Review by xboarthefighterx

Reviewed: 11/11/04

Xbox will never be the same...

Well, the wait is over and after all the lines, coverage, hype, sneak peeks, and dont forget the ilovebees ordeal, what does Halo 2 really boil down too? This review will tell you just that.

To give a very brief history, you are Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, a SPARTAN II super soldier who is earths last chance for survival against a collective of alien races known only as the Covenant. After destroying an ancient and holy artifact, known as Halo, they're pissed and now they are taking the fight to Earth. On a side note, if you havent played the first game, Halo, it is strongly recommended that you complete that game first, or this game will not make much sense to you.

Story: Halo, in general, has a compelling story about humanity and its struggle against the Covenant, which the Master Chief, is the savior. Not much can be said about the story without giving it away, other than the Covenant are attacking earth. Again, play the first game before you even think about playing this game.

Gameplay: Overall, I'd say the gameplay here is great. The controls are relatively simple, and while the dual wielding is definitely odd at first, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Legendary make it simple for anyone to play, despite whether or not you play many games. Despite a few glitches and waits during in game loading time, it does very well and the game makes up for any discomfort you might have, while some control issues could be suited a bit better, such as vehicles.

Graphics: Excellent graphics for the Xbox, that really make the game shine. The graphics are very superb in this game and there are very, very few, in any, graphical glitches. Graphics are very smooth and easy on the eyes and have improved from the first game and other current Xbox games.

Sound/Music:: Another great aspect of this game (and the first one), is the music. The music is excellent and the game would be alot less without it. There are also numerous lines of dialogue shared by all characters, so its unlikely you'll hear the same thing over and over again. The music especially defined the first game with the choir and is just as great in this one, also.

Replayability: Halo 2 is one of those games you dont shove on the shelf after you beat it. This has great replayability, with the difficulties in campaign to Xbox Live multiplayer. For even more fun, invite a friend over and go head to head or play co-op in story mode.

Overall if you like FPS games or just action games in general, this game is for you. It will provide numerous hours of enjoyment and it definitely worth the money. If you were to rent it, it would be impossible to beat the game within the time alotted (unless you have one of the subscription services similar to Netflix) and it is much better to own this and the first.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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