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"Did I already mention this game was overhyped?"

Well, being that this game was so well hyped, I had to try it out. I can actually well say I wasn't really disappointed. It is a great game and I enjoyed playing it.

Game-play(9/10) - I can actually say I loved this part of the game. Anyone who likes space games or even shooting games would. The game is easy on the easy levels, but slowly progresses to harder levels until you reach Legendary which appears to be a pain.

Things such as levels seem to be just thrown together and don't really flow with the stream if you get what I mean. I mean literally - going from a huge tunnel flogged with many enemies in car troops to a serene grass plain with walking platforms and enemies. I think that is just overdoing it.

Weapons also seem to be a problem in the game - you just run out of ammo too quickly. Sure, you can always get more guns from your enemies, but what if you are in the middle of some big fight and you can't find any new guns or enemies. They defiantly needed to add more ammo to the guns you can find in the game.

Controls(7/10) - Controls are great in the game for modern aged gamers, but old fashion gamers who are used to games like the NES and such are going to be disappointed because of the fact you can't just use one pad or stick to control Master Chief or even some of the game's vehicles because of the fact that the bottom right analog stick controls your direction, while you move forward, back, and strafe left/right with the top left analog stick.

It was easy to control things such as your guns - they are simply controlled by your right and left trigger buttons. Right for your primary gun and left for your grenades in one weapon mode while Right for your primary gun and left for your secondary gun in dual-wielding mode. Another problem I saw was that you can't do a melee attack while dual-wielding...I hard can it be? You could hit with both guns and do a two hit combo or just hit with one. Oh well, at least don't try melee with dual-wielding or you'll drop your second gun/sword.

Vehicles in the game are quite easy to control, but some are not. Some are your basic use your top left analog stick to control while others are combined with the two analog sticks to make going forward/back done by the top left analog stick and your bottom right analog stick causing you to go left/right. Vehicles which are controlled by the second method are better to ride in or fire a gun then driving because you'll be too pre-occupied trying to drive it then trying to get away from the alien coming after you.

Story(4/10) - The game has a story, but it really isn't that great and the ending really just It also slowly advances along and leaves you wondering, "Hrm...when am I going to find out something new?"

Graphics(9.5/10) - I was not disappointed in this section - they are great and quite perfect. The levels were well created but they were always reusing the same thing over and over and over again. For example, a long stretch of road then exit back into greenery and another stretch of road.

Sounds(8.5/10) - The voice-overs sound good in my opinion, but I have heard better. The music in the background at times is quite good, and sounds like something you would hear in an action film. The cars sound more like little remote controlled cars though, and the guns, they actually sound like your actually firing them. The sounds also make you think your actually in the middle of a battle ground fighting for the survival of Earth.

Play Time and Re-playability(9/10) - The game probably doesn't take Halo experts long to beat, but people who have never played the game before probably will have some trouble beating it. The game is quite re-playable and many people will replay it because of the multiple difficulty levels.

Final Recommendations - I say to rent the game if you just want it for single player and want to judge if it is worth it, but if you have Xbox Live, defiantly buy it because you will defiantly spend countless hours on multi-player.

Final Score: 7.8/10 which rounds to 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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