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Reviewed: 07/26/07

Halo 2 knocks off any Xbox game away from the top.

After Halo 1 came out, we were all excited about Halo 2.....and if filled our standards, plus more!


When Halo 1 first came out, everyone regarded it as another 1st person shooter that would exceed our standards of being a reasonably good shoot-em-up game. But Halo was fast paced, challenging, and a GOOD 1st person shooter. Halo did not only fill our standards; it exceeded them. The fighting wasn't slow and choppy, it was fast and quick. It had four different modes you could play it in, Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary. The more difficult, the more fun. It included missions and interesting cut-scenes.

All the graphics were good and even though there were a few flaws, the rest of the game covered it up. And then Halo 2 came out.......
Halo 2 was a better graphics, more explorative, improved game with more enemies to kill and more missions to play. The multiplayer, Campaign, Co-operative everything made Halo 2 one of the best games on Earth! I think that it is a great game. I mean, what's better?

Gameplay: 7/10

Halo 2's gameplay is good, short and snappy, but the missions are not as long and explorative as Halo 1's. Halo 2 has long missions, hard missions, and short and quick missions, but it's not a great improvement from Halo 1. They enemies are great and the bosses are an interesting add-on from Halo 1, but it doesn't make the whole game great.

Graphics: 9/10

Halo 2 graphics are AWESOME. The outline of every vehicle, every enemy and every object make it seem realistic but unreal at the same time. The guns, firing, and everything is nearly perfect and is a GREAT improvement from Halo 1. Halo 1 graphics were blocky and the cut-scenes had noticible flaws. But Halo 2 blasted it away with its great, realistic graphics.

Music: 8/10

The music is great, capturing every moment and matching each event with its music. The fights are interesting with the music playing and seemingly helps you concentrate. It doesn't exactly play an important role in the game and you won't replay certain levels just to hear the music. It some how fades in and out and you don't really notice it.

Storyline: 8/10

Basically, the storyline of Halo 2 is that the Covenant have once again invaded Earth and Master Chief has to defend himself, the marines and Earth itself. It's an interesting storyline but not exactly original. It's really the same as Halo 1 except they have invaded the Earth and all, but it started out in the same place, in a ship in space.

Sound: 8/10

The sound is great, it captures each yell of agony of the Covenant, the shout from Master Chief when his shields are down. The Elites have the same shouts and roars when hit or barking orders, and the Brutes have lower, more animal like yells. The Grunts, however, have unique, high-pitched yowls and words that sound like little children. It's very interesting and makes the game seem more real life.

Multiplayer: 10/10

Multiplayer deserves a much higher score than 10/10, but the ranking systems inspired against me and forced it to be 10/10. Multiplayer is awesome, the chance to play against friends and foes, family and all in large, explorative maps with included vehicles, custom-made modes and all that made Multiplayer one of the best options. You could even roam around by yourself and explore the maps with out a dozen enemies shooting at you.

Weapons: 9/10

The weapons are more original and interesting, especially the Covenant weapons. The new SMGs, Battle Rifles, Beam Rifle, Covenant Carbine, Fuel Rod Gun, Energy Sword.....I could name all of them. There all good, powerful and useful in only a selective time in each mission but still have a lot to them. Covenant Carbine may seem like an under-powered, weak gun but a few head shots with a Brute will kill it instantly. You have to use it at the right time, and at the right place. You can't go all out and try killing a dozen Flood with a pistol and like real life, you have to use common sense and not use a rocket launcher to kill a guy a meter away.

Levels: 7/10

Okay, I haven't given this a big rating because the Campaign wasn't as good as Halo 1, but still great and fun. The missions were challenging and fast-paced; you could go more slower and stealthier, or fast and strategic, it didn't matter because no matter how long you stayed some where the right enemies and weapons and object will appear at the right place, at the right time. It wouldn't make a blind bit of difference even if you'd stayed at the same place for half an hour, the designated enemies would still appear if not already there. The structure of the game has improved a lot compared to Halo 1.

