      Don't worry, you are almost done.) Again, fight them. If they give your
       shield too much trouble, go to the little room, go to the left side of
      it from when you first walked in. Jump on the little platform thing, and
     hide in the corner. They can't reach you here, and your shield can easily
      recharge. Back to battle. Grenades may help you in this fight, but what
       I would suggest are guns. If you are skilled enough, and have a long
       range weapon, try zooming in on them and shooting them. After killing
      the two main ones, run in to where the last one is shooting, careful to
       aviod his gun. Run up the ramp, and then go kill the alien. Then turn
      around and walk through the space. Turn left when you get in there. You
      should notice the door on the northeast of you. You may have to move to
      the right to see it. Run through that door. It is an elevator, and you
                               start moving down.
                              --Return to Sender--
        "Just so you know, there are quite a few Elites guarding the bomb."
      This is Cortana's warning as you continue down. Alright, after the doors
     open, give it all you got. Run out and kill. Throwing grenades makes this
        easier. Kill any Covenant you see. If your shield has trouble, hurry
        back to the door and hide behind the large crate. Like Cortana said,
        there are quite a few Elites you have to deal with. Just try and try
     again until you beat them all. Sometimes it helps to jump on the crate at
      beginning, then trasferring over to the walkway on the right. That way,
    you can walk down, throw a grenade, and hurry to retreat for a second. After
      killing the last Elite, a cutscene starts. Cortana tells you to put her
       inside your head. You then see Master Chief asking permission to give
      the Covenant back their bomb. Then you see him actually "give it back".
     "What if you miss?" "I won't." Kick back and watch the rest of this decent
       length cutscene. Congratulations, you have just beaten that long level.
    ---------------------------level four: Outskirts------------------------------
       You start out the level of Outskirts with a cutscene. Cortana says the
        message just kept repeating, "Regret. Regret. Regret." Sarge Johnson
     replies with a funny message. "Dear Humanity. We regret being alien bastards.
     We regret coming to Earth. And we most definately regret that the Corps blew
      our raggedy-ass fleet." Watch the rest of the cutscene and you'll see the
       Scarab. The Scarab is a huge robotic monster controlled by the Covenant.
                  Now start out the level by walking to the hall.
                           --They'll Regret That Too--
        Once in the hall, turn left and kill the Grunt. Then walk straight, and
       when you reach the open area there is Covenant. Kill them all. Your crew
     comes to help. In this bunch of Covenant you'll encounter the Grunts, Elites,
      and Jackals. After they are killed, go to the opening in the wall, opposite
      the one you came from. There will be more Covenant here, kill them as well.
      Then go up the stairs. When you get up there, if you turn right, turn left
      at the opening in the wall, and look left, there are weapons and refills so
      you can stay stocked up. Anyway, go through the space in the wall. Kill any
      alien up there first, then kill any alien you see down below. Your Marines
       usually say where they are, for instance, "They're across the street!" or 
      "They're in the Courtyard." Also, Drones come down. These are Covenant new
      to Halo 2. They fly around and can stop whenever. They aren't hard though.
       Eventually, a ship will come and drop off more Covenant. It will try to
      attack you, so take cover. And after a solid session of killing, the music
      changes. If you go to where the turret is on the roof and look northwest of
     you, you'll notice doors getting smashed open. Hunters come out. Hunters, in
     short, are heavily armored Covenant. They can only be killed by getting shot
     in their back. When you hit them to where it harms them, orange blood shoots
       out. The easiest way to kill them is to catch them off guard. Watch out
      for their weapons, as they can get powerful. After they are done with, you
      will get a message from Cortana. From where you are, drop down. Go through
       the doors that the Hunters busted opened. Then turn right, and then left.
       You'll notice Jackals pretty far out. The easiest way to kill them is to
       take a Sniper Rifle from your allies, zoom in, and shoot. Repeat for all
      of them. You could also run in using a Battle Rifle and take them out. Your
     crew will help. Afterward, you'll hear a ship. More Marines are dropped off.
       Anyway, run down to where the Jackals were and continue the path. There
        will be more Jackals, as well as a fleet of Drones. Take them out, and
      continue the path. When you see the opening in the wall, start going left.
      You should see some Marines there. Keep killing Covenant and finding your
     way through the alleyways. Eventually you'll get out and you'll hear a guy
    say, "Glad you could make it, Chief. Follow me." Follow him into the building.
