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"My honest Halo 2 review"

Halo was the big game when the Xbox was released, it's what sold Xboxs. Ever since it's released and people beat it with MC saying that it wasn't over yet, people have been eagerly waiting for the sequel. Many people are disappointed with the game because they were overwhelmed with the hype thinking that it wasn't going to be just an awesome game, it was going to be THE best game ever. In this review I will give my honest opinion of what I thought about Halo 2, don't base your opinion on what this review or any other says about it, play the game and then form your opinion.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay in the first Halo was very well mapped. In this one, nothing changed. The controls are all the same, and most of the weapons are still in there. Two of the weapons they took out were the assault rifle and the over powered pistol. The assault rifle was replaced with the SMG, which you can dual wield (I will talk about this in a bit). The pistol was replaced with the Battle Rifle, which fires 3 bullets in a burst shot (you have to push R every time you want it to fire the 3 burst shots). A new feature in this is Dual wielding. If there is a one handed weapon on the ground and you have another one handed weapon (like the plasma pistol, plasma rifle, needler, SMG, Magnum, etc. NOT Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle), then you just push and hold the Y button when you are over another one. Dual wielding does have it's drawbacks though, you can not throw any grenades, you can not melee, and you can not switch to your other weapons (you will automatically throw them down when you go to do one of these).

Graphics 10/10

The graphics in this are amazing. Everything looks much more clear and they definitely improved on a lot of the stuff. In the level Coagulation (which is a remake of Blood Gulch), they have that one cave where the Overshield is, and it now has water on the bottom. If you look at the ceiling of the cave, you can see the reflection of the water on the ceiling, which looks very cool. The explosions from frag grenades look better now, and the plasma grenades look very cool when they explode.

Story 8/10

The story is alright, nothing to get very excited about imo. Usually FPS games don't go too heavy on storyline, since multiplayer is what will keep people playing for years and years. One thing that's new about the story is you don't play as Master Chief throughout it all. There's a covenant Elite that was in charge of the covenant on Halo that is getting punished for Halo's destruction. After about 3 or 4 levels with playing as MC, you switch to this Covenant who the religious leaders (the Prophets) gave him a new role. There is a holy warrior that the Covenant have that they call The Arbiter. He has special armor, which for some reason is inferior to all the other elite armor. With the elite on Single Player (not Multiplayer) you can cloak using the white button, instead of using your flashlight like you would if you were MC.

Multiplayer 10/10

This is where all the fun is at, Multiplayer. Some people may argue that they don't think Halo is what everyone thinks it is on it, but you have to do a system link play to get the full enjoyment (16 guys cussing at eachother is always fun). Some changes that they have in multiplayer are the way the teleporter's look, you can now dual wield, you can have the plasma sword, and you have access to a whole lot more guns. In this game you can use the Covenant Plasma Sword (which in multiplayer has infinite energy, but in single player has limited). The plasma sword rips right through people with a one hit lunge kill (you have to be close to them and not strafe at all - you can move forward then -, then attack). If you don't lunge at them, then you take down all their shield in one hit, and the next will kill them. Some people may think this sounds cheap, but you have to be within range of them, and getting in range of someone dual wielding needlers, plasma rifles, or SMGs (or a mix of the three) will kill you before you can even get within range.

Overall 9/10

This is a great game in my opinion, and if you're a fan of the first Halo, you should definitely give this a try. Just before you play this, you need to tell yourself not to listen to the hype and get all excited for the game, because like most games, you will just end up disappointed because it couldn't live up to your unrealistic belief of what the game was suppose to be like. Also, a lot of people on the message board at this time are too worried about what other people say about the game to try it out. Don't listen to what people say in their review, just play the game and think about it yourself.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/04

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