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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CLLi

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/01/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Otogi - Myth of Demons
      Version 1.5
         Guide by CLLi a.k.a. sunny_d2
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Basics
       A. MP and Life
       B. Ground Attacks
       C. Air Attacks
       D. Magic
    III. Advanced
       A. In-Stage Status
       B. Combo Efficiency
       C. Notable Hazards
       D. Dash Jump/Attack
       E. Weight and Vitality
       F. Experience Sites and Gold Mines
       G. Abusing Slam Attack
       H. Grown-up Raikoh
       I. Theories
    IV. Stage Walkthroughs
       A. Stage Elements
       B. Stage Walkthroughs
          1. Bamboo Thicket
          2. Forbidden Mansion
          3. Mountain Gates
          4. Ancient Capital
          5. Palace of Gold
          6. A Clouded Moon
          7. Restless Sea
          8. Tower of Water
          9. Floating Tomb
          10. The Green Cave
          11. Spirit Wood
          12. Untamed Winds
          13. Valley of Flames
          14. Scarlet Path
          15. Sea of Fire
          16. A Chilled Moon
          17. Eternal Night
          18. Darkfire Cave
          19. Golem's Ravine
          20. Inner Sanctum
          21. Red Sea
          22. Lair of Fire
          23. Canyon of Death
          24. Forest of Wind
          25. Spirit Tower
          26. Valley of Prayer
          27. Sealed Palace
          28. Ethereal Palace
          29. In The Heavens
       C. 2nd Play Walkthrough Introduction
    V. Weapons, Magic and Accessories
       A. Weapons
       B. Magic
       C. Accessories
    VI. Miscellaneous
       A. Credits
       B. Legal
       C. Version History
       D. Contact
    I. Introduction
    This is my first FAQ for a game. Though not the first one I've read. I just 
    thought to make one for Otogi, a game I recently got and beaten. Yes I beat my
    games. The court only allows me to see my games once a week.
    Raikoh is part of a clan who worked for the Imperial Court assassinating 
    people. Raikoh has killed many people, many whom were innocent. He is 
    considered "unclean", and is somehow dead. The Princess brought Raikoh back 
    to life using her magic. The Great Seal has been broken and the Princess 
    needs a tank to kill the demons. And also to save humanity.
    Also, in some parts of the walkthrough, I will describe what to do using terms 
    and techniques stated in the Basic and Advanced sections. So if you are ever
    confused, check back in those sections. Well that's if you read this Intro...
    In this guide, I shall be using the default button layout to describe what
    to do.
    A - Jump
    B - Light Attack
    X - Magic
    Y - Strong Attack
    L Trigger - Lock on
    R Trigger - Dash
    Left Thumbstick - Movement of Raikoh 
    Left Thumbstick (Click) - Center Camera Behind Raikoh
    Right Thumbstick - Movement of Camera
    Right Thumbstick (Click) - Toggle Enemy Health Bar
    [Unused] - Black button, white button, Select, D-Pad
    The main menu consists of the..
    Stage menu - moves you to next stage
    Equip menu - change your weapon, magic and/or accessory
    Shop menu - shop for weapons, magic and/or accessory AND repair weapons
    Cleared Stages menu - replay completed stages
    Options menu - save, load, change configuration
    [Important] The only way to save your game is to go into the Options menu and 
    select Save. The "saving" that you see after completing a stage only saves
    the condition of that stage, not your game. [Important]
    II. Basics
    A. MP and Life
    Raikoh has two meters that you need to watch. His MP (magic) meter and his 
    Life Orbs (life meter). Both must be constantly looked at when you play this
    game. These meters are located on the bottom right of the screen. Everything 
    is within the spiral. 
    Mentioned in the first two stages, Raikoh needs MP to survive. MP is the 
    inner blue ring that is constantly going down. MP is used to sustain your 
    body (meaning your health won't go down when you have magic), for casting 
    spells and for dashing. When you run out of MP, due to time, mana leeching 
    attacks, excessive spell casting, etc. then you start to lose health until 
    death, or when you obtain more mana.
    Health is the factor determining whether you stay in the stage or not. You 
    can never have too much life, but then again, you can never have too much 
    mana! The health meter are the orbs that are spiraling on the outside. Raikoh
    starts with two life orbs. As you take damage, your health goes down. If the 
    health inside an orb empties out, then you hear a sharp clash of metal and 
    that orb is broken. Your health deteriorates and then regenerates when Raikoh 
    is not getting hurt. But your health only regenerates in the life orb that 
    sustained damage. So to make a long story short..
    -Don't take too much damage to break a life orb because you can't regenerate 
    it back.-
    Life orbs may be found in predetermined areas of a stage. They are floating 
    orbs that have a lily on top. Life orbs give you another orb to work with, 
    but they cannot increase the maximum amount of orbs you can have.
    When enemies are killed, they drop colored orbs that automatically come to 
    Raikoh when he's near. Enemies drop experience, MP, and gold.
    B. Ground Attacks
    Raikoh can string up to four different attacks together. The basic attack 
    Light Attack
    ..then moving onto more damage dealing combos..
    Light Attack - Light Attack
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack
    Heavy Attack
    Light Attack - Heavy Attack
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack 
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack
    Magic Attack 
    Light Attack - Magic Attack
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Magic Attack
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Magic Attack
    C. Air Attacks
    Air attacks are basically the same as ground attacks. They differ in that 
    everytime you finish an attack/combo, you drop a couple of feet. Heavy attacks 
    are also different when done in air. 
    A sword's and dual wield sword's heavy attack in air is a downward slam; 
    taking you and whatever you hit to the ground beneath you. Be careful not to 
    do this over no ground; you will slam to your death. 
    A staff's and the Orchid Malevolence's heavy attack in air is a horizontal 
    The Golden Dragon's heavy attack in air is a vertical slam, just like the 
    D. Magic
    There are four different kinds of magic in this game. They are separated into
    their own houses and each has three levels. Three being the strongest.
    Dragon Spell (House of Soryu) - releases dragons that chase down enemies, 
                                    lock-on not required
    Chimera Spell (House of Byakko) - summons down a ring of lightning around you
                                      to strike enemies, may not hit enemies 
                                      directly next to you
    Phoenix Spell (House of Suzaku) - releases three phoenixes that deal damage 
                                      upon impact
    Butterfly Spell (House of Genbu) - releases many butterflies that deal damage
                                       upon impact, large knockback
       -To charge a spell, hold down X-
    Charged Dragon Spell - Level 1, releases one giant dragon that chases down 
                           enemies, Level 2 releases two, and Level 3 releases 3
    Charged Chimera Spell - summons giant bolt of lightning at Raikoh, damaging 
                            enemies around you AND next to you
    Charged Phoenix Spell - releases giant phoenix in front of you
    Charged Butterfly Spell - releases more butterflies that do more damage
    III. Advanced
    This section is a detailed explanation of how Raikoh works, a strategy guide,
    and a random tips/trick joint.
