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Reviewed: 11/11/04

What the hell happend??

Halo 2 is the sequel to Halo, which went down like this...
Master Chief is released from Cryogenic Sleep only to find out that the Pillar of Autumn, a giant intergalactic spaceship form earth, is being atacked and is going to crash into a giant ring called Halo. After crashing from a lifepod, he finds himself killing wave after wave of evil Covenant aliens, only to find out that the Covenant arent here for Halo, they're here to contain the flood, a species of parasites that uses both humans and Covenant for hosts. MC prevents 343 Guilty Spark, a floating machine, from activating Halo and killing off the galaxy so that the Flood do not survive, and destroys Halo. He flys back to Earth, and Halo 2 begins.

But i keep telling myself this: Halo is..somehow... so much more better than this...

Graphics- 7
Aheh... Cut scenes dropped it. with missing textures just appearing 2 seconds after seeing the person who's face needed it...well that just ruins the game every time I saw it. All the people and covenant have been revamped with new armor, better looking guns, and a generally awe inspiring world...but as I said, cut scenes dragged it down. For fun, look around when you get into space. The graphics made it look awesome....

Sounds- 10
While most of the sounds in the game are just the same as the first game, there have been many new additions. Firstly, the Elites talk. And damn are they good talkers. Why did they grunt and growl before? Secondly, more bad ass music but still similar to Halo's, so it makes it awesome.. And Thirdly...well the guns sound just so much better. Not to mention all the new vehicles sound MUCH better than before.

Gameplay- 3
And we finally hit the snag. I HATED THIS. For one, we lost the Assault Riffle to the new Battle Riffle, WHICH SUCKS. 3 round bursts which we cant change?!! AND THE LACK OF BULLETS? Any, and i mean ANY human gun you came across lacked bullets. SMG ran outta them too fast. Magnum fires too fast for its ammo size to be even USEFULL. And why did they removed the scope? I missed the Assault Riffle and its large 600 bullet clip and despised the Battle riffle and its obsolete ammount of ammo. Not to mention the game throws a HELL of a lot of enemies at you, and your bullets are eaten up by the Elites shields, or by a Hunter. The Jackal snipers in Legendary make it almost impossible to live. And while we're on THAT subject, why no health bar? I couldnt tell if the next plasma blast would kill me or not. Just remember that the covenant weapons are a godsend. Dual Needlers are insane. Dual Plasma Riffles are deadly. And they kept the gameplay afloat. The last complaint I had was the fact that Vehicles were more destructable...The tank was indestructable before, now its easier to destroy because its so much slower! And its just annoying how Flood love to ram ghosts into your ghost, causing you to fly. And dont expect your Marine/Covenant Friends to be smart enough to pilot....oh, they are FAR from it.

Story- 2
This is worse. way worse. Why did they spend only a short time on earth? Why was the Prophet of Regret stupid enough to think earth was abandoned from humans? Why am i asking you all this? Hell if I know. But for a guess, I bet Bungie just wants to rake in cash for a "Halo 3", and from experience, the third time is not always the charm. The game tries to invovle a plot, but it was nowhere near the Halo standards. Especially since they involve the "Soul Reaver 2 Ending", which I use to refer bad cliffhangers such as this.

Multiplayer- 9
ALMOST perfect. Xbox Live turns Halo 2 into a futuristic Counter Strike. And we all know how popular CS is right? Its very old and the obsolte graphics and gameplay are still addictive as HELL. But Halo 2 Multiplayer on the same Xbox kinda pissed me off. 1 on 1 was an eyesore, and 2 on 2 was like being blind. I couldnt see unless the person was brighter than the sun. So do yourself a favor, get a 12 month subscription to Xbox live, and have a blissful time in Halo 2; because this is more worthwhile over the Campaign.

Overall- 6
It just did'nt live up to the hype. Lack of ammo, too many enemies, The much much harder legendary mode, problems with the cut scenes, and the bad vision for Multiplayer just brung the game down from fun. It also lagged, and I seriously do not think ANY game on a console should lag, as computers do that well enough. If they plan to make a Halo 3, they better learn from their mistakes, and put some effort into it. Dont get your hopes up folks. In fact, drown your hopes in happiness with the other new games coming out (or already ARE out).

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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