Review by Samzac

Reviewed: 02/15/05

Halo 2 greatest game ever made? A=Hell YEAH!!!

This game is far from beyond just good, it is the best game ever made. Everything about this game is good. All the aspects in the game are phenomenal. The graphics are absolutely unbeatable, the gameplay is so action packed and exciting, the music (even though I’m not that bothered about it really) is still good, and the story is amazing apart from the ending which is weird. Everything in this game is perfect; no other game is ever going to beat this game in a long long time. Halo2 = 4 words and here they are: best game ever made. And here's why.

Graphics= Okay the only game out at the moment that comes close to Halo 2s graphical detail in my opinion is Ninja Gaiden. Bungie put the Xbox to the test with this graphical detail. No one on this planet (apart from a very silly person who obviously doesn't know what good graphics is) can say this game doesn't have good graphics. The characters look so real, the eyes, the skin. The lighting effect is what amazes me. If you think Splinter cell had good lighting well you should look at this. The lighting is so accurate that if you’re in a shadowed area and you suddenly walk into a sunny area you can actually see the lighting effects on your gun. The only weird thing about these high graphics is that they seem to have a little bit of a glitch. One minute the detail is smooth as ever then the next it goes all weird for about a second or two then goes back to being smooth again. This only happens in some cut scenes but it doesn't really matter.

Gameplay= The gameplay is really quite gripping because of all the action, gunfights, flying/driving vehicles around blowing the living hell out of everything. The boarding idea I think is what made the gameplay brilliant. It's like Halo 2 with a bit of GTA in. It's really great jumping on the back of a Wraith (Covenant Tank) smacking the back vent off and just shoving a plasma or fragmentation in and watching the fireworks as the tank explodes. Boarding Banshees is fun too. I love the way master chief jumps on, hangs onto the wing and pulls the driver out and takes it for himself, it’s great to annoy your friends when you do it on multiplayer to. I'm quite puzzled why Bungie took out side seating on the scorpion tank though. Another cool idea was that you can now swap weapons with your allies. So if you wanted a Sniper or Battle rifle and your marines had one just give them your weapon for theirs this works with the covenant too. The dual wielding was a great idea also because you can become quite a killing machine if you dual wield good weapon combos. But all this stuff Bungie added in makes Halo 2s gameplay amazing and it makes it hard to put Halo 2 down. Co-op has returned and I'm glad that it has returned because they were not saying much about Co-op and I knew that without Co-op Halo 2 would not be as good. Because for people who don't have Xbox live and would like to do the game with a friend Co-op is really good to have so I'm glad they put that in. The A.I in the game amazing. It is like the covenants are as smart as Albert Einstein, and that is smart. Multiplayer is an absolute laugh and yet again it has been upgraded too because now you can have the banshee WOO HOO!!!. With loads of different maps some with interactive feature like on Zanzibar where you can shoot the cup link so the ramp would fall down (and what a heck of a noise it makes when it does fall down.) The controls are pretty much the same as Halo but in Halo 2 the sensitivity is a lot higher in this.

Sound= Like I said I’m not really too bothered about the sound so this is going to be short. The sound is good and I like the electric guitar rock theme in parts of the game. You have still got the good old Halo theme but I've noticed that sometimes the music goes a bit loud and it's hard to hear what anybody's saying.

Lifespan= Like I said, this game will be hard to put down. With 15 levels each about 25 minutes on normal to 35 minutes on Heroic this is a game which will not be completed in a day. This game will give you a challenge and once you complete it on easy, you will want to complete it on normal and then on to Heroic and possibly even the ultimate challenge do it on LEGENDARY.

Story= Halo 2s story is easy to follow all the way through until right at the end where it just got confusing. It is basically the same as Halo; stop the covenant from destroying all mankind but this time instead of playing one character you play two. You play MC (Masterchief) and an Elite known as the Arbiter. This is a really quite a cool feature because you play two sides instead of just one and you actually get to experience what it is like to be an Elite and be part of the Covenant race.

Halo 2 is a masterpiece and it's hard to believe that people don't like it. I know that everybody isn't meant to like the same game obviously, but no one can say this game is not good. It is the perfect FPS in the world not just on the Xbox in the world. My saying is= the greatest console should have the greatest game e.g. Halo 2 = The greatest game. The Xbox= The greatest console.

This game has to be the best because know other game has sold over 5 million copies in 2 days and if there has been please tell me but like I said this game is going to be very hard to beat. This is my first review on Game FAQS and I'm not boasting but I think this is a very good review for this game. I know that there are some very good FPS's out there e.g. Half life 2. Doom 3 and Rainbow six. But none of these really come close to Halo2. Everybody says Half life 2 is better. In my opinion Doom 3 comes closer to Halo 2 than Half life 2. Halo 2 offers everything a FPS should have from driving/flying vehicles to blowing up buildings.

Some new features:

Some of the new weapons in Halo 2 are quite neat aswell. The battle rifle would have been better if it was auto fire but what the hell it sounds nice and it does back a punch. The magnums. Everybody says that there crap, but I think there quite good actually. There not so good on there own but if you dual wield them they are actually good because they are very fast and they are fairly powerful. The sniper rifle is still as powerful and still the same but this time you can actually see what you’re aiming at through the scope without zooming in. The SMGs are quite good but their not as good as the old machine gun in Halo but their still as lethal, especially when you dual wield them. The needlers have been increased in power (thank god) and they are now reasonably strong on there own but if you dual wield them they are immensely fast and immensely strong with there sticky effect and there explosive effect. The plasma pistol is still crud nothing more to say about that. The plasma rifle is still practically the same but faster and it doesn't overheat as quick. The brute plasma rifle is like the plasma rifle but it’s red and it fires red plasma and it overheats very quickly. The brute shot is quite a neat weapon with a cool blade on the back. It backs a punch but it's not very accurate but the grenades bounce of everywhere so you probably won't miss in tight quarters. The plasma sword is by far the coolest new weapon in the game. It's so powerful, with a one hit kill lung to just swinging the sword anywhere. And what's really cool is when you run out of energy for the sword you can use it as a knuckle duster type thing to bash the covenants heads in.

The two new vehicles in Halo 2 are quite decent too. The covenant spectre is a cool hovering version of the warthog really apart from it hovers to move, it has a plasma cannon and it has boost. The other new vehicle is the Gauss warthog. It's the warthog but with a tremendously powerful gauss cannon instead of the minigun. Both the new weapons and vehicles are a really big increase to Halo 2s improvements.

Halo 2 is an overall masterpiece and will be remembered as one of the greatest games and one of the greatest achievements in games history. This is the only game in official Xbox magazine that got 10.0/10.0 and it will be the only game on Xbox that gets that until the possible arrival of Halo 3. I think that this game could go until 2006 until it is beaten, that if it is ever going to get beaten that is. But my overall rating is that is easily the best game ever made and will not be beaten for ages.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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