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"Halo 2 Game of The Year??"

Halo 2 will it be the game of the year?? More likely, many people expected Halo 2 to be like the original. Halo 2 is a game of it's own it's not supposed to be like Halo 1 people. If that was the plan they should have just re-released Halo XBL Compatible.

Gameplay: 9/10

The controls was just like the original which is always better. The only difference was the L Trigger now has multiple functions. When you have 2x weapons the L Trigger becomes the trigger for the Left Hand Weapon and if you only have 1 weapon it becomes a hand you use to throw grenades. The campaign mode was as fun as the original, smart AI, but your allies (from time to time) acts all dumb. Like when you are riding a Ghost and they are on a Warthog they will still run thru you like you weren't even there, but they are much more useful to you compared to the original. Online is the place to go but Bungie made a huge mistake by not giving you the opition to join the game you want to join. Instead they pick the game for you, unless of course you host your own game, but over all Online is the place to be. Being be able to create your clan and move from room to room with your team that is jst amazing. Maps on the Campaign are bigger and much more fun to play on. Maps on multi player are also great, tho I wish they would have kept the original fav maps on the game. The again XBL Downlodable could fix that.

Story: 8/10

Well the story I think is great. They left you wanting more and more. Many people said the ending wasn't good but I think it's great. The game only contains 15 levels but it get more interesting after each level.\

Graphics/Sound : 10/10

Graphics are big improvements from the first one. Details are amazing probably one of the best yet on the XBOX. MC is more detailed now than ever and so are his enemies. All vehicles are also now destructible and when it does it's looks amazing. Every time someone damaged you ride you will see parts flying off. Sounds are also amazing hearing, guns soounds amazing. SMGs sounds like they should as well as Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle all of the sounds of guns are amazing top notch. Every explosion sounds amazing tho the grenades explosions could be better.

Play Time/Replayability: 9/10

Well people are still playing the Original Halo. Halo 2 is an improvement. Bungie also adds in the feature to play Online thru Xbox Live and download more maps even weapons probably even Missions. Halo 2 will carry on what Halo 1 left from. Lan Parties will probably be less because of Online but I don't see why people won't have Lan Games anymore. Campaign will probably be like Halo 1, after you're done with it people move on to Multiplayer.

Final Recommendation: Buy

This game is worth every drop of penny you put into it. Halo was a tough act to follow but Halo 2 surpass the original every way possible. Online mode will keep your soul. I have played almost nonstop since I got it and it keeps getting funner and funner by the minute. This game could be the game of the year but it's not going to be easy since there are more games on the Horizon, but so far it edges out GTA:San Andreas in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/04

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