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    Groove Point Mechanics FAQ by WillyFourEyes

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium
    (AKA Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001)
    Platforms: Arcade/PlayStation 2
    Genre: Fighting
    Groove Point Mechanics FAQ
    written by: MoonSaultKid (formerly SiliconHero)
    Status: version 1.0 (somewhat finished)
    Released: September 19, 2004
      A. BASIC
    Feel free to distribute this guide however you please, as long as it stays
    FREE, and I get proper credit for it. In fewer words, don't change any names,
    don't alter any text, and don't charge any money.
    Questions, comments, additions, or corrections to this FAQ can be sent to
    either of the following e-mail addresses (filtered for your protection and
    mine - just replace the DOT with a period, and don't add any spaces):
    version 1.0 - released September 19, 2004
    - This FAQ was actually started about three months ago, but I just finally got
    around to finishing with it today. Most of the important things are finished,
    including scoring for the special Knockout types.
    Capcom vs. SNK 2 (and its predecessor, Capcom vs. SNK) has a different
    point-scoring system from most other fighting games. This series uses what is
    called the Groove Point system, which gauges your scoring performance in
    real-time. Your Groove Point score can go up if you perform well during
    matches, and down if you perform poorly. It's a bit hard to understand how the
    system works if you're playing this game for the first time, so I've devised
    this FAQ to detail exactly how scores go up and down.
    This FAQ doesn't detail the conditions necessary to fight against any of the
    bosses (M. Bison, Geese, or either of the Akumas or Rugals), as there are
    probably already guides detailing how to do this all over the Internet.
    The base score for all games (the value at which your score starts for all
    single-player game modes) is 100.000 GP. The score indicator is located at the
    top of the screen, right above the timer display and between the two
    combatants' life bars. Above it are three colored indicators - Super (yellow
    "Sp"), Good (orange "Gd"), and Poor (red "Pr") - which flash as you earn or
    lose points.
      Sp = earn 1.0 or more points on a single action
      Gd = earn less than 1.0 point on a single action
      Pr = lose points on a single action
    The score increases and decreases based on factors listed below:
    Hitting your opponent: +0.2, +0.3, or +0.5 GP
    - Landing an attack during a round will increase your score from anywhere from
    0.2 to 0.5 GP. Most normal attacks and single-hit special moves score 0.5
    points, while most multi-hit special moves will earn you 0.2 or 0.3 points per
    hit. Your score will go down by this amount if you let the enemy land a
    successful hit on you.
    Blocking an opponent's attack: +0.02, +0.03, or +0.05 GP
    - Blocking an opponent's attack will increase your score from anywhere from
    0.02 to 0.05 GP, or one-tenth of what hitting an opponent with an attack would
    earn you. Your score will decrease by this amount if your opponent blocks one
    of your attacks.
    First Attack: +5 GP
    - You get 5 GP if you land the first successful hit in a round. Your score
    does not decrease if the opponent lands the first attack.
    Counter Hit: +1 GP
    - Hitting your opponent while he/she is attacking will get you a 1 GP Counter
    Hit bonus. Your score does not decrease if you are attacked with the
    opponent's Counter Hit.
    # Hit Combo: increasing bonus
      ((2 GP x every hit above 1) + (0.5 GP x every hit above 5))
    - Most of your GP bonus will come from combos (successive unblocked and
    unanswered hits). This bonus increases for each string of hits you pull off. A
    2-hit combo gets you 2 GP, and you get 4 GP for 3-hit combos, 6 GP for 4-hit
    combos, 8 GP for 5-hit combos, and then an additional 0.5 GP for every hit
    Guard Cancel: +0.5 or +1 GP
    - This bonus is awarded for using a successful Counter Attack or Counter
    Movement. (Counter Attacks are available in C, A, S, and N-Grooves. Counter
    Movement is only available in N-Groove.)
    Reversal: +2 GP
    - You get 2 GP if you execute a Special Move immediately after being knocked
    down (this is rather hard to do).