    A. In-Stage Status
    Raised Attack - Attack is greatly increased for a period of time
    Raised Defense - Defense is greatly increased for a period of time
    Sustained MP - MP degeneration stops, infinite mana for a period of time
    Red Flames - Life goes down for about 2/3 of a life orb
    Blue Flames - Life goes down for about 5/6 of a life orb
    Purple Flames - Life goes down for about 4/3 of a life orb
    Black Flames - Life goes down for about 3/2 of a life orb
    Frost - MP degeneration speeds up for a period of time
    Cursed - Attack, Defense and jump height greatly reduced
    B. Combo Efficiency
    There are many ways to hurt enemies, but here are some efficient ways to do 
    For lighter weapons, 4x light attacks or 3x light attacks and 1x heavy attack
    work best against non-boss units. They also work wonders in groups of enemies. 
    Just be a little patient towards high-health enemies.
    For heavier weapons, 1x or 2x light attacks and a heavy attack work well 
    against most enemies. 
    Regarding magic in combos, there is a special combo which releases a charged 
    spell when completed. 
    Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Magic Attack
    Doing three light attacks and then your magic attack releases a fully charged 
    spell! It saves a lot of time when you don't have to stand there vulnerable, 
    charging up a spell. This combo is now referred to as ~mCombo~.
    Try ending a combo with the enemy being slammed against something. This deals 
    additional damage along with your weapon's/spell's damage. Alas, this applies
    to Raikoh too, when he gets hit.
    C. Notable Hazards
    -standing in deep water drains your MP extremely fast
    -fire ignores defense and cuts your health mercilessly
    -when you're on fire, try not to get hurt by anything else, because that just 
     adds to the permanent damage of the fire, risking a (or another) broken 
     life orb
    -stun locks are common when surrounded by enemies, dashing is a solution
    -getting hit in midair makes Raikoh drop several feet, keep in mind when 
     trying to reach places
    -killing an enemy with a ground heavy attack will push the enemy far away, 
     leaving their souls far away too
    D. Dash Jump/Attack
    Dash Jump is a jump that has an attack, a gain of altitude, and an MP 
    requirement. Dash Attack is the same as a Dash Jump without the gain of 
    altitude. Dash Jump (dJump from now on) is useful for cornering an enemy, 
    gaining altitude, or just stringing up a combo. 
    -Press R and either X or Y simultaneously to use dJump or dAttack-
    On swords, dJump to do an uppercut that gains a little altitude.
    On staves, dJump (R and X) to gain an impressive amount of altitude. dAttack 
    (R and Y) to do a heavy horizontal attack. 
    Careful not to abuse this ability because it's the same as dashing, MP 
    E. Weight and Vitality
    Weight of a weapon effect's Raikoh's attack speed, movement speed, dash 
    distance, and jump height. The heavier the weapon/acc is, the larger the 
    decrease from normal. Vitality is basically a weapon's durability. A weapon 
    functions at 100% efficiency when at full Vitality. With no vitality, a weapon
    could work at 20% of maximum efficiency.
    To restore Vitality, repair the weapon in the shop. A weapon can never break.
    F. Experience Sites and Gold Mines
    Stated below, it is extremely difficult to beat the game without replaying 
    stages. Replaying stages allows you to get missed items, get spirits, and 
    accumulate EXP and gold. There are certain stages that are made for replay. 
    Stage 4 - infinite skeleton mages, high EXP, medium Gold
    Stage 8 - infinite serpents, low EXP, medium Gold
    Stage 9 - 2000 Gold
    Stage 10 - 2000 bonus EXP, 4000 Gold
    Stage 16 - 1400 bonus EXP, 2000 Gold
    Stage 24 - 2000 bonus EXP, 3000 Gold
    Stage 26 - infinite MOS
    Stage 28 - infinite MOS
    G. Abusing Slam Attack
    The vertical slam attack is a wonderful attack to use. You can do it anytime
    while airborne. It's used to stun enemies so you can dash after them 
    afterwards and combo them. It's used to repel enemies. When locked on, you can
    jump behind an enemy and use it. Raikoh will automatically spin 180 and hit
    the enemy. And it's also great for creating craters everywhere.
    H. Grown-up Raikoh
    As Raikoh levels up, his stats naturally increase. He is able to dish out more 
    damage, take more hits, and survive longer. Raikoh's jumping ability improves 
    greatly, almost to the point that it ignores weight.
    I. Theories
    This section is a list of possible events that might happen, possible 
    mechanics behind the game, and possible glitches. This is also a great section
    to email me about if you have any ideas on what I list here. Or if the reader 
    has some theories of his/her own. These are in no particular order.
    -2nd Play shop sells items at higher prices
    -Accessories have weight
    -getting 100% souls on 2nd Play will give you a better weapon, Sword of
     Seven Stars maybe?
    IV. Stage Walkthroughs
    A. Stage Elements
    Time - time taken to complete stage, important for acquiring special items
    Objects Destroyed - percent of objects destroyed, optional goal, no reward
    Spirits Released - spirits hide in objects, destroying the object releases 
    Enemies Killed - enemies killed
    Before we begin, remember these things..
    -Playing through the game without replaying any completed stages will be very 
    -Don't expect to get an A in destruction, 100% spirits, and every special 
     item the first time you play the stage
    -The object destruction grade is a percent
    B. Stage Walkthroughs
    The "++" in front of the stage number indicates the stage difficulty. One + 
    being the easiest and Six + being the hardest.
    The Living World
    +1. Bamboo Thicket
    Objective - kill the Ravens
    Creatures - Talon Raven Yasha, Mercy Orb Symbol (MOS)
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    A In Destruction (AiD) - destroy all bamboo trees and the stone lanterns
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    First level is always easy right? Listen to the Princess while you kill the 
    Ravens. There will be a cutscene then more Ravens will arrive. Before killing
    all the Ravens, make sure to kill the Mercy Orb Symbol and pick up the mercy
    orb, increasing your life.
    ++2. Forbidden Mansion
    Objective - kill the two giant red Ravens
    Creatures - Yasha Ravens
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - walls, lanterns, walls, jugs, trees, stone lanterns
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    The second stage is a sharp spike in difficulty. This is the first time you 
    experience the dangers of fire. These Ravens are more hostile than the serene
    Bamboo Ravens. Some will shoot fireballs at you. Watch out for the lanterns. 
