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"SoF 2 was made for Live!"

I have played the first Soldier of Fortune on the computer. I loved it and I really couldn't quit playing the levels over and over and over. I was looking forward to SoF 2 on the Xbox for one thin: online gaming. The game really is fun online and overall, it really is a good game.

Online, you play in many different modes. My personal favorite is deathmatch because once you have enough players, you will have one brutal game. It takes skill and sometimes even tactics online. There are also no stats to worry about, so there won't be any gamers bragging about the ranking they have. Playing online usually has no lag for me. I've been through some spots that are quite laggy online, but overall, it's not laggy 95% of the time. Also, online you can not talk to all of your competition. You have to join a walkie talkie station and talk to a limited number of players. I don't know why the developers did this, but maybe that decreased the lag in the game.

Many people complain about the graphics. I've read many reviews online that have said the graphics in this game are terrible. The game is no Halo 2, but it certainly does not have bad graphics. The graphics show off some really cool and sometimes funny blood and gore. For example, if you get a head shot, not only does the target go down, but the target's head will fly off.

The sound is pretty good also. The gunfire seems almost realistic and the noises your target will make are done perfectly. The single player is also pretty fun. It can choose missions randomly so you can be sure to have a lot of fun and variety in your gaming off the internet.

It seems like I tell people this a lot, but rent it first unless you have Xbox Live. The singe player game is really fun, but after you practically beat everything, you may find it boring. However, some people I know find it fun just off-line. If you have Xbox Live and you love first-person shooters, then you will love this game.

GRAPHICS- 8.5: Not great, but not too bad.
GAMEPLAY- 9.5: Very fun game off-line and online for sure.
SOUND- 9.7: Everything sounds correct!
REPLAY- 9.5: Only if you have Xbox Live.
Overall- 9.3: Great game that most people should be sure to pick up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/03, Updated 06/28/03

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