Review by Helljumper L99

Reviewed: 11/11/04

The best game ever.. x2!

I got Halo 2 on the 9th (when it came out) and I LOVE it!

The graphics for Halo 2 are very good. They are better than the first Halo's, to say the least. In Halo 2, when you crash or blow a vehicle up.. Parts fly off of it! I crashed a Ghost and part of the front broke off so that you can see the plasma that lies inside of the vehicle! I also like the way that you can shoot the wings off of a Banshee and how the Ghost makes a "purple explosion" when it blows up. The graphics for Halo 2 are VERY nice-looking.

Category Rating: 10/10

The sounds in Halo 2 are basically the same sounds that you hear in the first Halo but the QUALITY of the sound in Halo 2 is much better. In Halo 2, the engines of all of the vehicles are actually different.. and even more unique! Also, the sound in Halo 2 is obviously better because of the added characters; the Drones, Brutes, and Prophets. The sound is nice.. Yet, I believe that Bungie could have made it a little better.

Category Rating: 9/10

Many people have told me that the controlling is "hard" in Halo 2 but I have to disagree. The controlling is pretty easy- unless you are new to the movement controls that Halo/Halo 2 has. In Halo 2, the left thumbstick makes you move back and forth (as well as drive forward and backward) and the right thumbstick makes you turn left and right and look up and down. Once you get use to the controls, they are fairly easy. I think that the rest of the controls are easy, although you and others may find them difficult.

Category Rating: 10/10

The gameplay in Halo 2 is GREAT! Whenever I start to play; I get addicted to the game and I play for hours straight! Multiplayer is the best part of the game. It is fun, and addictive. I would like to point out that the Banshee is in multiplayer now and it is FUNNER THAN EVER!

Category Rating: 10/10

The story of Halo 2 takes place at the end of Halo- When the ring-structure of Halo is destroyed and the Covenant aliens (as well as the Flood) try to invade Earth. Master Chief has to fight them off for the fate of humanity, in this amazing game; Halo 2.

Category Rating: 10/10

I would just like to say that I recommend Halo 2 to everybody. I recommend that you play (and try to beat) Halo: Combat Evolved before you play Halo 2 because then you will know basically everything that there is to know so that you aren't lost or anything and so you won't be like "This doesn't make sense!" While you play. I suggest that you are able to hear a bit of "foul language" and that you are allowed to (and can take) a LOT of violence. I also recommend the Halo books. The authors of them are Eric Nylund and William C. Dietz. Have fun playing!
Overall Rating: 9.8/10 *about* 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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