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"Soldier of Fortune II is…. Descent…"

I had trouble finding a synopsis for this game. For while there was nothing spectacular about this game, it still kept me some what interested, and there were a few things that kept me motivated to play. So Soldier of Fortune II had both it’s ups and downs.

Game play 6/10 : Controls for me, did not take that long at all to get used to. And buttons such as the fast grenade button made the game a lot easier. The game is set up as 1st person shooter. Levels were a bit dark at times , and with out the radar I often found my self wondering around in circles. They told you what you were suppose to do in the beginning of the mission in the briefing, and if you didn’t bother to pay attention to that you are screwed, you just have to wonder around and occasionally check your mission objectives. The A.I. Is not challenging at all, and you friendly A.I. Just gets you killed, instead of helping out at all.
he Artificial Intelligence in the game is quite horrible. At a few points in the game I found myself surrounded by numerous enemy soldiers. All of them fired at me at point blank range, and yet I sustained none to little damage . Which then I was killed them, (and yes this is the high point in my opinion of the game) shot their dead corpses with a shotgun until their limbs fell off. Then I proceeded to run around the jungle , without finding anyone else to kill , or any mission objectives, got bored and killed myself with grenade.

Sound 9/10 : The sound was great. The gun fire sounded realistic, and the character’s voices were very well done, and I believe the actors were pretty good. You shot an enemy in the knee they’d scream. You shot them in the throat they’d gargle on their own blood. Quite entertaining. But one thing that puzzled me…. When you hit the glass with the butt of your gun it made no sound??? Other than that the sound was perfect.

Graphics 6/10: Okay, these graphics were not exactly the best, but I did not think they were the worst either. I think they could have done better focusing on the characters. The faces looked a bit blocky, and at times the game was choppy. The blood looked unrealistic in some areas, such as when they fell to the floor and bled from the stomach. Yet when the blood sprayed on the walls or stayed on the clothes , it looked pretty good.
Legs, arms, and heads could be blown off,which managed to keep me interested in the game. Objects all around the area such as lamps , boxes, vases all could be destroyed as well.

Re playability 7/10: I found the game repetitive at points. It’s exciting at 1st , but the levels and the missions seem all the same. Same boring enemies , and well it just isn’t that fun after awhile. The thing that really disappointed me ,I was unfortunate to not be able to play it live. I think an offline co - op multi player could have helped out the game a lot.

Overall 7/10: The game wasn’t really the best , but as I said it has some high points. I enjoy the blood and gore , and the limbs being detached and such. But if you aren’t into the decapitation , and explosions this might not be a game for you. I would suggest renting this game before actually buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/10/03

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