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"Halo 2 is your god"

The ring Halo was destroyed by the Master Chief, and the covenant are preparing another one while he is at rest. At the beginning of the game you are being rewarded for your accomplished mission on the first game. All of the sudden a fleet of covenant ships are coming towards your ship. Taking control of Master Chief, grab your gun and be prepared to open a new one on your opponents. A lot of people will say that this game is disappointing because it was such a big anticipated game. But I don't understand how anybody could say that about a game that had 1.5 million dollars just in pre-orders. So for all of you who don't like this game, hopefully I can change your mind cause this game is really worth EVERY penny.

Graphics 10

Ok these are by far the best graphics I have ever seen in any game. The graphics are almost so real it's hard to realize. The character skins are so incredible. They really put a lot more detail in the covenant; they actually have scales and other details that I didn't really notice on the first title. The water is extremely amazing, especially when you go to shoot an enemy and your bullets go flying through the water. The world around you is something else also. They also put a lot more detail into the guns and the vehicles also. The warthog especially, it has a lot more detail into the body and the frame. The scorpion looks the same as far as the body goes but it has more dents and bangs into the frame as well as the warthog.

One thing that has a fault in the graphics, is how it glitches. One minute everything will look really nice, then shift and the graphics will change. I was kind of hoping that it was just a minor glitch, but it happened so often that it started to get annoying. Maybe it was just the copy we had or it is that way with all of them. Also lets hope that it's something that they couldn't fix. If so then that would be understandable, but if they could have fixed it they really overlooked the glitch and moved on with other things during the production. Other than that major glitch with the graphics the game has beautiful detail and has the best graphics I have ever seen.

Game Play 10

This game is extremely fun to play and personally I like it better multi-player. The AI is incredible in this game. The marines now can control the vehicles and aren't too bad either. You would think they would drive all over the place. But I seen a marine run over a couple of the covenant like it was nothing. And the enemies are a lot smarter in this game to be more tactical when they come to take down your fortress or wherever you may be. The weapon selection in this game is extremely nice. You can actually have the energy sword that the covenants were known to ram you in the face with a one hit kill with. You have a new machine gun witch shoots a lot better and actually has recoil and makes it harder to shoot. And if that isn't realistic then I dunno what is. The pistol has changed in look and in shooting. The shooting isn't as good as it use to be in the first. Remember the fun you had zooming in with the pistol and owning your enemy. Well you no longer have that feature with this pistol. You have a new shotgun, and it seems the gage packs much more damage that the first Halo. There is also another smg that you can have that has a three round burst, witch imo is one of the coolest features you can have with an smg. The sniper has changed also, it holds the same amount of ammo and it almost looks the same, but I believe that it is easier to aim and shoot your enemies with a great distance in this game.

The covenant weapons stayed the same, as far as how they shoot and how they look. The detail is more but in general the whole gun looks the same. They have a sniper rifle of their own, or that's what I would consider it. It shoots a lot faster than the marines, but it overheats after three shots and you have to give it a bit to recharge. They have a rocket launcher as well that almost seems as good as the marines. I always used it to take out a group of covenant. A grenade launcher will help you out as well, you just have to find the right enemy and kill him and take that thing away.

The controls are just the same as the older Halo, but it seems the sensitivity is a lot better in this game. Only complaint that I would have about the controls is it seems a bit harder to take control of a vehicle, cause instead of just pressing the X button to jump in the warthog, you have to hold it down for a bit till Master Chief actually does something. Maybe they did that intentionally, but it would seem better to just hit the button instead of having to hold it down to take control. The analog is perfect for a FPS game, not to mention that the Xbox controller is perfect for Halo. I would hate to play this game on PS2, not to mention the console would probably die if it tried to run Halo 2.

Co-op has returned yet again in this game, and in my opinion what is better than shooting through the covenant with your best buddy by your side! But it almost makes it to easy playing through the story with two people if you are both really good at the game. You have Split-Screen again so you can invite all your buddies over to have a big Halo party and own on anther.

Sound 9

There is a pretty good sound track on this game; it has the good ol classical halo theme at beginning of a level like you use to hear. Only complaint I have with the music is that when one of the characters was talking they would have the music a bit to loud so it was hard to tell what they were saying. Like at the beginning of a mission the music would be louder than the character so you would have listen more carefully. The guns and other weapons sound perfect. Especially the smg guns, it sounds like there is actually a war going on. And that is exactly what I want to hear when I am shooting the enemy. The vehicles sound a little weird for their size. Like the warthog sounds like it should have a deeper sound to it, but when you drive real fast it starts to get high pitched. The Master Chief sounds like they got a new voice actor, but maybe the guy they used got older and sounds deeper. If you have Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound, then you will enjoy the game even more, it would seem like WW3 was going on in your very room!

Story 8

The story seems to have a bigger effect that the first Halo. In this game not only do you take roll as the Master Chief you can also play as an Elite(Arbitor). So you have two sides of the story in this game. I thought it was a cool feature, but it kind of gets annoying when you forget your not the Master Chief and try to turn on your light but instead you go invisible. DOH! Other than that fault you should enjoy a more involved story in this game.

Graphics 10
Game Play 10
Sound 9
Story 8

Overall Rating 10

Replay Value

This game I think has a major replay value and would be fun to go through the story again and again. It seems to keep you coming back for more, not only for the story but with the harder modes such as legendary, witch is your ultimate challenge. So if you beat the game I believe that you would be crawling back for more.

This is a must have game; if you have an Xbox and you love Fps games this one is definitely for you. A good story and great game play, you will love every second of this game. Not to mention if you liked the first one this will definitely own the first Halo like there was no tomorrow.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/04, Updated 11/11/04

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