Review by LiamSolosGhost

"Over par Single Player, and OUTSTANDING LIVE"

Ok, I have put some extensive time into this today, and having played the pc version for well over a hundred hours I am able to point out positive and negative views, read on.


This is the part in which I would individually rate it a 7. Solid gameplay, great weapons, and good damage detect plagued by some bugs. Getting stuck in walls and the like is a once in a while occurance. The thing that overlooks that is the AI, I just love some of the things the now do in this version. After throwing a grenade into a group, some may run away waving their arms, some side jumping over walls for cover, and one maybe running to pick up the grenade and toss it back at you. This was highly entertaining in itself. Also the random mission generator with options makes single player almost infinite, and defintly worth the play.


IS just as awesome as I would have hoped, and the best LIVE game out yet (even better than RTCW) in my opnion. You can go guns blazin or covert, with rocks, trees and tall grass to hide in. Great tactics with flash bangs amd incindiary grenades, along with varied weapons. There is even a great little walkie talkie status bar to show you who is speaking at the moment. This game is loaded with fun, and with LOW LAG even in 12 player rooms. CTF is my favorite, but this game is also packed with a great objective based infiltration mode, a bomb defusing race in detonation, as well as team and regular death match modes. There may be a couple flaws, but it runs great. One othewr great thing is the scoring system, you dont just get points for kills, but for capturing flags, killing an enemy flag carrier and several others really making the good objective players stand out over those just seeking a kill count.

SOUND - 8.5 Great gunfire
Gameplay - 9 Rocksolid
Graphics - 7.5 not as refined as activision could have made them, and lacking the gore effects of the pc version
REPLAY - 10 With LIVE and random missions this is the game that will stick with you. LIVE has packed out lists of servers for almost every game as well.

If you love online shooter action, with tactics and some good teamwork, or just being rambo, this one's for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/03, Updated 06/20/03

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