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"If it wasn't for Live this game would have been one of the worst on the Xbox"

I was thinking whether or not I should buy this game because it got such mixed reviews but then a couple people from my friends list got the game so I decided to get it.

Gameplay: The game has such complicated controls, by default you have to go through a menu to change weapons 'quickly' but you could change that in the options menu. The sensitivity for the horizontal look is also kinda heavy but again you could change it through the options. And also to speak to everyone in your channel you have to hold the white button but again you could change that in the options menu which made me wonder why would te developers put such crappy controls by default when better controls that make the game go faster are right in the options menu. The single player in this game is horrible, such bad level design and crappy graphics and that mode was the first I played so I was thinking that this game was going to be so bad until I went on Live and found such better levels and game modes. On Xbox Live there are way better game modes such as infiltration where one team has to capture a briefcase that the other team is defending which is probably the most fun mode in this game. Don't get me wrong Deathmatch, CTF, etc. are still a blast in this game but Infiltration isn't a mode that is found very often in game so it's fun to play something different for a change. Overall, the gameplay is very fun ... especially running around chasing people with a knife! 9/10

Graphics: In single player the graphics are so bad mainly the enemies because they look so blocky and they walk that way too but again Xbox Live makes up for it because the characters in multiplayer look a lot better and since real gamers control the other characters they don't walk choppy. The jungle levels look the best because you could tell walking through it that its very hot and moist so it brings the feel of the level. You can also chop enemies up as you wish and the blood that drips out of them looks so real and it spreads more and more as you bash the dead body. Again, the single player graphics look awful but on Xbox Live the levels look much better... for some strange reason. 7/10

Sound: The developers got most of the sounds right from the gunshots to the screams to a knife stabbbing a dead body. Nothing outstanding but it gets the job done. This is about the only part of the single player experience that isn't horrible because the voices in the game fit their characters pretty good. Although the generic Russian enemies are getting boring because they sound the same in every single game. There's nothing much to say here so Ill get to the point... the sound is about as good as any other game but the explosions give it a little bonus points. 7/10

Replay Value: The single player game isn't worth replaying at all but Xbox Live is well worth replaying because it is very fun and it never gets boring because of the Random Mission Generator. Again just like the first two categories Xbox Live saved the game. But this is pretty much the same in every single game. 10/10

Buy/Rent: Plain and simple... if you have Xbox Live this is a great game and you should pick it up as soon as you can but for the unlucky people without Xbox Live give it a rental if you MUST play every single FPS. It's like counterstrike, only buy it if you play online games. With Xbox Live: Buy Without Xbox Live: Rent

Overall: I've been saying it the whole time: this game is great on Xbox Live but offline its a crappy game, I have Xbox Live and it's one of my favourite games because of the fast action and weapons to choose from. Just remember this: when you get the game don't judge it from the single player because it gets so fun on Xbox Live. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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