    They drop flaming debris. To complete the stage, kill the two giant Ravens. 
    One Raven drops Dragon Level 1. Their charging attack will take away a life 
    orb when they hit you, so be careful.
    +3. Mountain Gates
    Objective - destroy the copper mirrors
    Creatures - Skeleton Mages, Demon Weeds, Armored Skulls
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - so many trees.. all need heavy attacks, bridges, houses, walls,
          shrines, lanterns
    Spirits - in walls, trees, and bridges
    Special Item - Rune Scimitars, 20 hit combo. You can get it by the first 
                   copper mirror. Wait for all the skulls and skeleton mages to 
                   swarm around you and then give em' hell
    This stage can be completed in 30 seconds. You can go for just the mirrors or 
    try to get the extras, AiD, spirits, special item.. The first mirror is 
    directly in front of you. It's a shiny mirror in a mini-shrine. The second 
    mirror is in a ditch underneath a bridge. The third mirror is on the left 
    side of the giant building, close to the edge of a drop. If you're low on MP,
    the Demon Weeds give a ton of MP.
    ++4. Ancient Capital
    Objective - kill the old man on the pillar/throne
    Creatures - Jyosei, Skeleton Mages, Demon Weeds, Lionette, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - houses, walls, pillars
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    A quick and painful stage. You start off with Jyosei launching giant fireballs
    at you. If one hits you dead on, a life orb will be broken. Watch out for the
    splash damage. Don't worry about the enemies now, just run past them. At the 
    top of the rise, Chimera Level 1 awaits you in a shrine. Get it and head left
    toward the lionettes and the walls. Killing them is optional, but after you 
    pass the lionettes and the walls, a MOS appears. Kill it to get a Mercy Orb. 
    This next area allows Jyosei to target you again. Keep island hopping your 
    way up to the bridge and gate. An easier way is a low path on the left. Check
    your map for the location. When you get to Jyosei, he'll probably still be 
    firing fireballs at you. Attack Jyosei from his right, your left when you 
    approach him. Lock on to him and hit him with heavy attacks. You'll get 
    knocked back everytime you hurt him. Ignore the skeleton mages for now, their
    attacks drain MP.
    +5. Palace of Gold
    Objective - destroy the golden vases to get the essence
    Creatures - Lionettes, Skeleton Mages, Armored Skulls
    Suggested Equipment - vertical R+Y dJump weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - a little tough b/c most things regenerate, which don't count toward the 
          grade. lanterns, boxes, wall, ceiling lanterns, mirrors
    Spirits - boxes, ceiling lantern to be noteworthy
    Special Item - Dragon Staff, completion time under 3 min. This shouldn't be 
                   too hard. It would have to be a replay stage so the extra 
                   destructibles don't get in your way. Jump up on top of the 
                   pillars and onto the second floor to destroy the jars.
    Another level where you can rush through it without doing much. Destroy all 
    the glowing golden jars. Right when you start, there will be two lionettes. 
    Easy, but as you walk further, a roaming lionetter appears. These are harder 
    and will charge at you. If you get hit with the charge and collide with a 
    pillar/wall, then a life orb will break. There are jars on the second floor, 
    supported by pillars. You can jump up there, dJump probably, or you can 
    destroy the supporting pillars. After a while, a freaky red haired Demon will
    attack you. Hit him once or evade him for awhile to get rid if him. He can't
    hurt you.. much. Again, watch out for fire. MP is often a problem here, so 
    when in doubt, destroy all pillars. The Mystical Beads are located in a 
    hidden room with a breakble wall as a door. It's in the room with all the 
    skeleton mages. 
    +++6. A Clouded Moon
    Objective - kill the freaky lady 
    Creatures - Serpents, Soul Caller
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, phoenix, any accessory
    AiD - HELL! Impossible to get A in one or even three tries. Bridges, water 
          lamp posts, the floating lanterns
    Spirits - good thing no spirits are in the floating lanterns.. stone lamp 
              posts, bridges
    Special Item - Needle of Fury, completion time under 1 min. difficult to get 
                   early on b/c of low attack. dash right away, if you get hit 
                   with 2 or more fire balls, then it's gonna be really tight at 
                   the end. equip items that give you the highest attack. try 3x 
                   light, 1x heavy combo'ing her. dJump her works nicely too. 
    Difficult stage that requires tricky jumping and dashing. Here's where you can 
    test your dashing and jumping skills; go across when the moon's hidden. As you 
    get near the two islands, Serpants will break away some parts of the bridges, 
    so careful. If you touch the water, your MP will decrease quicker than normal. 
    Fighting the Soul Caller is annoying. She turns invincible and starts shooting
    fireballs at you at a high rate when the moon is hidden. Make sure to stay on
    land. The Serpant's charge attack knocks you back and the SC's fireball attack 
    stuns you. If you do land in water and that freak is following you, don't be 
    afriad to dash in water and get to land. There are steps on both islands. 
    mCombo works nicely, but that uses a lot of mana which you may not be willing
    to spare.
    +++7. Restless Sea
    Objective - keep the ship afloat by knocking off blobs, Kesans
    Creatures - Kesan, Serpents
    Suggested Equipment - heavy weapon, phoenix, Mystical Beads
    AiD - hard stage to get A in. rock arches, ship masts, crystals
    Spirits - also hard to get 100%. a couple are in crystals, couple in ship 
              masts, and I think one in a rock arch. don't go for 100% in one 
              try, your MP will run out or your boat will sink
    Special Item - Dragon Point, kill 30 enemies. not too hard, but you shouldn't
                   try it when you are barely killing the Kesans. use high attack
    This stage is so dull. Kill the blobs that land on your boat. It may take two 
    full combos to kill one Kesan the first time you do this. The Kesans land on 
    the front of the ship, the roof, and the back. Occasionally check the roof 
    and the back because the Kesans usually land in the front. If you have too 
    many Kesans on one part of the ship, that part will start to sink, you'll 
    notice. Try to group Kesans together when attacking them so you'll hit 
    multiple Kesans. Serpents don't pose that much of a problem, but if you have
    some extra time, go kill them. At the end of the stage, a giant Kesan will 
    land on the front of the ship. Make sure to not have too many little Kesans 
    on the front when the large Kesan lands. Kill him quickly because if he stays 
    on for too long, your ship will sink regardless of weight.
