////////////                                                      //  
     ///       //////         /                                          /   
   ///           /////       //                                          /   
  ///             ////       //                                              
 ////              ////      //                                              
 ////              ////   /////////       ////////       ///////////   ////  
/////              /////    ///         //     ////     /// ////////    ///  
/////              /////    ///        //       ////   //        ///    ///  
/////              ////     ///       ///        ///   //        ///    ///  
 ////              ////     ///      ////        ///   //       ////    ///  
 /////             ////     ///      ////        ///   ///      ////    ///  
 /////            /////     ///      ////        ///   ///     /////    ///  
  /////          /////      ///       ////      ///    ////   // ///    ///  
   /////        ////        ///        ////    //       ///////  ///    ///
     /////////////           ///        ///////          /////  ////     ///
        //////                //                                ////      //   
                                                        //      //           
                                                       ////     //           

                            Otogi: Myth of Demons

                   Walkthrough/FAQ v0.36 (Updated 21/10/03)

                            Table Of Contents

Section 1: Message from the author.
Section 2: A bit about the game.

Section 3: Controls
Section 4: Basics

Section 5: Weapons
Section 6: Magic
Section 7: Accessories

Section 8: Mercy Orb Locations

Section 9: Walkthrough

Section 1: Message from the author.

Hi, this is my first FAQ, and hopefully not my last. 

I recently got Otogi, and finished it about a week ago, so I decided to
write an indepth FAQ / Walkthrough for it.

I'll be adding to the faq 5 levels at a time, and if I think up anything
else I can add, I'll do that too.


This guide will no longer be updated.

Section 2: A bit about the game.

Otogi is an action game, with a few RPG elements in it, and some incredible
graphics - some of the best on any system.

You play as Raikoh, and undead warrior, brought back to life by an unknown
princess to defeat the sorcerer Michizane.

It plays a lot like Devil May Cry, crossed with Onimusha and with a bit of
Gun Valkyrie thrown in, and is, in my opinion, probably the best action game
released for years - Ninja Gaiden is going to have a hard time topping this.

Section 3: Controls

Otogi's controls are pretty simple:

A - Jump.

B - Light Attack.

X - Use Magic.

Y - Heavy Attack.

L - Lock-On.

R - Dash.

Left Analogue Stick - Used to control Raikoh's movements.

Left Analogue Stick (clicked) - Center's the camera behind Raikoh.

Right Analogue Stick - Used to control the camera.

Right Analogue Stick (clicked) - Toggles enemy health bars on / off.

Section 4: Basics

This section is all about the basics of the game - how to attack, use magic
and other bits of useful information for a new player.

Health - Raikoh only starts with two health orbs at the beginning of the game
         but as you go through it you can find a lot more.

         Raikoh's health will regenerate using up some magic, if you are hurt
         but once an orb is fully gone you have to find an item to give you
         more health.

         Obviously when Raikoh runs out of health he dies.

Movement - Raikoh is pretty agile for a dead guy.

           You can jump with the A button, and double jump by pressing it
           twice. Holding A when in the air will slow your fall.

           The R trigger is used to dash, which can be done in the air or
           on the ground. 

           Raikoh will cover distances faster if you are on the ground,
           as he keeps running between dashes, whereas when he is in the
           air, he falls a bit, then dashes again.

           When dashing you only need to hold in the R trigger, you don't
           need to keep tapping it.

Attacks - Raikoh has quite a few different attacks at his disposal:

          The B button is a light attack, which is quite weak on its own,
          and won't push an enemy back.

          A great attack with the Y button is slower, but will send an
          enemy flying backwards. If they hit a wall they'll take even
          more damage - use this to your adavantage.

