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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JBritton

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        The Lord of the Rings
         - THE TWO TOWERS -
    Playstation 2
    FAQ/Walkthrough - Version 1.2
    Copyright 2002-2003 Jason Britton
     1) Revision History
     2) Introduction
     3) Characters and Enemies
     4) Combination/Upgrades List
     5) XP Boost Locations
     6) Recovery item Locations
     7) Boss Guide
     8) Hints/Tips
     9) Codes and Secrets
    10) Easter Eggs
    11) Credits and Thanks
    12) Contact Info
    13) Legal Stuff
      ///// 1 - REVISION HISTORY
       - February 11 - Version 1.2 - Added information that was mailed to me and
    added Hints/Tips section instead of walkthrough, and "Easter Eggs" section.
       - November 11 - Version 1.1 - Fixed typos and other minor mistakes win FAQ.
    Also moved Berserkers to normal enemies list rather than boss list.
       - November 5 - Version 1.0 of FAQ finished.  Includes: Character and Enemies
    list, Locations for XP boosts and Recovery Items, Boss Guide, and a Codes and
    Secrets section. I'm hoping to add a walkthrough and an "Easter Egg" type guide
    (i.e. locations to see Treebeard, etc.) in the near future.
      ///// 2 - INTRODUCTION
    I have never liked long introductions so I'll be brief with mine.  I am a HUGE
    Lord of the Rings fan, so naturally I was excited to hear about an up and
    coming game based on the films.  I was also a little skeptical; after all
    movie-based games have primarily sucked in the past.  I was simply amazed at
    how this game broke that mold.  It blew all my expectations out of the water
    and, long story short, I love this game so much I decided to write this FAQ.
    This is for everyone who loves this game as much as I do.
     <<< CHARACTERS >>>
    There are three playable characters in THE TWO TOWERS Aragorn, Legolas, and
    Gimli.  As well as one secret character which I will discuss more later.  Most
    of the time all three characters will be fighting at the same time, so if you
    are Aragorn, many times you will find Legolas and/or Gimli fighting beside you.
       - ARAGORN - A ranger and a king, Aragorn is the heir to Isildur, and a force
    to be reckoned with.  Both quick and hardy, he is the most balanced of the
    playable characters, blending power and agility in a deadly combination.
       - LEGOLAS - An elf from the Mirkwood Forest, Legolas is the quickest and
    most agile of the playable characters. He is the easiest character to execute
    combinations with, but he also gets killed very quickly.
       - GIMLI - A battle hardend dwarf, Gimli is stout, hardy, and more than
    willing to hunt some orc.  The strongest of the playable characters, Gimli is
    tough to kill, but his lack of speed also makes him harder to execute
    combinations with.
       - GANDALF - A wizard of great power, Gandalf is the leader of the Fellowship
    set out to destroy the One Ring.  He helps you in Balin's Tomb, and the Plains
    of Rohan.
       - FRODO - A hobbit from the shire, Frodo inherits the One Ring along with
    all it's responsibilities from his unsuspecting uncle, Bilbo.  He must now set
    out on a quest to destroy the ring and save Middle-Earth.  Frodo joins you in
    Balin's Tomb, and is present in several other levels.
       - BOROMIR - Son of the steward of Gondor, Boromir is a valiant swordsman.
    He is a valuable asset to the Fellowship, until he is consumed with the desire
    of the One Ring.  He fights along side you in the Mines of Moria.
       - ROHAN SOLDIER - The men of Rohan are courageous and will fight to the
    death to protect their lands.  There is a "captain" of the gaurd who assists
    you in the westfold, he can't die so don't worry about protecting him.  There
    are also several normal soldiers, unfortunately they are easily killed in
    battle, so be careful when setting off those explosives.
     <<< ENEMIES >>>
    Orcs, Trolls, Wargs and Ringwraiths. There are hordes of enemies too fight your
    way through in THE TWO TOWERS.  The key to any battle is to find your enemies
    weaknesses, and exploit them.  I created this guide to help you do that.
