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"Great game with only a few flaws..."

Halo 2 is nonetheless a great FPS game. It's a great addition to what Bungie is doing, the hype sometimes kills games...but not this one.

Graphics: 9

The graphics are absolutely amazing really. But the graphics during the cut-scenes are sometimes chopped up for a couple seconds as if they were loading. The multi-player levels and the details to all the SP levels are astounding. The bump-mapping really shows it off, the lighting effects seem to have improved also. The explosions and gunfire, along with the covenant/marines themselves have really great detail. Halo 2 has improved graphics from Halo: CE, you will be amazed by them.

Story: 10

The story is really nice itself. You can play as an Elite (Arbitor), and you get to see many new additions (Hell-jumpers). It all starts off when you are boarded on an earth ship and t he covenant attacks and plants a bomb on the ship, when you must go down and deactivate it and then "return" the bomb. Other than that (that's the first level), you must stop the covenant from all attacks on earth and take them out. The story is fast paced and exciting, you'll enjoy it. On one note though, you'll either take the ending as moderate (Hey, you might love it) or hate it terribly.

Controls: 10

Iv'e always loved Halo's controls. Halo 2's controls are fast, responsive and quick and easy to get down. They are really just they same as the first one, but it has some new additions with the dual-wielding and such.

Music/Sound Effects: 10

The music in Halo 2 can really fit the mood for this game, which makes it even better. Bungie really great time and effort into the music for this game and it's really well put together. The sound effects are really great themselves. The gun's sound just like the real thing, and it's really quite a nice feeling sitting behind your controller with two SMG's in your hands taking on a fleet of covenant enemies with the roaring sounds of gunfire and the shell's hitting the ground. The ghosts sounds excellent, also with the diolouge spoken and all that. The sounds/music for this game is well worth turning up the volume for.

Gameplay: 9

The gameplay is just magnificent. You are rushed into action, although you must sometimes plan out stratigies if you want to live on some harder difficulties. The dual-wielding is great in Halo 2, though i have seen games with dual-weilding before, Halo 2 needed it though for more action. The new SMG's and the Beam Rifles are nice too. This time around you can drive the wraith tanks and drive the banshee's in multi-player (More on that soon). enemies are within every corner and taking them out just pumps the action up even more. The only thing i do not like about it is the fact that you sometimes get stuck and you have no idea where to go. After a while though, the game appears with a marker for you to follow, so it kills the action sometimes. Though the new guns, dual-weilding, new veichles (You can jack them from the covenent too) and such make the gameplay greater. Halo 2 will keep you hooked for hours upon hours.

Multiplayer/Live: 10

Xbox Live is a really, really fun. You can take on everyone from different area's and create clans. You can customize your character (Like multiplayer also) and all of that. The game modes you play (You can create some too). It can hold upto 16 players per game, and you can system link with some of your friends to have some fun. Or you can go for regular multi-player and kill your friends in that game also. I believe these two things in halo two keep up the replayability and also it's extremely fun. You can also have fun racing in warthogs or ghosts. Trust me, these two modes are really could just buy the game for this reason alone.

Re-playability: 9

It's really fun playing multi-player and going on live. Also campaign itself is really fun too. To this day i still play the first Halo's multi-player and the SP mode. The only thing is the campaign though, like i said... it's really fun but after a while of playing it it could get boring. Which is why you should just stick to live and multi-player sometimes. Though this game will never get boring too anyone really. Halo 2 has really fun modes.

Buy Or Rent: Depends

If you love FPS's, GET IT! If your more of another genre, i recommend you rent this first. This game lives up to the hype if you need to know, so everyone should give it a shot.

Overall: 9/10

Halo 2 is a great game, though it does has some flaws, but they can make up. This game was well worth the wait, so try it out. You wont be disappointed, this game is pure excellence at it's best.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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