    ++8. Tower of Water
    Objective - destroy the pillars underneath the tower
    Creatures - Serpents
    Suggested Equipment - light weapon, chimera, Belt of Good Omen
    AiD - crystals, make sure to dJump to get high ones
    Spirits - easy enough, just a lot of destrutibles
    Special Item - None
    A straight forward stage. Destroy the pillars in the water, and on the 
    platform. The serpents come endlessly. Destroy the pillars on the platform 
    first, when all the serpents are just appearing. It's difficult later on when
    you're constantly being bombarded by green spheres.
    +++9. Floating Tomb
    Objective - injure or kill Kudara, the huge flying insect
    Creatures - Kudara
    Suggested Equipment - vertical slam weapon, chimera, Mystical Beads
    AiD - stone pillars, fence, floating rocks
    Spirits - I think three spirits are released in the center shrine, easy to 
    Special Item - Sutra of Aggression, kill Kudara. when Kudara starts charging 
                   fast at you, that means you have a limited amount of time to 
                   kill him before he runs away. raise your attack to the fullest
    A stage completely dedicated to killing a boss. To hurt Kudara, you have to 
    attack him in the head when he charges at you. Lock-on to him first of all. 
    When he dives at you, do a heavy attack on his head. A vertical slam weapon 
    would be best. If you heavy attack too early, you won't hit him; if you heavy
    attack too late, you risk collision with Kudara. Be careful of his giant tail.
    It has odd physics. Whenever you see a white flash of light on your screen, 
    keep moving. Because in the next second, a bolt of lightning will strike where
    you just stood, taking out one life orb. If you're low on life, unlock-on 
    Kudara and grab a few orbs floating about.
    ++10. The Green Cave
    Objective - destroy the boulder at the end of the stage
    Creatures - Yasha Ravens, Stone Diety, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - high MP weapon, dragon, any accessory
    AiD - spores, bridge, statues, wooden arches, crystals
    Spirits - spore, wooden arch
    Special Item - none
    Pretty fun stage. In the tunnel, there are spores that explode when you hit 
    them. They don't damage you much but they stun you. Through the second spore 
    located on the left wall, the Butterfly Staff awaits you. After the tunnels 
    is the giant room with the waterfalls and bridge. The MOS is floating about, 
    but this is the first time it'll attack you. Watch out for its spin attack. 
    From now on, MOS' will attack you. The Archer Ravens are really annoying, 
    they'll knock you about so much that you will drop down to the water. Try to 
    land on the water as little as possible. Touch down and jump up and attack 
    them. Don't try to kill the Ravens the first time, it will drain too much MP.
    The next room is full of Ravens. Kill them if you want. Grab the Raise Defense
    orb or the Raise Attack orb on your way out. The final room is full of 
    crystals and Dieties. The Dieties can be ignored and you can head for the 
    giant boulder. Everytime you hurt it, it will repel you. The Boulder can be
    destroyed with a charged up spell. Stone Dieties drop a lot of MP, that's if 
    you need MP.
    +11. Spirit Wood
    Objective - destroy the cursed rock and survive
    Creatures - Wood Diety, Stone Diety
    Suggested Equipment - long range weapon or dual wield, butterfly or chimera, 
                          Belt of Good Omen
    AiD - arches, trees, bridge
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Wooden Training Sword, get 400+ hit combo. I have not gotten 
                   this weapon yet. To get this high number, or a high number, you
                   need to destroy the rock and let them swarm you. Long range 
                   weapons, or dual wield weapons are prefered. Butterfly or 
                   Chimera should be used. Try to avoid getting hit. This, I 
                   think, would be easier to get early in the game because later 
                   on, one light attack of yours will kill them. So therefore you
                   have to kill essentially twice the number of Dieties.
    As you start the level, hug the right wall to find an alternative path that 
    goes over the original path. The bridge collapses when hit with a light attack
    so jump over that. You'll meet up with some Stone Dieties that are guarding 
    Jaws of the Mountain, a heavy dual wield weapon. After this, head towards the
    evil stone tree. A cutscene happens, then go for the tree. It'll repel you 
    everytime you hurt it. When it's destroyed, you just have to survive for about
    a minute. Except there will be an infinite amount of Wood Dieties trying to 
    kill you. Easy. 
    Trick: After you destroy the cursed rock.. The gap where you jumped down from
           is where the Dieties are pouring out from. You can't go back up there, 
           there is an invisible ceiling. But, if you keeping dJumping there, 
           you'll hit the Dieties there and you won't get hit so easily. Don't 
           worry about MP.
    ++12. Untamed Winds
    Objective - kill the Yasha Raven King
    Creatures - Ravens
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, dragon, Belt of Good Omen
    AiD - logs, arches, trees, statues
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    This stage has a movement altering effect. The wind blows you a certain 
    direction. So adjust your jumping and combo skills to this change. Two ways 
    to beat this, run through the intended areas or dash south and arrive at the 
    giant tree trunk from it's side. The Raven King is not hard to kill, just 
    hard to get in range. He keeps running away and either charges at you, or 
    shoots spears of magic at you. To counter his charge, just move. His spears 
    are harder to dodge, so you can dash around it or hit them back at him. Try 
    to stay upwind from him so you can quickly dash in when you see an opening. 
    Completing the stage gives you the Sword of Binding.
    ++13. Valley of Flames
    Objective - kill the Ogres
    Creatures - Ogres, Flame Wisps, Viper Head
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, phoenix, White Serpent Amulet
    AiD - torches, pillars, statues, arches
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    Ogres are the large beasts with huge arms. Be careful of their attacks. Jump 
    or dash behind them to hurt them. Do an mCombo with the phoenix spell and then
    a couple of combos. They drop a load of MP, gold, and experience. When you 
    get to the tunnel spewing flames, destroy the statues on either side to stop 
    the flames. Inside is the Flame Staff. If you can't find the last Ogre, he 
    might be on a rise near the far end of the Stage.
    +++14. Scarlet Path
    Objective - reach the end of the guantlet
    Creatures - Viper Head, Ogre, Fire Wisp, Water Spawn
    Suggested Equipment - high MP weapon, no spell, White Serpent Amulet
    AiD - you have to play this stage multiple times to get all the destrutibles
    Spirits - preseverance, keep at it
    Special Item - none
    Two seconds into the stage, black demons will start draining your MP like 
    crazy. Run and jump through the boulders and enemies. Destroy something when
    you need to. The arches where a blue swirl awaits you refill some MP, once.
    So keep running. Don't worry if you run out of MP, the whole stage can be done
    without dashing or dJumping. Careful not to touch lava when you have no MP. 