       - RINGWRAITHS - Dressed in black and scarier than most things, these undead
    servants of Sauron are seeking the One Ring for their master.  Don't worry
    though, these guys are way scarier in the movie.  Ringwraiths are impervious to
    sword AND ranged weapon attacks... hmmmm...something burning?  All you have to
    do to kill these guys is use your Hack technique (triangle).  Aragorn is
    automatically equipped with a torch, just hack at the fire to re-light it.
       - GOBLINS - The smallest breed of orc, Goblins are the simplest enemies you
    will face on your quest.  The only real danger in battling goblins is that they
    attack in large groups, so be careful and don't let them surround you. There
    are two types of Goblins, normal and armored.  Normal goblins can be easily
    dispatched with any basic attack.  The armored goblins (distinguished by their
    helmets and shields) are a little harder to kill. First, use your Hack
    technique (Triangle) to destroy their shield, then kill them like a normal
    NOTE: Once you have your Goblin Bane upgrade, you can kill armored goblins
    without destroying their shields.
       - ORCS - Once elves, then tortured to a ruined state by Sauron, orcs are a
    constant problem to the peoples of Middle-Earth. Orcs are slightly larger and
    stronger than Goblins, so you will need a little more strategy when killing
    them.  There are three types of orcs; Shielded, Double Axe, and Archers.  The
    shielded orcs are like the armored goblins, once you destroy their shields they
    are pretty easy to kill.  The double axe orcs are easy to kill, once you get
    into them.  When they start spinning around with their axes, parry (Square)
    then hit them while their stunned. The archers, if anything, are a nuisance;
    because they generally have to be shot, and this can be difficult when several
    attack you while your busy fighting other enemies.  Just parry their arrows and
    keep firing, eventually you'll get them. NOTE: The Orc Bane upgrade CANNOT be
    used on archers.
       - URUK-HAI - Created by Sauruman in a foul crossing of orcs and goblin-men,
    these are some of the toughest enemies in the game.  There are five types of
    Urik-Hai to be had in the game, Normal (brown), Armored (black), Archers,
    Berserkers, and Kamikaze.  The normal Uruk-Hai are the easiest to kill,
    generally any combo will work.  The armored Uruk-Hai are a little tougher, but
    only because they are stronger than the normal ones.  The key to killing these
    guys is using your parry (Square) and jump-back (L2) techniques.  The Uruk-Hai
    archers are just as annoying as the orc archers, and can be killed the same
       - BERSERKERS - The berserkers are demented Uruk-Hai with a caffeine buzz.
    They have a very long reach and they can block almost anything.  Almost.  The
    best way to kill these guys is with the Bane of Saruman counter-attack.
    However, by the time you fight the first one you aren't at level 8 yet.  Okay,
    wait for him to swing at you and block his attack, this will stun him for a
    SPLIT-SECOND.  In that time you can Slash, Kick, Hack, or my personal favorite,
    try to rush attack him to the ground.  Once he hits the ground, jump in and
    Shadow Strike him (R2) to seal the deal.
       - KAMIKAZE - The final type of Uruk-Hai you will face in the game are the
    Kamikaze Uruk-Hai.  These are psychotic Uruk-Hai with barrels of explosives
    tied to their backs, they will run up to you and blow themselves up.  DO NOT
    try to attack these guys with your sword, they will blow up in your face. The
    best (and only smart way) to kill these guys, is with your ranged weapon.  Just
    be sure they are far enough away that you won't blow yourself up.
       - TROLLS - Ill-tempered and ugly, these bad boys are lurking everywhere, so
    be on your guard.  There are two types of trolls in the game, Cave Trolls like
    the one found in Moria, and Wood Trolls as seen in Fangorn Forest.  These
    monsters can be rather difficult to kill, but it can be done.  Read my Boss
    Hints section to see how to beat them.
       - WARG RIDERS - Wargs are huge wolf-like beasts that terrorize one section
    of Rohan.  They are difficult to kill up close, so brush up your dodging and
    ranged weapon skills before you attempt to take them on.  Wait for them to
    charge you, then jump or run out of the way.  When they run past you, you can
    attack them with combos or unload projectiles into them, until they charge
    again.  Repeat this process about two or three times to drop them.
    Every character has a list of upgrade and combination attacks that can be
    purchased with experience points.  You must reach the specified level to
    purchase upgrades, and some are dependent that you buy others first (mostly
    Armor upgrades).  Moves and upgrades are listed under their respective level.