     The game tells you to turn your light on by pressing white. You don't have
    to, but if you want, feel free to do so. When you reach the other side of the
     hall, you'll see some Elites. Kill them, and walk out of the hall. You will
      see a ton of Covenant. You should even see a ship dropping off more. Put
      your pretty death toy to work. Then you should see a Warthog. Run over to
     it and hop into the drivers seat by holding X. To drive, use the left analog
      stick. Sadly, in the Warthog, when you are driving, you can't shoot. But
       wait for a passenger and a gunner to hop on board, then start driving.
                              --A Day at the Beach--
     Drive forward. When you are going down, turn to the northeast and then back
      straight again. When you see a little wall structure you have to go over,
     use the little ramp on the side. If you start shaking left and right, try to
     stop. You'll see Covenant up ahead. Stay in the Warthog and drive. Let your
    gunner and passenger do the killing. If you want to try and help, try running
     them over. There are Elites piloting Ghosts. Run into them and blow them up
       if they cause trouble. After all the aliens are killed, drive toward the
     yellow colored boundary seeming to block your way. Drive around the right of
      it, as you can't fit if you go around the left side. After passing it, you
      must transfer over to the left and go around the second boundary. Then you
        must continue the path. You basically go around a large wall. After you
     arrive back to the open area, there are more Covenant. Repeat what you did a
      minute ago, which was drive and let your gunner and passenger do the work.
      After they are all through, drive toward the water, and when you reach the
     tip of the land, turn left. Notice the little ramp structure you need to go
     over. When on the other side, you will be in very shallow water, but simply
      drive on the land. You'll discover more Covenant. Kill the majority of the
     aliens, but hurry, as there is a ship that is constantly attacking. Continue
       the level by finding your way through the obstacles, and going up to the
      road. Once you are on the road, turn right to continue. You'll reach a wall
       rather quickly. Go through the opening on the left right before the wall.
                               --Speed Zone Ahead--
     Keep driving. As you approach another bunch of Covenant, you'll hear Cortana
      say that she thinks the Covenant are confused, and that they didn't expect
      mankind to be on Earth. Shes states that is the reason they came in such a
    small number. Kill the aliens and continue. After a drop you'll discover more
       Covenant. Its the classic procedure, make sure they are dead. Afterward,
     there are ramps on the road. After jumping them, Drones appear. Keep driving
        around while your gunner and passenger take them out. Continue driving
     forward, avoiding the obstacles. Drive straight on that path until you pass
     a big purple ship and a wall blocking your way. Go through the space on the
     right just before the wall. Then turn left again and continue straight. You
    will see more of those ships. Floor it and go around them. After passing them
     continue down that path. Eventually you will arrive to a wall blocking your
     way, in which transfer left. Avoid the Ghosts and drive under the Covenants
     structure. Then drive up to the end of the tunnel. Congratulations, you just
                            beat level four, Outskirts!
    --------------------------level five: Metropolis------------------------------
      You start off the level with a cutscene with Miranda saying they couldn't
      harm the Scarab. Then Sarge Johnson says it will be tough, but it is not
     invincible. He then tells you crew to follow you, as you'll know what to do.
                          --Ladies Like Armor-Plating--
      Start off the level by getting in the Scorpion. Let your crew get on the
       Scorpion too. On the Scorpion, not only will your passengers shoot, but
      unlike the Warthog, you can shoot too, in fact, which two different guns.
     After your crew has jumped on, start driving down the bridge. Shoot all the
     Ghosts and ships along the way. Toward the end of the bridge beware for the
     Banshees. Drive through the toll booth and kill the Ghosts. Then drive into
     the tunnel killing any Covenant ship. Eventually, you'll see a Warthog. Its
     already loaded with Marines, and they pull ahead to start taking out aliens.
     When you get to the wall, take out as many aliens as you can, then jump out
       of the Scorpion. Kill the rest of the aliens manually. Then jump in the
     Warthog, and drive pastthe wall by using the ramp on the right and squeezing
     in the space. Then jump out of the Warthog, and again kill the aliens. Then
      jump back in your Warthog and drive it into the red space. Take the left
                          path, and drive up the tunnel.
                   --This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us--
       Run over the Jackel in front of you. From here you can get out of your
        Warthog and get into the other one driving around as a gunner. As the
      Gunner, kill any alien you can. Eventually he will go into the next room.
     Kill some aliens in the Warthog until you see Elites piloting Ghosts. Then
     get out and take the Ghost. Kill the rest of the aliens in Ghosts and then
     destroy the big ship. Then kill the enemies guarding the ship, and then go
     in the ship. At the other side, there are more Ghosts. Kill all the aliens.
     Get out of your ship, and Cortana will eventually talk a little bit. After,
     a blue icon appears on the screen. Go to that icon, and follow the guy down
                                    the hall.