Vehicles: 9/10

The vehicles are great, controllable and easy to maneuvour. You can't really lose your balance when controlling vehicles and they're great when it comes to escaping blown-up buildings (example, that never happened in the game). The graphics for the vehicles are great, not a single flaw and all perfect. Nothing is wrong with them as I can see and even the undrivable vehicles are interesting. All in good in this section.

AI: 8/10

The AI is reliable and your allies won't suddenly turn to you and blast you away. They're smart and capable; useful in close quarter combat and hard as ever. They aren't killed easily but it's simple if a team mate threw a bomb and ended up killing half the enemies but one of your team. The AI is important and they're better drivers, for instance, but not as smart. It's often when you need them to follow you instead of needing to batter every enemy they don't, but every ally is bound to want to kill all enemies.

Controls: 10/10

The controls are great, there are basically nothing wrong with them and no noticible flaws. They haven't changed since Halo 1 but there will be a difference in Halo 3. Since there are added equipment and vehicles and all that the controls will have to adapt to it. Even if you started with Halo 2, you would very quickly grow to them and you wouldn't have to look at the controller at all to see what you're going to press next. You could get used ot them in an hour or so of playing. You adjust to them as quick as you would in any other game. The controls are good, the if there are flaws only a person who studies the controller and game manual for hours on end would spot a slight flaw which we, of course, would all ignore.

Good Points:

Halo 2' s graphics, multiplayer, controls and music have all been great and near perfect if not already. I think that they have been a comparible improvement from Halo 1 and have been a good use in Halo 2. They're a lot of good points here and the enemies, AI, vehicles are also in this catagory.

Bad Points:

If I asked a fan of Halo 2 what the bad points of the game were, they would say, obviously, nothing. Halo 2 is perfect from their point of view. But there are to me some bad points if not nothing but I think that the Campaign is not as good as before. It's great, fun and just as interesting, but still, the missions are shorter and the Campaign itself is not long. With a few tries you could finish it in about two hours if the whole Campaign was done continuously. It does have twists and the whole "short" critisism could have been said as snappy or something, but even though it's more complex that Halo 1's I think that it isn't that good.

Final Conclusion:

I think that Halo 2 is a fast-paced original game with great graphics and cool enemies. The whole idea of Halo was great, aliens attacking Earth that come from a ring-shaped planet called Halo and one sole survivor has come to kick up some alien butt for Earth and humanity. Halo has been a good 1st person shooter and a good recommendation for kids who are sick of blocky graphics and uncontrollable vehicles than this game is for you. This game is good for all reasons. It's hard to find a reasonably good 1st person shooter now a days but Halo 2 kicked that all the way across the universe. Halo is pretty original in itself and nothing is like it.


If you are a die-hard fan of Halo 1, buy it. Definately. If you are looking for a good, fair shoot-em-up but not that good, buy it anyway. If you thought that Halo 1 was alright, not the best, I think you should consider renting or barrowing before buying it. The choice to love or hate it is basically yours; you could find that there is not another single game on Earth that could match a standard for Halo 2, or you could reconsider and think that you might have desires otherwise.

Overall Rating: 9/10

This game has met my expectations, included Multiplayer map-packs, had new vehicles, new weapons and new enemies. I feel that until Halo 3 comes out, this is a reasonable rating for a game such as Halo and its continuing series. I agree that this game has its own pros and cons, good and bad, but there is no reason for it to get lower than a 7 out of 10 or a 6. This game has bad points but it's not a low-rated, choppy and cropped game. It's a fun, realistic and great game that will not only match your standards but go above. I think that no matter how much the rating systems inspire against you, you HAVE to give this a good rank. It doesn't deserve snappy ratings but an honest opinion.

Xbox and Xbox 360 fans: Look out. This game worked itself way up to the top and I don't blame it and no one can stop it.

Get this game. You deserve it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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