Review by Captain Jim

"A Fine Addition to a Fine Series"

Where to begin....Halo 2 is a great addition to the XBOX lineup, it is a great shooter that will keep you addicted!

STORY: 8/10.

The story's fine, Covenant attack Earth slowly after Master Chief gets back from Halo. There are a ton of nice cutscenes, but aside from that, nothing too special.

GRAPHICS: 10/10.

Now, Gameplay is more important than graphics in my book, but these graphics are too great to be ignored! This game is EXTREMELY detailed, and the particle effects are from out of this world. Literally. The Marine's faces look a bit more advanced in Halo 2, also. The cutscenes look about a gajillion times better than the actual game's graphics, but still, these graphics are AWESOME.

SOUND: 7/10.

Guns make realistic noises, explosions are realistic, too. Nothing too much to say about the sound. You also have to love the dialog that goes on between the Marines, it's as funny as ever! Oh, and speaking of voices, this game still has top-notch voice actors. Sometimes the game seems dubbed. Early on, in a particularly humorous moment, a person is talking in a cutscene, but his mouth isn't moving, it isn't even open!

GAMEPLAY: 10/10.

I firmly stand with my logic that gameplay makes the game, not graphics. This game proves that Gameplay DOES make the game, but good graphics are always a nice touch. There are barely any old guns from the game, but the replacements are just as fun. There's a plethora of new enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There's a ton of new and old vehicles, and you can even fight in low gravity!


Not much I can say about this, except XBOX LIVE rules! If you have an XBOX live connection, then this game's multiplayer is TO DIE FOR!

Rent or Buy?

You should definitely buy this gem of a game.

And, that wraps up my review! Now go out and buy Halo 2! Do it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/04

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