    Trick: Since the stage zig zags back and forth up the mountain, you can cut 
           across most of the corners. Just tilt your camera up to see the path,
           and use dJump to get up there.
    ++++15. Sea of Fire
    Objectiv - kill the Water Spirit
    Creatures - Water Spirit, Water Spawn, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - high MP weapon, phoenix or dragon, Mystical Beads
    AiD - bridges, fireballs, pillars, fire urns, rocks
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Holy Staff, completion time under 2:30. dragon spell is the 
                   recommended method. use the dragon staff and at least level 2 
                   dragon. all you have to do is lock-on to it, and use mCombo 
                   just to release the charged spell quicker. charging takes too 
    A tough stage indeed. The main problem here is MP. You lose MP when you touch 
    lava, you lose MP when you get Frosted by the Water Spawns. Chase down the 
    Water Spirit and mCombo it. Without MP, it is extremely hard to catch the 
    Water Spirit, in that it stays at a high altitude and moves around a lot. The
    Water Spirit will shoot homing ice missiles at you. They can take out a life
    orb, but the real harm is getting Frosted. Now for items, there is a lone fire
    urn at the back of the big statue. It stands out. Destroy it to grab Butterfly
    Level 2. Inside the caves is a MOS. 
    ++++16. A Chilled Moon
    Objective - kill the Crimson King
    Creatures - Crimson King
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - bamboo, ice, bridges, arches, fence, tombstones
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Prayer Beads, completion time under 1:10 min. easy to do if
                   you equip all your attack items. remember where he runs to
    At first it may seem that he is smarter, quicker, and more powerful than you.
    Well he's just programmed to be that way. Learn his moves and habits. To hurt 
    him, you must hit him from the side or back. If you hit him in the front, 
    he'll block it and charge at you. To get the Providence Mirror, break the 
    fence in front of it. It's somewhat underneath the golden arches. Fun stage.
    The Outer World
    +++17. Eternal Night
    Objective - kill the Axe Blackwing
    Creatures - Skeleton Mages, Lionettes, Blackwing
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - torches, floating rocks, houses, shrines, walls
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    First stage in the outer world. The outer world is a reflection of the living
    world stages, but harder and weirder. Most outer world stages have floating
    rocks with plants growing on them in addition to the ground destrutibles. 
    Anyway, your vision is down to about 4 yards ahead of you. This stage is 
    stage four. On top of the stepping stones hill, near the gate and bridge, is
    the Phoenix Level 2. Once you pass the stepping stones area, there is a lone 
    light way out there. Dash to it and grab the Jeweled Goblet, it's a trap so 
    dash outta there asap. This is the first time you'll be experiencing black 
    fire. Which will burn away at least one life orb.
    +++18. Darkfire Cave
    Objective - kill the Ogres, enter the tunnel
    Creatures - Ogres, Viper Head, Blackwings
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, Phoenix Level 2, any accessory
    AiD - torches, pillars, arches
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - none
    A stage that has even more black fire than the previous one. The Blackwings 
    occasionally throw black fireballs at you. Ogres are easily killed with a 
    Phoenix mCombo and some regular attacks. Kill the Blackwings before tackling 
    the Ogres. Ogre's Horn is dropped by an Ogre, and a Phoenix Staff is dropped 
    by some enemy. When you can't find any more Ogres, then go to the black flame
    spewing tunnel. It will no longer be spewing out flames. Enter and complete.
    ++++19. Golem's Ravine
    Objective - kill the giant Stone Diety, called Omni Diety now
    Creatures - Blackwings, Dieties
    Suggested Equipment - staff, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - spores, bridge, crystal bamboo, statues (including the boss room)
    Spirits - one in spores, statues, statues in boss' room
    Special Item - Skylarks, completion time under 1:50. not hard, equip your high
                   attack weapons, and run through. easier when Raikoh Level 20+
    A messy stage. The Green Cave stage with a lot more destructibles. This is the
    first time you see the eerie crystal bamboo. The tunnel is very annoying. 
    Spores stun you, Blackwings hurt you, and black gas vents drain your MP. By 
    the time you get out of there, your MP will probably be half way gone. Not 
    much to see until the boss. Avoid the light beams the Omni Stone shoots 
    through the ground. The boss is floating in midair and if you do a vertical 
    slam, then you will die. Just light attack him in the forehead. He can't hit 
    you up there.
    +++20. Inner Sanctum
    Objective - kill the golden Lionette
    Creatures - Mist Lionette, Blackwings, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, chimera, any accessory
    AiD - pillars, lanterns, floating rocks, ceiling lanterns, mirrors
    Spirits - don't forget the mirrors
    Special Item - Chimera Level 3, completion time under 1 min. Needle of Fury 
    A simple chase and kill level. Only weapon attacks will hurt him. He runs away
    a lot. Just go after him. Watch out when you get near him, he shoots a black 
    fireball at you. Where the Mystical Beads were in stage 5, is where the MOS 
    is. Also where the Crimson King rested in Stage 5, is where the Golden Dragon
    ++++21. Red Sea
    Objective - protect the Purifying Spirit until it reaches the islands
    Creatures - Skulls, Blackwings, Serpents
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, chimera, any accessory
    AiD - if you thought getting the floating lanterns in stage 6 was tiring.. 
          stone pillars, bridges, crystal bamboo, floating lanterns
    Spirits - all on mainland, none on floating lanterns
    Special Item - none
    Every game has to have a protect "thing" scenario. Well here it is. The skulls
    and serpents may not do much damage to you, but they will kill the Spirit if 
    it gets swarmed. Staying with the Spirit loses you no MP. If you stray too 
    far from it, you will start losing MP very quickly. Water has the same effect
    on you as usual. Careful when walking with the spirit, your attacks will hurt
    the spirit. An alternative method would be to dash to the end of the stage, 
    killing the blackwings and skulls and serpents along the way, and wait for
    the Spirit to arrive. Do not panic if you have no MP, if you got all the 
    Mercy Orbs, it will take awhile for you to die. Plus there are life orbs 
    around. Feel free to wade in the water when your MP depletes. Again, don't
    step in deep water. The deep water is marked by light pillars. Punisher Sword 
    on right island.
    ++++22. Lair of Fire
    Objective - kill all Blackwings
    Creatures - Blackwings, Viper Heads, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, Cleansing Bell
    AiD - crystal bamboo, pillars, floating rocks, bridges
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Phoenix Level 3, completion time under 1:39 min. The only way 
                   to kill them quickly is to use dragon equipment. Instead of 
                   charging up the spell, lock-on and use the mCombo. you don't 
                   have to hit them with the weapon
    Here's another stage with movement affecting elements. Low gravity and heat 
    distortion. Everytime you dash, you gain about 7 feet. Starting out, you will
    be attacked by a couple of Blackwings. If you try to hit them in the front, 
    they will block it and you'll be sent upwards. Try to catch them off guard. 
