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"Prepare to give it all away...."

That's right , prepare to give it all away. Im talking about school , girlfriends, job, family.etc. Because the colosseus that is Halo 2 has finally arrived. And you will be hooked.

The last Halo, while near perfect, had one flaw: repetitiveness. But Halo 2 has corrected this. Don't ask me how, but no two battles feel the same. It's nothing but frantic firefights that require strategy, quick thinking, and a quick trigger finger. You have to take cover and plan your actions out carefully, even on Normal difficulty. Go in all "Rambo" style and the Covenant will turn your ass into swiss cheese. But play with strategy and smarts, and you will feel the satisfaction of laying the proverbial smack down.

New features added to Halo 2 include: Duel-wielding, twice as many weapons, improved A.I.(it was already fantastic to begin with), and twice as many vehicles to name a few.

The graphics in Halo 2 may be the best seen ever. Light reflects in real time off of weapons and armor. The character animation is spot on. And the world is very very beautiful. Every rock, cliff side, and building you look at , only looks better the closer you get. The Xbox is clearly being pushed to its limits, which are very high. The in game cutscenes, although done with the in-game engine, are some of the best you'll see. There is some pop-up in cutscenes due to the fact that the in-game engine is being used, but not enough to to hinder the beauty of it all.

The sound is awesome as well. Gunshots, be it from Covenant or Human weapons sounds fantastic, and makes you feel like your really in the thick of things. Halo 2 utilizes Dolby Surround 5.1 beautifully. The music in the game fits the mood perfectly. And picks up at just the right times to get the adrenaline flowing.

The story in Halo 2 is outstanding and very well told throughout the cutscenes. I don't really want to go too much into the story as not to give away anything. But it is very good. But as good as the story is , the single player campaign feels a bit short. Newbies to the Halo universe will get plenty of playing time, but Halo vets will beat the single player Campaign in about 10 hours. But the sheer awesomeness of this game keeps it from hindering the score.

Next is Multiplayer. Wow. That is all that really needs to be said. Halo 2's online multiplayer via Xbox Live is the most addictive console multiplayer to date. The Multiplayer modes are customizable beyond belief. Nearly every aspect can be tweaked. And the multiplayer levels are probably the best designed in any FPS ever. Once you start playing , you will be hooked. And I do mean hooked.

Now all this stuff I've just mentioned doesn't mean jack without solid gameplay. And Halo 2's gameplay is like titanium. Its fast, frantic, action-packed, and very addictive. Every thing controls so smoothly, from popping caps on the ground, to assault from the air. Its outstanding.

So there you go, if you have an Xbox, this is a must own. Hell , I would almost go as far as saying that this game is worth an Xbox alone. Its that damn good.

Final Score-9.8

Adjusted to fit GameFAQs scale-10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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