          You can do different combos too - B,B will do two light attacks.
          B,Y - a light attack followed by a great attack.
          B,B,B - three light attacks in a row.
          B,B,Y - two light attacks followed by a great attack.
          B,B,B,B - four light attacks in a row.
          B,B,B,Y - three light attacks, and then a great attack. 
                    This is the combo I use most in otogi, as it hits
                    the enemy and then sends them flying.
          B,B,B,X - This is another really useful combo later on in the game.
                    It does 3 light attacks, and then your current magic,
                    but it is a fully charged magic attack.

          Holding R and pressing B will do an upwards slash, which is useful
          for keeping Raikoh in the air.

          Holding R and pressing Y will do a different attack depending on
          the weapon you have equipped. A heavy weapon does a powerful
          horizontal attack, and a light weapon will do a more powerful
          vertical attack.

          Attacking enemy spells will reflect them, and is a very useful
          technique to learn, especially for the later levels.

Magic - Otogi's magic system is different from any game I've played before.
        Magic is what is keeping Raikoh alive, so it is constantly draining.

        At the start of the game your magic is very low, but as you level up
        you will gain more, and different weapons/magic/accessories also
        affect the ammount of magic you have.

        There are 4 different Houses of magic in the game:
           Soryu  - Dragon
           Suzaku - Phoenix
           Byakko - Chimera/Lightning
           Genbu  - Butterfly

       Soryu opposes Byakko, and Suzaku opposes Genbu.

       This means that using, for example, Soryu against an enemy that is
       from House Byakko, you will do double damage, but it also means that
       Raikoh will take double damage from any spells that they use.

       The different magic will also affect how much health/attack power
       you have, Byakko giving you the most.

       Dragon magic calls forth dragons that home in on your enemies, and
       is probably the most useful magic to attack with.

       Phoenix will fire 1-3 phoenixes depending on the level/strength of it
       which will go in a straight line - only useful on one or two levels.

       Byakko is the one I used the most in the game, as I didn't use the
       magic much at all, and it gives you the most DEF/ATK.

       Genbu fires off a lot of butterflies creating a "wall" of them in front
       of you, which can be useful to hold back a lot of enemies at once.

       When using magic, you can just tap the X button, or hold it down to
       charge it. Charging it to max takes a while, so it's not often that
       you get a chance to do so. However using magic at the end of a 
       B,B,B,X combo will do a fully charged one, and is probably the most
       effective way to use magic against a powerful enemy. 
       Against a group of weak enemies you are best to tap X instead.

       Remeber, your magic is constantly draining in otogi, so you might want
       to be conservative with your magic most of the time, especially at the

       When you run out of magic, your health will start to drain, and you
       can no longer dash.

Accessories - There are 10 different accessories to be accquired in Otogi,
              and it's best to have one equipped at all times.

              Some accessories weigh a lot though, and the more weight Raikoh
              is carrying, the slower he becomes, and the lower his jumps
              are. You should pay attention to weapon weights as well.

Souls - When you kill an enemy in Otogi, it will leave behind 3 different
        souls. Yellow, Pink, and Green.

        Yellow souls give you gold, Green health, and Pink magic.

        To collect souls you just have to get close enough to them, and they
        will home in on Raikoh. Usually you'll get all 3, but they each
        have different distances that they will home in on him.
        Yellow will home in first, then green, and lastly pink.

        It's not much difference, but if you're running low on magic you'll
        probably notice it.

Experience - Purifying demons will earn you experience, and Raikoh will level
             up once he reaches a certain ammount. Levelling up will improve
             Raikoh's stats, and is crucual to playing the game.

             The highest level you can reach is level 31, or Level MAX 
             as the game puts it. By the time you reach the 28th Level in the
             game, Raikoh should be at his max level. 

             If not, just replay some stages until he is.

Destruction - Each of the levels in Otogi is almost completely destructable
              but it's not just there to look cool.

              In each level are 5 spirits trapped in objects, and you have to
              destroy them to free the spirits.

              As you go through the game try to destroy as much as you can,
              because getting all 5 spirits on the first 28 levels will
              unlock the moonlight sword, the second most powerful sword in
              the game.