    The Blackwings are located in the four corners of the map. The Thunder Sword
    is located just above the lava, close to the center island. The MOS is on one
    end of the row of pillars.
    +++23. Canyon of Death
    Objective - kill all Blackwings
    Creatures - Blackwings, Serpent
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, any accessory
    AiD - crystals, pillars
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Butterfly Level 3, completion time under 1:39 min. done by 
                   using dragon equipment or needle of fury. be careful when 
                   using needle of fury. dash a lot and slam the Blackwings into
                   the ground
    Another hunt and kill the Blackwings. They are the floating black clouds. When
    you first start the game, turn around and head back. Kill the serpent and get
    the Black Swallows. After you kill 2-3 Blackwings, the lightning will start. 
    It's kind of sporadic so you can't predict when the lightning will hit. The
    lightning does follow you, so keep moving. To avoid the lightning, stay under
    the tower. But just kill the Blackwings quick before the lightning hits you 
    and threatens a restart.
    +++24. Forest of Wind
    Objective - kill the three Wind Slashers
    Creatures - Wind Slashers
    Suggested Equipment - Dragon Staff, Dragon Level 2, Prayer Beads or Mystical 
    AiD - logs, floating rocks, statues
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Dragon Level 3, completion time under 1:39 min. spam dragon 
    This could be one of the hardest stages ever if you didn't use Dragon. I first
    beat it using normal attacks, which was insanely hard. Spam Dragon. One will
    eventually hit the Wind Slashers. When this happens, either cast Dragon toward
    the Slasher, or lock-on, and cast Dragon. They circle you in a 
    counter-clockwise direction. To get the Staff of Duality, go into the narrower
    canyon. Follow it to the cliff, then take a left. Then take another left. Go 
    through the hollow log and arrive at the edge. The Staff is right above you,
    on top of the log. Careful not to fall down.
    ++25. Spirit Tower
    Objective - destroy the Lilac spawners, run
    Creatures - Lilac Spirits, Hydra
    Suggested Equipment - light weapon, no spell, no accessory
    AiD - candles
    Spirits - candles, right after the 2nd cutscene a spirit is on the very top 
              left, let the hydra reach it for you
    Special Item - Orchid Malevolence, kill Hydra. I think the only way to kill 
                   the Hydra is with the Moonlight Sword. Just heavy attack it.
    Don't worry about MP. Just kill the knobs on the walls that are spawning Lilac 
    Spirits. The Hydra appears and all you have to do is run. Jump occasionally 
    over the candles.
    The Living World
    ++++26. Valley of Prayer
    Objective - collect 5 stone orbs
    Creatures - MOS
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, any spell, Providence Mirror
    AiD - walls, houses, arches, lanterns, jars, "sky" dock
    Spirits - easy enough
    Special Item - Sword of Voracity, kill 60+ enemies.
    Another stage where you can rush through it. The stone orbs look like life 
    orbs without the lily on top. One is in a MOS, one is in a house directly in 
    front of you when you start, one is on the high rise near the "sky" dock, one
    is on the far high rise, and one is in the lower left corner, next to the 
    jars. The MOS' spin attack will take out one life orb. If you get slammed into
    something, which you probably will be, you'll lose even more health. Once you 
    get down to two life orbs, the Providence Mirrow will save your ass. You will 
    be surprised how much it takes to kill you.
    ++++27. Sealed Palace
    Objective - rehammer the nails back into the demon
    Creatures - Demon God
    Suggested Equipement - not heavy weapons, no spell, no accessory
    AiD - nothing you can do
    Spirits - nothing you can do
    Special Item - none
    Here is where your coordination, jumping, and attacking skills come into play
    big time. No enemies in this stage. Just hit the nails to seal the demon. It
    takes 4 heavy attacks to drive one nail fully in. The nail turns red when it's
    sealed. A staff is more accurate than the sword. It can allow you to swing 
    twice before dropping down. But the sword lets you hit two nails at once, if
    you line them up. Strange orbs will fly out at you, but don't worry about 
    those. The hard part is avoiding the Demon God's lightning attack. Every 10 
    seconds or so, he fills an entire area full of white lightning. If you're in 
    the middle of it, instant death. If you're on the edge, you'll lose life orbs 
    and will get knocked back. Each time he does this attack, he increases the 
    area of effect. Hurry or else you'll be pushed far back everytime he attacks. 
    +++++28. Ethereal Palace
    Objective - kill the four bosses
    Creatures - Soul Caller, Wind Slasher, Blackwing, Raven King, MOS
    Suggested Equipment - any weapon, Dragon Level 3, Providence Mirror
    AiD - torches, arches, railings, fire urns, crystals
    Spirits - easy enough, none in railings or torches
    Special Item - none
    Revisiting the previous bosses, except they're harder. You are dropped on a 
    ledge that leads into the main room. In the main room, there are an infinite 
    amount of MOS. There are also an infinite amount of MOS' when you fight any 
    boss. Ignore them and take a path that leads to any boss. Each boss will drop
    a life orb. These are in no particular order..
    He's in a furnace like room. With four fire urns in the corners. A simple boss,
    you've fought many before. Quick way to defeat him is to dash to his back or 
    side, dJump him, and vertical slam him into the ground.
    -Raven King-
    Tougher than the Blackwing. He can do a spinning charge attack that does a 
    load of damage. He can shoot those infamous spears at you. And he can curse 
    you, the worst. When you're cursed, run around a lot and avoid everything.
    -Soul Caller- 
    Glad she doesn't talk in this stage.. Simplest of the four. You can mCombo her 
    up close or from far away. She takes her time after she dies.
    -Wind Slashers-
    Just like the Forest of Wind stage, they fall quick to Dragon. But, getting 
    to them is such a pain. There are nine or so glass panes that have to be 
    broken to get to the Slashers. These panes can only be broken by knocking MOS
    into them, or getting yourself knocked into them. I prefer the second method.
    Stand there and wait for an MOS to hit you with their spin attack. Usually you
    go through 2 or 3 panes of glass. You'll probably lose 2-3 life orbs, but the
    Slashers drop 2 life orbs. 
    Head back into the main room and step in the center of the circle.
