"You say goodbye. I say Halo."

I loved Halo and I liked Halo 2. I think hyped killed this game and made Bungie go off into some crazy story that makes little sense and the ending is a joke. You absolutely do not leave gamers hanging like that. I think all the magazines and game sites got their scores messed up due to pressure from the gaming community. Hype is not a good thing and Halo 2 proves it.

Graphics 9/10

The game does look beautiful at times and would get a ten if Bungie knew how to fix cut scenes. Every single cut scene in the game starts with the low-res model then the bump-mapping gets added a few second later. Good job Bungie. A few load times to fix this problems would not of hurt the gaming experience at all.

Game Play 7/10

Give me a health bar and ammo. Man, did Bungie mess up. All the guns are weak as all heck. The big blue aliens take 8 plus sniper shots to the head to kill. I guess they evolved since Halo. The double weapon feature is cool but I can not stand how Master Cheif's moves slow as a brick. Also, about the double weapons. They still do not seem that strong. I think all the enemies must of got new armor that stops the humans bullets. My beautiful pistol is destroyed.

Story 4/10

What in the name of the industry is going on? I do not know how to rant with out giving away key details. Let gamers know the level and scenes from the E3 trailer are not even in the game though. Looks like Bungie took a little magic from Kojima over at Konami though. What an original idea.

Multi Player 4/10

Damn these maps are too big for 3 or 4 people. I feel sorry for people who do not have Live. If you have enough systems to link and have about 8 people to play with then you just might be in luck. I cannot see the average gamer affording this setup.

Live 6/10

Ever hear of a lobby in an on-line title. Obviously Bungie never has. To play a custom game you have to invite people from your friends list. The matchmaker system is terrible and takes over 2 minutes to find a match (please patch this Bungie!). And, if your friend is in a matchmaker match you can not join him. If you join a party with your friends and decide to play matchmaker you can not fight each other. Bungie's server chooses your map and forces you to team with your friends. Brilliant? No. Bungie has successfully de-evolved on-line. Something I never thought was possible.

Overall 7/10

Ending comment:

Take Halo add a few new features and terrible Live options and you get Halo 2. Yes it is a sequel and yes I know it is still a decent game. Will people who played the original enjoy this title? Yes, I did to some extent. Will I be excited about Halo 3? After this no.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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