              Fortunately you don't have to destroy everything the first time
              through a level, on some of the later ones it would be almost
              impossible to do. Otogi saves the state of the level, and
              when replaying the level gives you the option to play the level
              in it's current state, or its original state.

Miscellanneous - Vitality. Weapons wear down from use and have to be repaired
                 in the shop. The first thing I would do is repair a weapon,
                 unless you only have enough money to buy an accessory you

                 Most weapons will need repaired as soon as you buy /
                 unlock them.

                 Weight. I mentioned it in accessories, but I feel I should
                 mention it again. The more weight Raikoh is carrying, from
                 weapons and accessories equipped affects how fast he can
                 move, and how high he can jump.

                 On levels with a time limit to unlock something, I would
                 usually try to equip light stuff that can still do damage.

**IMPORTANT** Saving - Otogi does not save your progress, as a level ends,
                       you might see a message about saving, but it is only
                       saving the destruction in the level. Before you quit
                       the game, make sure you go to the options menu and
                       choose to save there, or you will have to play
                       through all the levels again.

Section 5: Weapons

This section has details on all the weapons. Their names, descriptions,
weight, and how to get them.

Soul Shrine - A legendary blade that drank the blood of many lives taken by
              Raikoh's clan over the ages. It contains trmendous power.

              Weight: 210
              Special Abilities: None
              How to get: You start the game with it.

Soul Seal - Traps malicious sould. Wielder controls their evil power with
            his own life force via the red cloth seal.
            The more he's injured, the greater the ATK.

            Weight: 190
            Special Abilities: Attack power increases the more you are
            How to get: Bought from shop.

Helmet Splitter - A thick-bladed sword with a rounded tip. With its
                  weight and magic power, it can slice through steel helmets.
                  Durable and gives high defense.

                  Weight: 200
                  Special Abilities: None
                  How to get: Available in the shop at the start of the game.

Locust Wing - Favourite of a sorcerer named Flying Locust who bravely fought
              against demons even though gravely ill. 
              Speeds LF recovery and lightens WT.

              Weight: 90
              Special Abilities: Speeds up health regeneration and
                                 increases speed.
              How to get: Available in the shop after beating level 5.

Training Sword - A wooden sword used by apprentice sorcerers. It can store
                 Magic Power via the red cord wrapped around its haft, 
                 but only a small ammount.

                 Weight: 100
                 Special Abilities: Restores a small ammount of magic
                                    after killing an enemy.
                 How to get: Perform a 400 (yes, 400) hit combo in 
                             level 11. (Spirit Wood)

Punisher - A curved sword made by fusing together three swords taken from
           demon corpses. Favoured by a certain exiled sorcerer.
           Has slain over 1000 creatures.

           Weight: 270
           Special Abilities: None
           How to get: On level 21 (Red Sea) it is at the base of the
           right-hand rock near the end of the level.

Fanblade - Each of it's blades houses the power of the wind. Used for self
           protection. If one of its blades contact, it gusts the enemy away.

           Weight: 80
           Special Abilities: Pushes enemies away when attacking.
           How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Sword of Voracity - Tainted with the bloodlust of a sorcerer who loved death.
                    Reduces MP every time it's swung, but replenishes it when
                    a creature is defeated.

                    Weight: 220
                    Special Abilities: Reduces MP for every attack,
                                       gains MP when an enemy dies.
                    How to get: Get 60+ kills on level 26. (Valley of Prayer)

Thunder - A narrow sword with a blade notched to hold in the power of a
          thunder demon. Fragile and a little unweildy, but sometimes
          very powerful.

          Weight: 190
          Special Abilities: Attack and defense increase when
                             Chimera magic equipped.
          How to get: Under a bridge in the middle of level 22.

Golden Dragon - Powerful club used by ancient sorcerers hired by the Court
                to hunt demons. It's forged from holy steel and
                gilded with gold.

                Weight: 450
                Special Abilities: None
                How to get: Found in level 20, where the Crimson King ran
                            off to in level 5.