    Recovery: +1 GP
    - You get 1 GP if you successfully recover from being dizzied. Your opponent
    must not hit you again while you are dizzy, or you will lose the opportunity
    for the bonus (and obviously, get knocked down).
    Tech Bonus: +0.5 GP
    - You get 0.5 if you successfully block an opponent's throw or perform a Safe
    Just Defended: +2 GP
    - Using the Just Defense technique takes some skill, but if you do it just
    right, you'll get an extra 2 GP each time. You'll need to press the block
    motion the instant an attack hits you. Just Defense is only available in
    Finish: +2, +5, or +10 GP
    - To put it simply, you have to defeat your opponent to get this bonus. Any
    normal attack will do, but the amount will depend on the type of attack that
    you hit your opponent with. You get 20 GP if you defeat your opponent with a
    normal move if he/she is performing a Super Special Move. Be careful, as
    you'll lose this amount of GP if you're defeated by your opponent.
    Special KO Finish: +5, +10, or +20 GP
    - Finishing an opponent with a Special Move will increase your score a little
    bit more. This bonus cuts both ways, as well, as you'll lose this amount of GP
    if you're done in by one of your opponent's Special Moves.
    Super Special KO Finish: +10, +20, or +40 GP
    - A Super Special Move or MAX Super Special Move finish will boost your score
    greatly. It can also cause a sharp drop in your GP if your opponent finishes
    you off with one of these powerful attacks.
    Custom KO Finish: +10 GP
    - If you're using the A-Groove, you can earn 10 GP by defeating your opponent
    while in Custom Combo mode. It doesn't matter how many hits you make with it,
    just as long as you're still in CC mode when you land the final blow.
    Dramatic KO Finish: +50 GP
    - This is the best possible finish, and in order to earn this bonus, you need
    to do one of the following:
      - Defeat your opponent with a Super Special Move or MAX Super Special Move
      while he/she is performing a Special Move or Super Special Move of his/her
      - Defeat your opponent with a MAX Super Special Move while he/she is
      taunting you.
    In addition to looking pretty darn cool (the fight goes into super slow
    motion, and a large flaming "KO" fills the background), you also get a hefty
    50 GP bonus added to your total.
    Vitality Bonus: +5, +10, or +20 GP
    - If you win a round by either KO or time, then you'll receive a bonus based
    on how much vitality you have left. You receive +20 GP for full health (or
    near-full health) at the end of a round, +10 GP for moderate health, and +5
    GP if your health bar is low.
    Perfect KO Bonus: +50 GP
    - If you manage to survive a round with a full health meter, you'll obtain a
    Perfect KO bonus of 50 GP.
    Max Combo Bonus: increasing bonus
      (5 GP x number of hits in longest combo string <= 9)
      + (3 GP x number of hits in longest combo string above 9)
    - You also get a bonus based on the longest string of combo hits you landed
    during a round, starting with 5 GP, and increasing with each hit.
    Completion Bonus:
      (20 GP + 10 GP for every Completion Bonus earned thereafter)
    - If you're playing in a single-player mode with multiple rounds, then you'll
    want to shoot for this as much as possible. You gain 20 GP if you win a match
    without losing a single round, and for each successive match you do this, the
    bonus increases by 10 GP (2nd Completion bonus earns you 30 GP, and then 40
    GP, 50 GP, etc.) If you lose a round while you have this streak going, then
    you don't gain the bonus, and the counter is reset to 20 GP when the next
    match starts.
    Continue: -50 GP from original score
    - If you lose a match in arcade mode, there is a 50 GP penalty to continue and
    fight the same opponent (or set of opponents) again. This deduction is taken
    from the original score with which you started the round, and NOT from when
    you finished. (For example, if you started a match with 200 GP, and ended with
    180 GP, you would begin the rematch with 150 GP if you lost.)
    Time Penalty: -0.5 GP
    - In timed matches, for any match that lasts longer than ten seconds, 0.5 GP
    are deducted from your score gradually with every second.

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