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"Gretest, shooter, ever"

Genre: FPS (first person shooter)
Note: it is best that you play the original Halo before playing Halo2
Warnning: contains large amounts of gore (but mostly that of aliens getting killed)

Game Play: 10/10
This is one of the funnest games ever, there are tons of weapons, new and old, new vehicals, and much more. You can use swords, energy sniper rifiles, assalt rifiles, and lots of other "hidden" weapons to plow through your foe. Plus MasterChief has been upgraded when the game begins, this means you can survive massive falls, restore your "over shields" twice as fast as before, and also hold two small weapons (i.e. needler and hand gun, or sub machine gun and plasma rifile (you can mix and mach them). Plus the stuning graphics with the great sound makes for an enhanced gaming experiance. Plus the mutie player is far superior to that of the first Halo. The arenas are bigger, the graphics are smoother, and you can finnaly fly in an air craft (a banshee). Also there are some cool new modes. Plus the ability to use a sword is not only cool but it's funny to sneak up on someone and slice them when there not looking. The whole game is improved, the graphics the game play, the story, even the sound and multie player. This is one of the greatest games ever made, if not the greatest game ever made! Don't pass this one up, get it today!

Story: 10/10
Halo2 pickes up shortly after the first Halo, Master Cheif is on a space station / defence system in orbit of earth. Shortly after the game begins the Covenent attack and you must defend the station, after some fighting you find out that... (thats all or a might give away a suprise). Anyway as the game progreses you'll discover a startaling fact, and some other really cool twists. The story is delivered flawlesly through nice long cut sceens that help flush out the story line and help add depth to an already deep game. The ending is something you'll enjoy and won't let down those who have been waiting for this game. The whole story is well done and is part of the reason the game better far than the first. Halo2 is worth buying for the story alone!

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in Halo2 are stuning. The game is smoother, the areas are better desighned, and the enemy's look better. There's lots of new weapons and new enemy's. Your weapons look better and the whole game looks more realistic than the first. The back grounds are awsome and add to the feeling of the game, the vehicles control more smoothly and have new abilitys (the banshee can do flips and barrel rolls), the computer sequences look extrodanary and are superior to that of even great graphics. Plus the "active" back grounds in some areas are amazing and make for a great feeling of scale. Even the multie player is greatly emproved over the first Halo, the game is much more smooth in multie player and the areas and weapon selection are also improved. From the changing back grounds to the enemy's and even the weapons Halo2 has superb graphics that will stun everyone who plays this greatly done, master peice of a game.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is extremly clear and crisp, the sound of the bullets screeching through the air is just as detailed as the sound of reloading your gun, they made shure that even the small details in the sound are well very done. The explosions are wonderfully done and sound great, plus you can even here the things going on in the back ground or nearby. The crunching sounds as well as the sound of your foot steps are also well done. The music is also greatly well done, it sounds like Halo but still is diffirent from the first. The music ranges from being eeri to rock and even piano (but not classical piano music). Plus the vehicles make much more realistic sound than in the a last one, the engine of your jeep (Warthog) sounds like an engine and enemy vehicles also make a more realistic sound unlike the last ones "humming" engine. The entire game has superb sound that is almost perfect in every way, Halo2 has amazing sound.

Overview: 10/10
Halo2 is hands down one of the greatest shooters ever. It is perfect in almost every way, the sound effects are superb and masterfuly done. The music is also greatly done, the sound is almost perfect. The graphics are stuning, the back grounds look huge and make for a great feel of scale, plus the large amount of weapons is something to enjoy. The game is also ultra fun and stays fun for a very long time. Once you start playing you'll be hooked for months on end. The game is very addictive and has a multie player mode that never gets old. Plus the story is great and is filled with shocking twists that are amazing. And there are finnaly nice and long cut sceens that help explain what going on in the game. The multie palyer is hyper fun and never gets old, you can use vehicels swords even aircrafts (a bansee). Plus there are some fun new multie player modes. Halo2 is almost flawless so don't pass it up. I give Halo2 for the X-Box a perfect ten out of ten!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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