Indigo Fang - A great sword used by a half-human named Indigo Fang.
              Too heavy for many. It doesn't display it's true power unless
              swung with all one's might.

              Weight: 650
              Special Abilities: Extra power with a Great Attack (Y)
              How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Heretic's Blade - The sword of a sorcerer who pursued Magic Power even after
                  being labelled a heretic by the Court. Excels at killing
                  demons, but prone to curses.

                  Weight: 420
                  Special Abilities: Extra damage vs demons, but more
                                     likely to get curses.
                  How to get: Available in the shop at the start of the game.

Sword of Binding - A bronze sword that impaled a certain demon's chest for
                   many long years. Can greatly reduce the enemy's defense
                   with one slash.

                   Weight: 390
                   Special Abilities: Lowers enemy defence.
                   How to get: Beat level 12. (Untamed Winds)

Demon Crusher - A hammer with supernatural powers, made of exceptionally
                hardened steel from a foreign land. High ATK and durability
                but not suited for magic.

                Weight: 430
                Special Abilities: None
                How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Holy Staff - A staff carved from the trunk of an ancient holy tree. Its
             supernatural power allows its master to jump higher and speeds
             the recovery of life.

             Weight: 210
             Special Abilities: Increases jumping height, and 
                                health regeneration rate.
             How to get: Beat level 15 (Sea of Fire) in under 2:45

Flame Staff - A staff of flames used by a sorcerer who was forbidden by
              religious edict from touching blades. When it strikes, it
              sets the enemy alight.

              Weight: 210
              Special Abilities: Sets enemies on fire when attacking.
              How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Double Dragons - A two-bladed halberd made of forged iron and used by an
                 ancient warrior. Making use of centrifugal force, it can cut
                 down enemies in a wide range.

                 Weight: 200
                 Special Abilities: None
                 How to get: Available in the shop at the start of the game.

Dragon Point - A spear made of dragon bone with a cruelly sharpened tip.
               The spirit of the dragon that lives on it increases the
               wielder's Magic Power.

               Weight: 220
               Special Abilities: Increases magic points.
               How to get: Kill 30+ enemies in level 7. (Restless Sea)

Three Winds - Triple-bladed staff that draws in and stores enemy energy
              via its blades. As long as no damage is taken, it gets
              stronger with each attack.

              Weight: 180
              Special Abilities: Attack gets stronger as long as you don't
                                 get hit.
              How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Ogre's Horn - Spear carved from the horn of a dead giant creature called a
              Blaze Ogre. It displays rare power but it is fragile and
              easily broken.

              Weight: 350
              Special Abilities: None
              How to get: Found after killing one of the Blaze Ogres near
                          the beginning of level 18 (Darkfire Cave)

Staff of Duality - At opposite ends of this staff are stones that fire 
                   positive and negative energy. Improves the weilder's
                   magic but not suited for striking attacks.

                   Weight: 110
                   Special Abilities: Increases MP and strength of magic.
                   How to get: Found on level 24 (Forest of Wind) on top of
                               the big tree trunk.

Dragon Staff - A staff that strengthens the House of Soryu. Affixed with a
               dragon ornament. Dragon Magic is amplified via the blue gem
               at its tip. Not for striking.

               Weight: 80
               Special Abilities: Increases power of Dragon spells.
               How to get: Finish level 5 (Palace of Gold) under 3:20.

Chimera Staff - A staff that strengthens the House of Byakko. Houses the 
                power of lightning. Chimera Magic is amplified via its green
                gem. Not for striking.

                Weight: 120
                Special Abilities: Increases power of Chimera spells.
                How to get: Available in the shop to buy.

Butterfly Staff - A staff that strengthens the House of Genbu. Affixed with
                  a butterfly ornament. Butterfly Magic is amplified via its
                  two gems. Not suited for striking.

                  Weight: 120
                  Special Abilities: Increases power of Butterfly spells.
                  How to get: Found in a secret passage near the beginning
                              of level 10 by destroying the spores on the
                              left hand side.

