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"Opinions from a guy who used to hate the XBox"

Graphics- 10/10 - This game is beautiful. Never was there a doubt in my mind. I review the first thing I see. The first thing I see is an image and that falls into graphics/picture quality. These have been MAJORLY upped from the first. Go take a look back at another web site for an image of Halo 1 and Halo 2 and look at the difference. Enough said, but I will continue. The covenant are all smooth and shiny and their armor, weapons and vehicles are very well done. The explosions and lighting are brilliantly executed. I couldn't find very many flaws in the graphics except when it came to a close up picture, and even then, what game doesn't look a little edgy? I really go crazy over the look of this game. Ships, vehicles, characters, everything looks terrific. The buildings, terrains, vehicles, characters,most everything looks beautiful in Halo 2. 10/10 in the Graphics spot

Sound - 10/10 - The Music is PERFECT. Or as close to perfect as you're going to get. The score for this game is one to compete with the famous Nobuo Uematsu. Not the same style really, but for what they do to their game just ups the experience 200%. The battle themes hit RIGHT in time for the action and the calm parts of the game show off the environment. For example, if you're in a jungle, you will hear more of a wild jungle beat that just flat out suits the moment perfectly, or if you're in the heat of battle there will be intense, fast-paced music to set you in the mood of the game. 10/10 for the sound

Game play - 10/10 - Really, did you need this? the game has 2 flaws, a break in the action for just about a half of a second or less for an auto save and the difficulty may be overwhelming even on easy for some of the newer players which really isn't that bad a thing if you think about it. Difficulty isn't that bad as long as its not impossible, and this game is far from impossible, especially on easy, thought Legendary is another story. They really stepped it up, which is what separates the casual players from the hardcore gamers. The story is phenomenal and very suspenseful. I was constantly asking myself "When will I see what happens to Master Chief? or the Covenant Elite?" and I found myself unable to stop moving from the game no matter how hard I tried. The new weapons, enemies and levels really give this game what it needed to be more than just a remake of the first. Most everything in this game is perfect except for those 2 things which are very understandable. This game was MADE for this console as its just that great. The controls are just like the first, and they all seem natural. Most people can start a game of Halo and just KNOW what to do. If you're a first time player you always know what button to hit first to shoot. This game just shows off what video games can do these days and demonstrates this better than any other game out. Multi player has been upped with the Live feature. No more having friends come over and mooch your food or complain about being Player 2. Now you have XBox live to own everyone worldwide! But if you have enough food for everyone, then bring them along on the live experience. The multi player levels are great and, just like the first, probably the biggest feature of the game. 16 players is the perfect size for these levels and it still works nicely with even 2. With the addition of new games and weapons, the multi play has gotta a shove from best ever to unbeatable. 10/10 for game play

This game is one of the greatest games of this entire game generation, and I used to hate the XBox completely. Halo 2 takes the best FPS and adds to it. The graphics in this game are really way past the call of duty. They really have out done themselves with this game. The weapons have been improved with the new Battle Rifle (the assault rifle has been taken out for this addition. They serve almost the same purpose, only the battle rifle shoots in sets of threes and looks alot better). The new covenant weapons are awesome, and the energy sword is so great and strong that its almost cheap. You could most likely go through the entire game using just it. The story in this game is very well written and they tell it very well, not getting caught too much on one thing. The multiplayer has been upped with the addition of the Banshee. Now flying has been made easier with this great vehicle. Anyone who does not own an XBox should get one for this game alone. I think it'll take a few years to surpass such a great game. This game has lived up to the hype. A must have for everyone. Even if you don't own an XBox. Find somone who does and just start playing weather or not you know them. The game is worth a breaking and entering charge. Just go buy and play the game. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/04

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