    NOTE: Moves marked with a * indicate counter-attacks (i.e. When an Orc swings
    at you, press Square to parry, then X, R2)
    Level 1
    Triple Strike               X, X, X ------------------------------- purchased
    Double Hack                 Triangle, Triangle -------------------- purchased
    Shadow Strike               R2 ------------------------------------ purchased
    Combat Kick                 Circle -------------------------------- purchased
    Sword Parry                 Square -------------------------------- purchased
    Duendain Bow                Hold L1 to draw, X to fire ------------ purchased
    Level 2
    Rush Attack                 X, Circle ------------------------------ 3000
    Rising Attack               X (when prone) ------------------------- 8000
    Isildur's Swift Terror      X, X, Triangle ------------------------- 5000
    Isildur's War Rush          X, Circle, R2 -------------------------- 5000
    Ranger Fury                 Hold Triangle to charge, then release -- 2000
    Strength of the Stewards    Increases Armor ------------------------ 10000
    Level 4
    Goblin Bane*                Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 4000
    Charge Attack               X, Circle ------------------------------ 4000
    Isildur's Death Charge      X, Circle, Triangle -------------------- 5000
    Isildur's Gambit            X, Triangle, X, X ---------------------- 5000
    Rohan Bow                   Strengthens Bow Attacks (level 2) ------ 4000
    Strength of Isildur         Increases Armor (level 2) -------------- 10000
    Level 6
    Orc Bane*                   Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 6000
    Isildur's Deliverance       Triangle, X, X, Triangle --------------- 5000
    Strength of Elendil         Increases Armor (level 3) -------------- 10000
    Wilderness Rage             Strengthens Fury Attack (level 2) ------ 4000
    Master Swordsman            Increases strength of Quick Attacks ---- 10000
    Level 8
    Bane of Saruman*            Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 8000
    Isildur's Judgement         Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle --- 5000
    Strength of the Argonath    Increases Armor (level 4) -------------- 10000
    Wrath of Numenor            Strengthens Fury Attack (level 3) ------ 6000
    Gondor Bow                  Strengthens Bow Attacks (level 3) ------ 6000
      << LEGOLAS >>
    Level 1
    Triple Strike               X, X, X ------------------------------- purchased
    Double Hack                 Triangle, Triangle -------------------- purchased
    Shadow Strike               R2 ------------------------------------ purchased
    Combat Kick                 Circle -------------------------------- purchased
    Knife Parry                 Square -------------------------------- purchased
    Mirkwood Longbow            Hold L1 to draw, X to fire ------------ purchased
    Level 2
    Rush Attack                 X, Circle ------------------------------ 3000
    Force of Celeborn           Increases Armor (level 2) -------------- 5000
    Elrond's Swift Terror       X, X, Triangle  ------------------------ 5000
    Elrond's War Rush           X, Circle, R2 -------------------------- 2000
    Elven Fury                  Hold Triangle to charge, then release -- 10000
    Rivendell Longbow           Strengthens Bow Attacks (level 2) ------ 6000
    Level 4
    Goblin Bane*                Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 4000
    Rising Attack               X (when prone) ------------------------- 8000
    Charge Attack               X, Circle ------------------------------ 4000
    Elrond's Death Charge       X, Circle, Triangle -------------------- 5000
    Elrond's Gambit             X, Triangle, X, X ---------------------- 5000
    Lothlorien Longbow          Strengthens Bow Attacks (level 3) ------ 6000
    Level 6
    Orc Bane*                   Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 6000
    Elrond's Deliverance        Triangle, X, X, Triangle --------------- 5000
    Dragon Fire Arrow           Arrows ignite enemies ------------------ 8000
    Force of Galadriel          Increases Armor (level 3) -------------- 10000
    Gil-Galad's Rage            Strengthens Fury Attack (level 2) ------ 4000
    Level 8
    Bane of Saruman*            Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 8000
    Elrond's Judgement          Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle --- 5000
    Mithril Arrows              Arrows penetrate all enemies in path --- 10000
    Elven Bow Mastery           Strengthens Bow Attacks (level 4) ------ 10000