                               --Field Expedient--
      Once you are all the way up, you'll see the Scarab right in front of your
     eyes. Turn left and go up the stairs. Then run across the roof to the other
     side. Then follow the guy the rest of the way up. Now, you will be over the
      Scarab. Turn right and follow the walkway all the way down. If you need to
      restock your weapons, there are weapons all down the way. Once you are at
      end, turn left and go all the way down there. Eventually Cortana will tell
      you that you can't go any further. You will have to board the Scarab. When
     you arrive at the end, turn right, walk down the dock, but don't jump on the
     ship real quick. Use the turret to kill the aliens you can on the deck. When
       they are all dead, make sure you've got a lot of ammunition and grenades,
      then jump down on the Scarab. Go down to the bottom via stairs, then turn
        around, and kill everything. When everything is killed, you will see a
     cutscene of the Scarab being destroyed. Congratulations, you beat the Scarab
                             and level 5, Metropolis!
    -----------------additional level walkthroughs coming soon--------------------
                              ten) multiplayer mode
    --------------------Multiplayer Mode section coming soon----------------------
                            eleven) bugs and glitches
                         Primary Color (credit to Voidwalker)
      If you choose white armor as your primary color as an Elite in multiplayer,
                   your armor ends up being pink rather than white.
                      Un-updating Profile (credit to Voidwalker)
     If you complete the game on Normal and then complete it on Heroic, it still
                             says you beat it on normal.
                 Float in Midair (credit to Kaze Sama and Bob Newman)
      In campaign mode, stare straight down at the ground and start to jump in
       place. Eventually, you will stop falling before you hit the ground and
     float in midair. If you walk while floating, however, you fall back on the
                   ground. This trick rarely works in multiplayer.
                         Suicide Fall (credit to Alex Bugas)
        Get in a moderately fast vehicle and crash into the wall at an angle.
     You then fall through the wall, but it appears as if you are falling into
      nothing. Then you land on the ground and die. (This may take a few tries
                              because of the angle).
            Fly from a Warthog (single player)(credit to Don't Eat Cream)
         Get in a Warthog's passenger seat with a plasma sword. While in the
         passenger seat, find a Phantom and lock on with one of the turrets.
      Do a lunge attack. You'll hear the sound effect but nothing will happen.
       Look in the direction you want to go, and exit the Warthog. You'll fly
                                in that direction.
             Fly from a Warthog (multiplayer)(credit to Don't Eat Cream)
         Get in a Warthog's passenger seat with a plasma sword. While in the
       passenger seat, get another Spartan/Elite to get next to your passenger
       seat. Target the Spartan/Elitle and Lunge attack. You'll hear the sound
        effects but nothing will happen. Have a Spartan/Elite run all the way
        across the map. Then get out of the Warthog. You will then fly toward
                               that Spartan/Elite.
                        twelve) frequently asked questions
    ----------Sorry, no questions yet. Feel free to email me questions------------
                             thirteen) miscellaneous
                    Destroyproof Banshee (credit to Kaze Sama)
       The banshee left for you by an ally on the last level is destroyproof
      after the doors are blown open. Kaze Sama states he shot it 20-30 times
                   with fuel rod blasts and it still could fly.
    ---------------------------Author's Requests----------------------------------
        As you can see, this guide is far from done. First, I request that you
     email me any typos you see. Second, if you have a question not in the guide
       or in the FAQ section, email me. Third, if you have any gameplay tips,
         I ask that you send them. And finally, if you have and comments or
             suggestions regarding this guide, I ask that you send them.
                               fourteen) credits
                             -Software and Hardware-
       I would like to thank Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios for this game.
        I would also like to thank Microsoft for their excellent Xbox system.
            I would like to thank Voidwalker for submitting 2 glitches.
      I would like to thank Kaze Sama and Bob Newton for submitting a glitch.
    I would also like to re-thank Kaze Sama for his Destroyproof Banshee secret.
              I would like to thank Alex Bugas for submitting a glitch.
          I would like to thank Don't Eat Cream for the 2 flying glitches.
    I would like to thank Ah-toh toh-toh for his tip contributions.
      I would like to thank my friends who stayed on basically all day on day
      one of this guide and helped relive my stress during the writing of this
                  guide. Their nicknames are Bacon and Koolkirby.
                                -Everyone Else-
       I would also like to thank one last friend for simply being my friend
              and sharing good times. Alias AEmGee/Shining Latios.
         I would also like to thank the game manual for help on the Enemies
          section, controls section, weapons section, and vehicle section.
             End of FAQ/Walkthrough. Copyright (C) 2004 Kill Killer K.

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