"Could have been a great game"

Intro:The year 2000,Soldier of fortune is released,and gratuitous games are amazed,and happy from the success of Soldier of fortune,they then rush to make a sequel,bad idea.The first soldier of fortune made some of us happy,while leaving others disgusted,but now that the sequel is out it left everyone disgusted.This review basically describes what happens to a game when the game makers rush to make it.This game has a lot of flaws,and it doesn't stop there,this game is so graphic,the first soldier of fortune was banned in Canada for being graphic,and this game is no exception,this is one of the games we gamers call bad.

Graphics:The game has horrible graphics they are bland,blocky,and you can't see much.The enemy's movements are horrible,and just looking at them will make you want to vomit,but it doesn't end there,enemy's fall through solid objects,and go through walls,this is what happens when a game-maker uses haste.There is one thing you can make out though:blood and gore,this game has a lot of it,you know that you hit a enemy,just by looking at the limbs falling off,and that's not a pretty sight.

Sound:It's always good to hear an enemy's scream while you shoot his/her brain out.The normal game music is pretty good even if it's not Metal gear solid material.

Story:You are John Mullins the bad-ass who was in the first one,you have to stop a terrorist group,and like many games before this,your the only one who can.The terrorists developed a deadly virus they call double helix,and you have to stop them before it's too late,and that's basically the story,wow,that was pathetic.

Gameplay:What this game lacks in graphics it makes up for in gameplay.The gameplay for soldier of fortune really shines,you go on numerous missions including some all new stealth missions,and you carry out your objectives,but the big problem with this is that soldier of fortune is a pretty straight forward game this is,because this game was made in such haste,and your enemys aren't that smart,the enemy's in the medal of honor could have taken these guys down.The enemy's do take cover though,but it's too easy to kill them,and the medal of honor guys could have taken these guys down easily,and the enemys show strange behavior,and when you do kill them their brains,heads,limbs,and guts will fly,and make a odd splat sound,while the enemy lay still on the ground surrounded by his blood pool,now you know why they banned the first one in Canada,though this makes RPG players like me disgusted,it leaves gore fans happy for a minute.I watch my brother play this(he is a gore fan)and he got bored of it fast.Then there's that random map generator,it lets you edit some stuff on a map,and it let's you decide the type of mission you want,this is pretty unique,but it gets boring after two maps,the campaign mode isn't much better,you basically run around with a heavy assault rifle,and shoot enemy's then watch their brains splat,and watch there heads fall,while their is a fountain of blood coming from there body,and forming a blood pool,then you repeat,until the mission is over.Online gameplay is okay,there are the normal capture the flags,and death matches,this is sort of like unreal tournament,except their aren't that much servers.

Buy or rent:If your a serious gore fan,or just want to let some anger out,rent this,if you hate gore then forget you ever read this review.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/13/04

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