Review by Wasabi X

Reviewed: 04/18/04

Great Xbox Live shooter, but not up to par with others like it

Soldier of Fortune 2 is one of the coolest Xbox Live shooters out there, it has a fairly large audience(considering how old it is now) and its just fun to play. If I was basing this game off of Xbox Live alone, I would kick it up a point, but the single player flat out sucks. I could tell from the first level I would not like the single player(but played it all the way through anyway), the reason being, it had a hard, annoying, stupid jumping puzzle in the first fricking level. Not a good way to start out a FPS.

What is it?
A FPS(first person shooter) if you dont know what it is, shame on you, its one of the best genre's of games today. Basically you go around and shoot people/things from a first person(through the eyes) perspective. This kind of game makes great fun for online fragfests, which SoF2:DH does best.

Graphics 5/10-
Simply not up to par with todays FPS's. It is a fairly old PC game and its a straight port, but I expected much more from an Xbox game. Most of the environments are jaggy and 2D looking. If it could be done as a 2D model put in a 3D world, the developers did it. Even the handles on the doors are 2D, pathetic. Plus, the guns dont look that great either. The character models look like they are from Goldeneye(N64) and nothing looks polished. The strange thing is, my friend told me online that he thought the game looked better online than off, I examined, and sure enough, almost everything(from the actual models, to the animation ect.) look better while playing online. This leads me to believe that the programmers probably created the Xbox Live game from the ground up and tacked on the single player game.

Sound 5/10-
nothing sounds great. Even with a good sound setup it just sound like an average game. The gun sounds are all the same, all the time(meaning, the gun you are using will just make the same sound over and over if you hold the trigger). The footsteps made me want to mute the game, there are only about 3 variations of the footstep in this game and they all sound horrible. They have got some mediocre voice acting in the game also, even though it was mediocre, it saved the game from being below average in the sound department.

Control 8/10-
No prblems here. It controls like other Xbox FPS's,(i.e Halo control scheme) which works out great. You can adjust the settings for sensitivity if you like, which is always a plus. The commands are responsive and I didnt find myself going on an easter egg hunt every time I wanted to switch weapons.

Xbox Live 9/10-
The best part of the game. It has a big audience to play with, which is key. it has many different types of game modes and a lot of different maps to play on. All the game modes are fun, and the variety of maps will never have you saying ''Didnt we just play this map?''. All of them are different and fun. The loading times online dont take very long either, it only takes a few seconds to connect. But, be wary, I wrote this game off for having nobody online a lot just because I wasnt patient enough to wait it optimatch for as long as it takes(it takes anywhere from 5-10 seconds BTW).

Overall 7/10-
Great multiplayer, and a crappy single player even out eachother and then some(which is why it got a 7 and not a 5). I enjoyed the game thoroughly. But, be warned, if you like realistic, this isnt the game for you, but it is one of the best arcade type shooters on Xbox.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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