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"We Have Only Just Begun"

First I wanna begin with my current reviews. They are way too damn high. Fable now gets a 4, Xenosaga an 8, DMC2 a 5, & Midnight Club 2 a 9. Let's make KK 2001 a 2. Moving on.

Two years ago I was sitting in my writing class reviewing a paper about a duck. Then my friend, Evan, handed me an issue of EGM with Master Chief on the cover. Excited like a little boy who went to the zoo: I opened it & went straight the Halo 2 articles. It wasn't much....but enough. It had pictures of the new weapons, ATV, which sadly didn't make it into the game, & the 4 different Warthogs. Needless to say, I became addicted to a game that I knew nothing about.

Halo without a doubt changed the video game industry for the best. There have been many of copycats, Breed is the best example, & the latest, Killzone, the Sony titled "Halo Killer"....Pfft. The day Sony releases a game that kills Halo, is the day Sega makes systems again. Probably not gonna happen. Anyways. Halo 2 is what most hyped up games aren't. Good. There's only one Halo killer, & it's Halo 2.

Graphics: 10/10. If you really care about graphics & won't play a game if the graphics suck, then this game is for you. Bungie took the Halo graphics engine, which was one of the best, through it out, & gave you this. Something beyond imagination. The bump mapping is just gorgeous. Everything you see in the commercials is in the game. There are no CGI cutscenes. The whole game is CGI. You can't get better then Halo 2. The only other game that has graphics just as good, is Chronicles of Riddick :Escape From Butcher Bay.

Storyline: 10/10. If you recall Halo didn't really have a jaw dropping storyline. Halo 2 on the other hand does. I thought no game could compare with Xenogears' storyline. Then I played Halo 2. It truly has a great storyline. With the right amount of twists. I can't say anything about it, but trust me, it's good.

Gameplay: 10/10. Very smooth. Fast frame rate. Action packed. Vehicle jacking is a great feature. When ever you need a vehicle, just press & hold X when you're near it, & voila. Well you have to melee him too, but it's still only a one button thing. Another cool vehicle feature is jumping on a tank, breaking the hatch, dropping a grenade & then running away. Duel-Wielding is the the cats meow. The vehicles are a lot easier to control. The Banshee seems to go slower, as well as the Scorpion Tank. The AI has been drastically improved. Your enemies take cover when they have too, & the Marines don't suck. Plus you got the ODST'S aka Hell Jumpers who just kick ass. Funny thing about them in the first Halo book MC ends up severely hurting 4 of them. Broken arms, legs, & necks. He was only 12 at the time. There's one thing about the AI that is noticeably bad. Their driving. Oh my God! Never let them drive. They will, seriously, drive you straight into a freakin' tank. Kick him/her out or walk, just don't get in a vehicle with them unless you're driving. There's no more health bar, but your shield is stronger, & comes back faster. You do tend to run out of ammo a lot in this game. So get used to all the weapons. Especially the Brute Shot. That gun....oh God. Greatest weapon ever put in a video game. It only has four rounds, but the melee....if I had the patience I would try to go through the whole game with that gun alone. Oh & multiplayer is beyond good. It's great. Not as customizable as Perfect Dark, but it's damn close.

Characters: 10/10. Uh...I don't really know what to put. MC is still a badass & funny. There's one scene in the game where MC says, "Calm down. I really don't want to piss this thing off." ...It's funnier when you see it. Cortana is still strangely sexy for a 15 inch hologram, & the Sarge is still alive. I love this guy. You remember Sargent Johnson right? He had a little moment with the Elite. At the beginning of Halo he said, "Am I right Marines?!", "YES SIR!". "Damn right I am.". Shut up you know who he is. Anyways he's still alive. Characters are great. the Marines & the ODST'S are funny too. The Covenant are really well done. You cant understand the Elites now. Prophets aren't bad. Brutes are crazy. If theres only one Brute left, he drops his weapn & runs after you like a gorilla. Deadly.

Music: 10/10. Martin O'Donnell is a composing genius! Every song is brand new, or remade, & they all sound great & get's you excited to kill those Covenant bastards! Great music. If I didn't hate Incubus 2, I mean Hoobastank, I'd get the soundtrack.

Replay Value: 10/10. It's always gonna be fun. Just like Halo. Plus there's multiplayer. I'm not that big into it, but I know someone saucy that is obsessed.

Overall Rating: 10/10. Great game. Great Sequel. Great FPS.

Downside: This section may contain some SPOILERS. They're actually not really spoilers. You could guess. But I'm not giving anything away.
Commercials lie. Halo 2 should have been called Halo 1.5, & they should stop hyping the whole war on Earth thing. I'm not gonna say anything about it. It's just not the game I thought it was gonna be. Still great though. There's two other things that really bother me about this game, but I won't say them. Let's just say several RPG fanboys got their wish.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/10/04

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