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"Get the other Holiday Blockbusters first"

After three years of waiting, the sequel to one of XBox's best game is finally out. Was it worth the wait? The answer is ummmm......

With so many great games coming out in the last couple weeks, and still going on, I had to pick and choose what i wanted. GTA, Metal Gear, KOTOR 2, Halo, and several others, I had to pick what I wanted. Man I wish I had waited for some of the oters.

Now before I get flammed by everyone I do have solid rationale for this. First of all, I don't have Live, which I imagine would boost the score to a 10 easy. But because I don't I have to be fair on the offline capabilites.

Plot: 6/10
The plot of Halo 2 may be the most lacking thing in the whole game. I'm not gonna give away details, but the ending makes you want to puke (and yes I did call off work the day after I got it so me and my friends could beat it). Granted it's a FPS, but come on! Halo had an excellent plot, and it's cliffhanger made you want more. This one makes you want to get your money back.

Graphics (10/10)
Do i really need an explanation on this? Check out the screenshots, and those don't even do the game justice. Absolutley gorgeous.

Gameplay (10/10)
There's just something about kicking a covenant off of a ghost that just get's you going. Everything is in there just perfectly. Of course with a solid background and several years of work, what did you expect?

Intangibles (9/10)
Playing with buddies is a blast, excellent sound, online capabilities, what more can be said? The game is definitly worth it at a $30 price tag.

With excellent scores, why did I rate the game a 7? Because I cannot emphasize how disappointed I was with the single player options. As i said, I don't have Live. I don't buy a game to pay more money to play it with people I don't know. With three years to make this game, I expected a huge single player campaign. In all honest, halo 1 had a longer campaign, and a better plotline. You can breeze through this in 10-15 hrs MAX. I wanted to be able to sit down and play it over and over, but it's campaign cannot hold a candle to games like GTA: San Andreas, and not even the original. At $30 or with Live this game would have been perfect. But it's not. If you don't have Live, don't believe the hype, and get something else for Christmas

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/10/04

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