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"Soldier of Fortune lacks great graphics, but does have a decent game"

The Game:

Soldier of Fortune II is the sequel to Soldier of Fortune the very controversial very gory FPS by Raven. You are John Mullins anti-terrorist kick ass weapons expert. You are dispatched to take of of terrorist who are threating to release bio chemical weapons. It's up to you, your weapons and skill to save the world.

The Graphics:

Anyone who is looking for a game that takes the power of the XBox to the next level don't look here. SOF II is a port to an older PC game that. Although they did do upgrades the graphics end wasn't one of them. If you get over the fact that you feel you are playing a Nintendo 64 things will get better. Although the game is reministent of a 64 game the plot and game play is good. The only highlight of the game is the 36 point target for your enemies. You can shoot off enemies arms, legs, blow off a knee cap. However that is the only highlight, other than that don't expect any bump mapping or any other extreme examples of graphics.

The GamePlay:

The game has a pretty solid framerate and does seem pretty smooth. The addition of adding live is a real bonus as I don't think the game would have been to welcomed without it. The single player mission is actually quite long as far as FPS between 25 - 30 hours. Although the single player missions are rather mediocre the Live is where the beef is. The Live has been characterized as being very addictive with 10 maps and a random map generator with 60 skins for the characters.

The Sound:

It does have dolby 5.1 and the guns sound decent but there just isn't that atmosphere that gives the feeling of suspense. The voices are rather good the accents are decent but the whole Halo feel of when the music builds up the suspense is missing. It's a little dissapointing the lack of effort they put in the game. Iguess for what I would have wanted they might have had to re write the game from top to bottom.

The Controls:

The basic standard controls are used here. I didn't like the way you choose your weapons you can only forward select and cannot go back and forth like most fps. However I did like the fact you could lean over and peak around corners using the digital pad. Other than that nothing special but a decent lay out of the controls.


You probably wouldn't want to rush in and play another round after finishing SOF II. However the 20+ hours of game makes it a lengthy game. The addition of Live gives the game almost limitless replay value. So if you have live you may want to pick this up.

Over All:

SOF II is one of those could have beens, with so many things going for it. The game itself is good but the lack of use of the XBox's hardware is a major dissapointment that I really think detracted this games over all score. However the game still manages a passing grade with it's live play and over all good game play.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/23/03, Updated 06/23/03

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