Phoenix Staff - A staff that strengthens the House of Suzaku. Affixed with
                a butterfly (?) ornament. Phoenix Magic is amplified via its
                two gems. Not suited for striking.

                Weight: 100
                Special Abilities: Increases power of Phoenix spells.
                How to get: Available to buy in the shop.

Black Swallow - Twin swords forged from the iron of a meteorite that fell
                from the skies. Devastatingly sharp blades of super-hardened
                metal with an eerie polish.

                Weight: 150
                Special Abilities: None.
                How to get: In level 23, go backwards at the start of the
                            level, and kill the lone serpent to get it.

Twin Rays - Twin swords, one with the power of the sun and the other of the
            moon. Longer than the similar Twin Flashes. Raise resistance
            to status changes.

            Weight: 190
            Special Abilities: Less likely to be affected with a
                               status change.
            How to get: Available to buy in the shop after beating level 22.

Jaws of the Mountain - Twin scythes used by sorcerers hiding in remote
                       mountains. Used to drive off demons, they contain
                       defensive magics for protection.

                       Weight: 330
                       Special Abilities: Increases magic defense.
                       How to get: Found in level 11. (spirit wood) Near the
                                   start of the level there is a path to the
                                   right. Follow it to find them.

Twin Flashes - Twin swort swords, one with the power of the sun and the other
               of the moon. Small and wieldy, they speed up recovery from
               status abnormalities.

               Weight: 180
               Special Abilities: Status effects don't last as long.

Rune Scimitars - A pair of scimitars, one black and one white. Words of power
                 are engraved in their blades. Common weapons of ancient
                 times without special power.

                 Weight: 190
                 Special Abilities: None
                 How to get: On level 3 (Mountain Gates) perform a 20+ combo.

Moonlight Sword - Holy sword whose blue blade is formed of moonlight itself.
                  It slashes the enemy, and, if swung with force, can shoot
                  forth blades of light.

                  Weight: 270
                  Special Abilities: When using a great attack on the ground
                                     will shoot a devastating beam of energy.
                  How to get: Get 100% souls on levels 1 to 28.

Skylarks - Blades shaped like the moon. When wielded, they look like skylarks
           dancing in the sky. When thrown, they can cut down enemies over
           a wide range.

           Weight: 220
           Special Abilities: A  B,B,B,Y combo will "throw" the skylarks in
                              a circle around Raikoh.
           How to get: Beat level 19 under 1:45.

Orchid Malevolence - A mystical sword that consumes the life force of its
                     wielder and brings him to the brink of death, but it
                     can also form a lethal blade of purple flame.

                     Weight: 10
                     Special Abilities: Will kill ANY enemy in the game,
                                        including bosses, in one hit.
                                        However Raikoh will die if he is
                                        hit once by any enemy.
                     How to get: In level 25, kill the Hydra.

Section 6: Magic

This section lists the different magic spells available in Otogi, their
description, and how to get them.

Dragon Level 1 - A spell that casts forth dragons of deep-blue light. When
                 summoned, the soaring dragons leap at the enemy and chase
                 it down.

                 How to get: Found on level 2 (Forbidden Mansion) after
                             killing one of the Staff Ravens.

Dragon Level 2 - A High spell that casts forth dragons clad in mystical
                 light. When summoned, the dragons chase the enemy to the
                 ends of the earth.

                 How to get: Available to buy in the shop.

Dragon Level 3 - A Mystic spell that calls forth dragons clad in mystic
                 golden light. Of tremendous power, they far surpass
                 the Nidan dragons.

                 How to get: Beat level 24 (Forest of Wind) under 2:00

Phoenix Level 1 - A spell that calls forth a fiery phoenix. When summoned,
                  it flies gracefully at any enemy present. No power can
                  thwart its flight.

                  How to get: Available in the shop after beating the
                              second level.

