2D Art LeadGren Atherson
Additional City ArtLee Carter
Additional City ArtMatt Cavanagh
Additional City ArtSteven Heaney
Additional City ArtStuart jackson
Additional City ArtDavid McDonald
Additional City ArtAlan Mullins
Additional City ArtPhil Nightingale
Additional City ArtSimon Pickard
Additional City ArtGabor Soos
Additional City ArtMike Waterworth
Additonal ProgrammingStephen Cakebread
Additonal ProgrammingSam Hall
Additonal ProgrammingSteve Penson
ArtJennie Chan
ArtFranz Romer
Art Content CoordinationTodd Can Horne
Art Content CoordinationJennett Morgan
Art Content CoordinationLouAn Williams
Art LeadsAles Hillman
Art LeadsKiki Wolfkill
AudioPete Comley
AudioKen Kato
AudioMary Olson
AudioTawm Perkowski
AudioJoel Robinson
AudioGreg Shaw
AudioJerry Shroeder
AudioChris Vincent
AudioJustin Wood
Audio Content LeadsMathias Grunwaldt
Audio Content LeadsRainer Heesch
Audio Content LeadsIan Livingstone
Audio DirectorAndre Hoth
Audio LeadNick Wiswell
Audio PrgrammingNick Bygrave
Audio ProgrammingKeith Pickford
Car ArtPeter Moneypenny
Car ArtJonathan Reilly
Car ArtChris Wise
City ArtGavin Bartlett
City ArtDianne Botham
City ArtBoz Briers
City ArtMatthew J. Coward
City ArtChris Davie
City ArtEddie A. Draper
City ArtPaul Hesketh
City ArtEddie Hilditch
City ArtMatthew Jeffs-Watts
City ArtMike McTigue
City ArtAlan Mealor
City ArtPeter Roe
City ArtJoss Scouler
City Art LeadsDerek Chapman
City Art LeadsJulie McGurren
City Art LeadsBen O'Sullivan
City Art LeadsMark Sharrat
City Art LeadsPaul Spencer
Content CreationGreg Collins
Content CreationBeth Demetrescu
Content CreationMichelle Lomba
Content CreationTyler Mays
Content CreationKiki McMillan
Content Lead/Licensed Music SupervisorFred Northup Jr.
Design and BalanceChris Pickford
Design and BalanceGed Talbot
Design and BalanceGlyn Williams
Design LeadMartyn Chudley
Development LeadCraig Cook
Game Design LeadsBill Giese
Game Design LeadsChris Novak
ProductionAllan Speed
ProductionPeter Wallace
ProductionBrian Woodhouse
Program ManagerJames Jen
Program ManagerGarrett Young
ProgrammingEd Clay
ProgrammingPaul Kerby
ProgrammingPhil Snape
ProgrammingDavid Worswick
Programming LeadRoger Perkins
Tools ProgrammingDavid Al-Daini
Tools ProgrammingIan Wilson
Vehicle Handling LeadGed Talbot


Data and credits for this game contributed by Masamune2, Shadow., odino, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, gamer_boy997, kloxpark, Y0u, oliist, and MuddyMaestro.

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