    ++++++29. In The Heavens
    Objective - kill Michizane
    Creatures - Michizane
    Suggested Equipment   3 sets
                        - Dragon Staff, Dragon Level 3, Providence Miror
                        - Soul Seal, Dragon Level 3, Providence Mirror
                        - Black Swallows, any spell, Needle of Fury
    AiD - nothing you can do
    Spirits - nothing you can do
    Special Item - none
    A very difficult boss. You fight on islands floating in space. They will 
    respawn if too many are destroyed. Michizane has three forms, each form is 
    harder than the former. He uses a variety of attacks. His purple fireball, his
    quick slash, his combo, his mirror image.. and some other jumping stuff. I 
    will write two guides that match the set that is equiped.
    -Dragon Mage Combo-
    Your primary way of damaging Michizane is your Dragon spell. Always use the 
    mCombo method to launch your charged Dragon. Never charge up. The =first= 
    thing to do is to reach the higher islands. Once you're up there and have 
    islands beneath you in case yours gets destroyed or you fall, then you can 
    start attacking. Lock-on to his first form and do your mCombo. Dash backwards 
    if he starts charging at you and dash sideways when avoiding his purple 
    fireball. That fireball will take awhile 1 life orb upon impact and it will 
    burn for 1 more life orb. When he duplicates himself, it shouldn't be a 
    problem because you're still locked onto the real one. Take them down. His
    =second= form requires even more manuevering. In addition to having the same
    attacks as the first form, Michizane can now combo you. Usually taking away 2
    life orbs if he completes his combo. When you get close, try to stun him with
    a light attack. And do your mCombo. His =final= form is very difficult. He has
    all the moves you've so far survived and now he has more... He can dash like 
    you. It is impossible to keep Michizane locked-on the entire time. When he 
    appears in front of you and rushes you, simply hop behind him and try to 
    mCombo him. If you haven't seen him in awhile, dash directly behind you and 
    start doing light attacks. It never hurts to guess. :D Clicking the left 
    thumbstick is important. That's the only way to lock onto him when he's 
    rushing you from the side or behind. As you nick at him bit by bit, he will 
    summon an artificial ground. This you can stand and dash on. It goes away 
    after awhile so make sure to find an island to land on. As his health gets 
    lower and lower, he will become more and more powerful. Now he will send out
    charged Dragon spells to chase YOU down. Those things break islands. At this 
    point, don't worry about hitting him with your weapon. Spam Dragon with mCombo
    and hope it kills him. It took me 8+ tries at max level, so don't be too
    frustrated after 5 tries.
    -Melee Combo-
    This way is harder, but deals more damage to Michizane. If you're good at 
    weapons and dashing around, then try this more challenging way. Michizane's
    fireballs become even a greater threat when you need to close in on him. His 
    melee attacks shouldn't be too hard to dodge since, well you're good at 
    dodging and jumping! Michizane's final form is a pain to beat with melee 
    weapons. At first it's fine, but once he starts casting Dragons, it will be 
    hard to get close to him. Sneaking up on Michizane from underneath is the 
    safest method, but it's hard to combo him after doing some inaccurate dJumps.
    This way is 3 times harder than the Dragon spell method, but ultimately very
    rewarding. Your Soul Seal against his Sword of Seven Stars. Ahwoo!
    -Insane Combo-
    This method was suggested to me by a reader, but pardon me, I lost the email
    and could not recall the name. If you read this again, feel free to remind me.
    Any whoo, this combination of equipment and strategy is for the experts who
    need a challenge. The Needle of Fury allows for insane attack damage, but
    you need to dodge every attack of Michizane's. Usually two hits of anything
    kills you. This combo draws from the skills of using melee weapon and the
    skills of a spellcastor. You need to be really offensive and at the same time,
    avoid everything Michizane throws at you. Good luck.
    The ultimate weapon against Michizane, and against anything, is the Moonlight 
    Sword. It kills every form of Michizane's with one heavy attack. 
    The ideal time to strike Michizane is when he's charging up for his fireball 
    attack or when he's charging up for his Dragon attack. The Dragon charge time
    is obviously shorter than the fireball charge time. When the Dragon hits you, 
    you'll be knocked back quite far.
    C. 2nd Play Walkthrough Introduction
    2nd Play is a mode you unlock once you beat the game. You play through the
    whole game again, but with a higher difficulty and with all the items you
    obtained during "1st Play". 
    Some constant differences in 2nd Play..
    -MP goes down quicker
    -Raikoh takes more damage
    -Light Attacks can now destroy objects that previously needed a Heavy Attack
     to destroy
    Getting all the items, if you didn't get them all before, will be much harder 
    to accomplish in 2nd Play. 
    V. Weapons, Magic and Accessories
    ===A. Weapons===
    Single Swords
    -Soul Shrine-
    Starting weapon that Raikoh uses. This doesn't have the best stats and it's 
    quite fragile. Also very costly to repair. 
      Started with it
    -Soul Seal-
    Excellent weapon that can be used throughout the entire game. Raises attack 
    when injured. This is the better version of Soul Shrine.
      Bought in store
    -Locust Wing-
    Excellent weapon for item hunting. Light and high MP. 
      Bought in store
    -Helmet Splitter-
    Great weapon for abusing the slam attack. Very durable and raises defense.
      Bought in store
    Weak attack, best used to keep enemies away. Repels enemies even with light 
      Bought in store
    -Training Sword-
    Poor attack, but durable.
      400+ hit combo in stage 11
    -Sword of Voracity-
    Good attack, but drains mana when swung. Even when not hitting an enemy. 
    Enemies drop more MP than normal.
      Kill 60+ enemies in stage 26
    -Orchid Malevolence-
    One hit kill against any enemy. Raikoh dies when damaged by anything. Even 
    falling debris. Makes the game more fun and challenging to play.
      Kill the Hydra, stage 25
    -Moonlight Sword-
    Max attack, defense, and MP. When doing a heavy attack on the ground, the 
    sword unleashes a slice of moonlight, killing anything in one hit.
      Obtain 100% spirits in stages 1-28, sword will be awarded when completing 
      the last stage to get 100% spirits
    Heavy Weapons
    -Demon Crusher-
    High attack beginning weapon.
      Bought in store
    -Indigo Fang-
    Heaviest weapon in the game. Deals extra damage when doing heavy attack.
      Bought in store
    -Golden Dragon-
    Weapon with high physical attack. Great for killing bosses quickly. Good when
    used with Needle of Fury.
       Found in stage 20
    -Sword of Binding-
    Stuns the enemy when they're blocking. Allowing you to attack again, striking
      Obtained when completing stage 12
    -Heretic's Blade-
    Prone to status changes (silence, curse, etc.), works great with Cleansing 
      Bought in store
    -Flame Staff-
    Sets enemies on fire upon contact. Medium damage.