Phoenix Level 2 - A High spell that calls forth a crimson phoenix clad in
                  bright-red flames. It flies farther than the Shodan phoenix

                  How to get: In level 17 (Eternal Night) on top of the cliff

Phoenix Level 3 - A Mystic spell that calls forth a phoenix clad in golden
                  flames to torch the enemy. Of tremendous power, it far
                  surpasses the Nidan phoenix.

                  How to get: Beat level 22 (Lair of Fire) under 1:39

Chimera Level 1 - A spell that calls forth a chimeraa raining down bolts of
                  lightning. Not meant for long-distance attacks, but nearby
                  enemies will not escape.

                  How to get: In a well near the start of level 4.

Chimera Level 2 - A High spell that calls forth a chimera clad in lightning
                  bolts to blast nearby enemies. Its range is wider than the
                  Shodan chimera.

                  How to get: Available in the shop after level 17.

Chimera Level 3 - A Mystic spell that calls forth a chimera of hold golden
                  lightning to blast nearby enemies. It far surpasses the
                  Nidan chimera.

                  How to get: Beat level 20 (Inner Sanctum) under 1:39.

Butterfly Level 1 - A spell that calls forth pale-blue butterflies that swarm
                    the enemy. Even the fastest creatures cannot escape from
                    their fluttering attack.

                    How to get: Available in the shop after beating the
                                second level.

Butterfly Level 2 - A High spell that calls forth endless butterflies that
                    swarm the enemy. Even the fastest creatures cannot
                    escape their flight.

                    How to get: In level 15 (Sea of Fire) in a vase behind
                                the large statue.

Butterfly Level 3 - A Mystic spell that calls forth butterflies clad in
                    golden light to swarm the enemy. They far surpass the
                    Nidan butterflies.

                    How to get: Beat Level 23 (Canyon of Death) under 1:39.

Section 7: Accessories

This section lists all the accessories in Otogi, their description, weight,
special abilities, and how to get them.

White Serpent Amulet - A necklace carved from white crystal that protects
                       the body from fire. (not unclean flames, however)
                       A Water Ki item, so fire effects are lost.

                       Weight: 10
                       Special Abilities: Immune to normal fire.
                       How to get: Available to buy after beating
                                   level 5 (Palace of Gold)

Prayer Beads - A string of multi-colored prayer beads that each house Magic
               Power. The beads act as a medium to reduce the Magic Power
               consumed by spells.

               Weight: 10
               Special Abilities: Spells costs less MP to use.
               How to get: Beat level 16 (A Chilled Moon) under 1:00

Mystical Beads - Beads made from mountain stones strung together to form a
                 bracelet. The power of the stones travel up the wearer's
                 arm to raise weapon power.

                 Weight: 20
                 Special Abilities: Raises ATK
                 How to get: In level 5 (Palace of Gold) head left once you
                             are in the palace. In the far left corner of the
                             room you go to, part of the wall is destructable
                             Destroy it, to find the beads.

Summoning Statue - A statue given long ago by a god to the clan that presides
                   over Death, to appease the spirits. It raises the ammount
                   of EXP won from enemies.

                   Weight: 660
                   Special Abilities: Gain more EXP per enemy.
                   How to get: Available to buy in the shop.

Belt of Good Omen - A jewelled belt that high-ranking sorcerers would wear
                    when visiting the Court. The jewel on its tassel 
                    increases the ability to defend oneself.

                    Weight: 50
                    Special Abilities: Increases Raikoh's defense.
                    How to get: Available to buy at the start of the game.

Needle of Fury - Insert it into the proper acupuncture point to raise ATK
                 enough to completely break through the enemy's defenses.
                 Lowers DEF. Can't use magic.

                 Weight: 10
                 Special Abilities: Raises ATK greatly at the cost of DEF.
                                    Cannot use magic when equipped.
                 How to get: Beat level 6 (A clouded moon) under 1:00.

Providence Mirror - A mirror that dispels evil. If the wearer finds himself
                    in a predicament, it gives divine protection, raising
                    ATK, DEF and the power of spells.

                    Weight: 40
                    Special Abilities: When health is low, raises ATK, DEF
                                       and strength of magic.
                    How to get: Found behind the last place the Crimson King
                                jumps to in level 16 (A Chilled Moon)

Jewelled Goblet - A cup made from blue gems. It collects wandering souls
                  and offers them to the gods. It raises the ammount of G
                  won from enemies.

                  Weight: 10
                  Special Abilities: Raises the ammount of gold per enemy.
                  How to get: Found on a platform in level 17 (Eternal Night)

Bell of Cleansing - Bell that keeps the body pure and unharmed. The tiny
                    spirit that lives inside devours evil and staves off
                    status changes. Slows LF recovery, however.

                    Weight: 420
                    Special Abilities: Makes Raikoh immune to ALL status
                                       effects, but slows down HP recovery.
                    How to get: Available to buy after level 18.

Sutra of Aggression - An ancient sutra written by a high priest. Each
                      inscription contains Magic Power. The higher the
                      owner's current Level, the more it raises ATK.

                      Weight: 30
                      Special Abilities: Raises ATK power based on level.
                      How to get: If you manage to kill Kudara in level 9,
                                  rather than letting him escape you will
                                  get this.

Section 8: Mercy Orb Locations

Mercy orbs are what give you more health in Otogi, and are very important to
get, as they make the game easier for you.

You get mercy orbs from killing a life glyph.

Level 1 - There is a life glyph if you keep going straight.

Level 4 - Halfway through the level, after the lion statues, on the right.

Level 10 - In the large open cavern the life glyph should be in the middle
           of the room.

Level 15 - This glyph moves around, but it is usually in, or near the
           entrance to the caverns in the level.

Level 20 - Hidden in the secret room you found in level 5.

Level 22 - Behind the giant statue, on the right-hand-side.

Section 9: Walkthrough

This section will detail each level in the game, and I will include
reccommended equipment, and tell you what, if anything, is unlockable on that

Level 1: Bamboo Thicket

Objective: Kill all 8 ravens.
Reccommended Setup: N/A.
Unlockables: Mercy orb.

This level should be a breeze, as it's the first one in the game.

All you have to do is kill the 8 ravens in the level, but some won't appear
until the princess has finished speaking.

You can get 100% souls and an A in destruction without any trouble on this
level, you just need to cut down the bamboo and destroy the stones on the right.

Make sure you get the mercy orb from the life glyph straight ahead of you when
you start the level.

Level 2: Forbidden Mansion

Objective: Kill two Staff Ravens.
Reccommended Setup: N/A.
Unlockables: Dragon Magic.

While it may be tempting to buy one of those new weapons in the shop, don't.
They aren't all that good, and you'll be getting a better weapon soon enough.

Start off by heading left, and destroying the trees/urns, and you'll come
across a Staff Raven. Purify it, and you will get the Dragon magic from it.

Head right, up to the mansion, and jump up to the second floor where the
second staff raven is hiding. All you need to do is purify it, and the
level is complete.

If you are good at the game you shouldn't have much trouble getting 100%
souls and an A in destruction on your first run, but you might want to
do it in two or 3 runs of the level just incase.

Some of the ravens on this level will spit fireballs at you, so either try
and avoid them, or reflect them back by attacking them, or you could
come back and 100% the level after you have the White Serpent Amulet.

Completing this level adds Phoenix magic, Butterfly magic, and the
Belt of Good Omen to the shop.

Level 3: Mountain Gates

Objective: Destroy 3 Copper Mirrors.
Reccommended Setup: Soul Shrine, Dragon, Belt of Good Omen.
Unlockables: Rune Scimitars.

This is one of the larger levels in Otogi, but it isn't much of challenge.

The first Copper Mirror you have to destroy is behind the wall directly
in front of you, to the right of the house.