      Found in stage 13
    -Holy Staff- 
    Speeds life recovery and allows for higher jumping.
      Complete stage 15 in under 2:30 
    -Double Dragons-
    Wide range, reliable. Staff you will use for awhile.
      Bought in store
    -Dragon Point-
    Reliable, high MP boost. Staff that replaces Double Dragons.
      Kill 30+ enemies in stage 7
    -Ogre's Horn-
    Easily broken, repair frequently. High damage.
      Found in stage 13
    -Staff of Duality-
    Neutral magic caster's staff. High MP boost. Low Damage.
      Found in stage 24
    -Three Winds-
    Attack increases each consecutive strike upon the enemy. Stops when Raikoh 
    gets hit. Weak initial hit.
      Bought in store
    -Dragon Staff-
    Increases damage of Dragon spells, weak attack.
      Complete stage 5 in under 3:00
    -Phoenix Staff-
    Increases damage of Phoenix spells, weak attack.
      Found in stage 18
    -Chimera Staff-
    Increases damage of Chimera spells, weak attack.
      Bought in shop
    -Butterfly Staff-
    Increases damage of Butterfly spells, weak attack.
      Found in stage 10
    Twin Blades / Dual Wield
    -Twin Flashes-
    Colorful blades that decreases recovery time of status changes
      Bought in store
    -Twin Rays-
    Similar to Twin Flashes, increases resistance to status changes
      Bought in store
    -Rune Scimitars-
    Huge scimitars, beginner's dual wield weapon.
      20+ hit combo in stage 3
    -Jaws of the Mountain-
    Heavy dual wield weapon, boosts defense.
      Found in stage 11
    -Black Swallows-
    Very reliable dual wield weapon. Can be effectively used in later stages.
      Found in stage 23
    Difficult to use dual wield weapon. Can be thrown when doing 3x light, 1x heavy
      Complete stage 19 in under 1:45
    ===B. Magic===
    Though this was skimmed over in the Basic section, here is a more indepth
    analysis of the magic spells. 
    Dragon Spells
       These spells shoot out several dragons that twist and twirl in the general
       direction you are facing. If it's close to an enemy, it will automatically
       home in on them. A charged dragon spell releases fewer dragons but they
       are bigger, do an AoE and they do more damage. 
       Level 1: Found in stage 2
       Level 2: Bought in store
       Level 3: Complete stage 24 within 2:00 min
    Chimera Spells
       The chimera spells call forth a ring of lightning to strike around you. If
       the enemy is close enough to you, it may not necessarily be hit. A charged
       spell is a large lightning strike right at Raikoh. This does significantly
       more damage than just a regular cast.
       Level 1: Found in stage 4
       Level 2: Bought in store
       Level 3: Complete stage 20 within 1:39 min
    Phoenix Spells
       Probably the most powerful spell. It fires 3 phoenicis that knockback and
       set enemies on fire. The charged Phoenix is the spell to use. It sends a
       giant destructive phoenix that charges through ranks of enemies and sets
       them all on fire. Works great close range.
       Level 1: Bought in store
       Level 2: Found in stage 17
       Level 3: Complete stage 22 within 1:40
    Butterfly Spells
       This is a great defensive spell. It doesn't do that much damage, but one
       little butterfly will send enemies flying. A charged spell releases bigger
       and more damage butterflies that can actually kill!
       Level 1: Bought in store
       Level 2: Found in stage 15
       Level 3: Complete stage 23 within 1:40
    ===C. Accessory===
    -White Serpent Amulet-
    Repels red fire. Very handy towards the beginning of the game. 
      Bought in store
    -Prayer Beads-
    Reduces MP requirement for spells. Fun for playing with spells or for serious
      Complete stage 16 in under 1 min
    -Mystical Beads-
    Raises Attack. One of your 3 regularly equiped accessories.
      Found in stage 5
    -Summoning Statue-
    A statue that gives more experience. 
      Bought in store
    -Belt of Good Omen-
    Raises Defense. One of your 3 regularly equiped accessories.
      Bought in store
    -Needle of Fury-
    Increases attack like crazy, lowers defense like crazy, silenced.
      Complete stage 6 in under 1 min
    -Providence Mirror-
    A real life saver late in the game. When Raikoh's life is low, raises attack, 
    defense, and spell damage. 
      Found in stage 16
    -Jeweled Goblet-
    Increases money obtained from enemies. 
      Found in stage 17
    -Bell of Cleansing-
    Prevents any status effects on Raikoh. Slows life recovery. But you never 
    notice it. One of your 3 regularly equiped accessories.
      Bought in store
    -Sutra of Aggression-
    Raises attack depending on level of Raikoh. I don't think the raised attack
    is shown on screen, because it appears that Mystical Beads are better. Clearly
    the Sutra is more valuable.
      Kill Kudara, stage 9
    VI. Miscellaneous  
    A. Credits
    Thanks to Software and Sega for making this game. Thanks to StA71k for 
    providing all the stage completion times required to get items. And for 
    inspiring to create a new term for dash jumping, dJump and dAttack. Thanks, 
    again, to StA71k and Val for providing the number of hits needed and the time
    requirements for getting special items.
    B. Legal
    The explanation of game mechanics, the tips and tricks, the walkthrough and
    the opinionated description of each weapon/magic/acc belongs to CLLi (Charles
    Li). This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    Sites Allowed To Post My Guide
    - GameFAQs.com
    - SuperCheats.com [m.i.a.]
    - 1UP.com / MyCheats.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    © 2006 Charles Li
    C. Version History
    8/20/2006 Version 1.00   Written
    8/31/2006 Version 1.20   Updated stages: 2, 6, 7, 10, 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22,
                              23, 24, 28, 29
                             Updated weapons, spells & accessories
                             Updated and renumbered Advanced
                             Added new section, "Abusing Slam Attack"
    9/9/2006 Version 1.30   Updated version numbering
                            Updated Introduction and Legal
    4/29/2007 Version 1.40   Added 2nd Play Introduction
                             Added a new way to fight Michizane
                             New section: Theories
                             Plan for future section: 2nd Play Walkthrough
    9/8/2009 Version 1.50   Corrected some errors
                            Changed Magic Section
                            Added stage names in table of contents
                            Changed Legal Section
    D. Contact
    I have yet to add the FAQ portion of this, since no one has asked me anything 
    yet. I am available for questions, comments, criticism and suggestions. Feel
    free to email me, I will try and respond within the same week.
    email: charlesli321@hotmail.com

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