The second Copper Mirror is in the middle of the level, underneath a bridge,
BUT don't destroy it just yet. 

Wait until it has spawned as many of the small demons as it is going to 
(if you kill any more will spawn from it) and get them to follow you away
from the mirror, but still being in the tunnel.

Keep using B,B,B,Y combos, and you should be able to get a 20 hit combo
without too much trouble as long as you are hitting them against the wall.

Getting a 20+ hit combo is what unlocks the Rune Scimitars, and is worth
trying until you get it right.

After you have got the 20+ hit combo, destroy the mirror, and head left.

The third, and final mirror is behind the house at the right-hand-side.
Destroy it to finish the level.

If you are going for 100% souls,and an A in destruction (which you should be)
It is quite possible to get them on your first run. Clear out the front half
of the level, and kill all the stationary enemies on the right hand side to
refil your magic, then destroy the second half.

Level 4: Ancient Capital

Objective: Defeat High Priest Jyosei.
Reccommended Setup: Rune Scimitars, Dragon, Belt of Good Omen.
Unlockables: Chimera - Well end of first area, Mercy Orb - Kill Life Glyph

At the start of the level you might want to mute your tv, as Jyosei won't
shut up, lol.

Jyosei is constantly launching fireballs at you, so you can't stay in one
place for very long.

Head straight up, and at the right hand side, destroy the well and jump in
to get the level 1 Chimera magic.

Then head left, either taking out the lions, or just jumping over the
two walls.

After the second wall, on the right is another life glyph.
Kill it for another mercy orb.

Do a double jump and head right, and dash over the platforms, rather than
jumping on them. If you don't have enough height, use R+B to get high 
enough to dash across.

Cross over the bridge, and then drop down. You'll see Jyosei straight
ahead of you, run up to him ignoring the skeletons, as they just keep coming.

Go to either the left or right hand side of Jyosei, so he can't hit you with
his fireballs, and hit him with a great attack.

You'll get flung backwards, but it won't hurt you. Keep doing this 4/5 times
and Jyosei will die.

When he dies all the other enemies will disappear, and he'll talk for 20-30
seconds. The level is finished after the princess speaks.

This is another level where you can 100% it first time, although most people
will probably take two or three runs on it, as it can get quite hectic at
times, and you don't have much health.

Level 5: Palace of Gold

Objective: Destroy Gold Urns.
Reccommended Setup: Rune Scimitars, Dragon, Belt of Good Omen.
Unlockables: Mystical Beads, Dragon Staff.

In this level, all you have to do is destroy enough gold urns to complete it.

I've not kept count, but its another fairly easy level.

Start out by heading straight ahead, you can ignore the lion statues, but 
the one walking about is pretty strong, so you might just want to avoid it.

Head left into a corridor, and destroy the golden urns on either side, and 
the pillars on either side to get the ones up on top.

When you go into the room, head to the far left corner, and use a great
attack on the wall. Part of it will get destroyed and reveal a hidden
room containing the Mystical Beads.

Keep smashing the pillars/urns, and when you've smashed enough the Crimson
King will appear. You only have to hit him once to make him run at the
moment, so he's not any trouble.

If you're going for destruction head down the passage he went through, and
destroy all the lanterns on the ceiling and in the room, if not, don't
bother following him, there are enough golden urns elsewhere in the level.

Destroy enough urns, and you'll finish the level.

To unlock the Dragon Staff, you have to finish the level in 3:20 or less,
but it's not a weapon I would use, so you're best to either leave it, or
come back later when you're more powerful, just to get it for the sake of
getting all the weapons.

This one CAN be done in one run for 100% but I would definitely recommend
two or three runs to do it. If you are planning on doing it in two or more
runs, make it easier on yourself by destroying the magic mirrors your
first time through to get rid of the pesky floating skull demons.

After completing the level the Locust Wing sword, and the White Serpent
Amulet are available in the shops - I would recommend buying both of them.

That's the walkthrough so far, I'll add the next 5 levels soon.

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