      << GIMLI >>
    Level 1
    Triple Strike               X, X, X ------------------------------- purchased
    Double Hack                 Triangle, Triangle -------------------- purchased
    Shadow Strike               R2 ------------------------------------ purchased
    Axe Thrust                  Circle -------------------------------- purchased
    Axe Parry                   Square -------------------------------- purchased
    Erebor Axes                 Hold L1 to draw, X to throw ----------- purchased
    Level 2
    Rush Attack                 X, Circle ------------------------------ 3000
    Balin's Swift Terror        X, X, Triangle ------------------------- 5000
    Balin's War Rush            X, Circle, R2 -------------------------- 5000
    Dwarven Fury                Hold Triangle to charge, then release -- 2000
    Might of Rock               Increases Armor ------------------------ 10000
    Might of Iron               Increases Armor (level 2) -------------- 10000
    Level 4
    Goblin Bane*                Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 4000
    Charge Attack               X, Circle ------------------------------ 8000
    Rising Attack               X (when prone) ------------------------- 4000
    Balin's Death Charge        X, Circle, Triangle -------------------- 5000
    Balin's Gambit              X, Triangle, X, X ---------------------- 5000
    Rune of Protection          Increases Armor (level 3) -------------- 6000
    Level 6
    Orc Bane*                   Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 6000
    Balin's Deliverance         Triangle, X, X, Triangle --------------- 5000
    Might of Balin              Increases Armor (level 4) -------------- 10000
    Might of Gloin              Increases Armor (level 5) -------------- 10000
    Moria Axes                  Strengthens Axe Throw Attack ----------- 4000
    Mountain Rage               Strengthens Fury Attack (level 2) ------ 4000
    Level 8
    Bane of Saruman*            Square, X, R2 -------------------------- 8000
    Balin's Judgement           Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle --- 5000
    Might of Khazad-Dum         Increases Armor (level 6) -------------- 10000
    Wrath of Moria              Strengthens Fury Attack (level 3) ------ 6000
    Misty Mountain Axes         Strengthens Axe Throw Attack (level 3) - 6000
    Axe Mastery of Kings        Increases strength of Fierce Attacks ---- 10000
      ///// 5 - XP BOOST LOCATIONS
    Throughout the game there are hidden XP boosts, these boosts are crucial for
    leveling up quickly.  I have found 20 of these boosts (I think that's all of
    them), which are listed below.
         <<< PROLOGUE (0) >>>
         <<< WEATHERTOP (0) >>>
         <<< GATES OF MORIA (2) >>>
    -At the start of the level there is a block of ice on the left.  Break the
    block, then the chest inside to collect the first boost.
    -After you enter the swamp area, there is a chest in the first cove to the
         <<< BALIN'S TOMB (0) >>>
         <<< AMON HEN (3) >>>
    -At the start of the level, go up the stairs and on top of the stone structure
    behind you.
    -After Legolas says, "We must defeat these Uruk-Hai for Frodo to escape," kill
    the archer on the bridge, pass under the bridge, and on the left you should see
    a ramp.  Climb the ramp and the boost is in a chest on the far side of the
    -After you see the cutscene of Frodo hiding behind a tree, you will be crossing
    a big bridge.  Once you're on the other side, you will see a doorway above you
    with vines growing over it.  Hack the vines away to reveal a secret room with a
    chest in it.
         <<< FANGORN FOREST (3) >>>
    -After the cutscene of the Orc camp and the big pit, continue all the way to
    the left and you will find another chest.
    -The next boost is in the cavern behind the waterfall.  After you defeat the
    Wood Troll enter his little cave and break the chest. (Thanks to Marcin
    Jankowski for the info.)
    -The final boost is at the end of the level, in a chest in the area with the
    Wood Trolls.
         <<< PLAINS OF ROHAN (5) >>>
    -Once you enter the village and Gandalf says, "We must save everyone that we
    can, or this village shall fall," go all the way to the left.  There is a
    barrel between two buildings, break it to collect the first boost.
    -After collecting the first piece, defeat all the Uruk-Hai and Gandalf will
    open a door for you.  Enter this door and break the barrel of water to free the
    hostages.  Go behind the bar and smash your way to the other end, there is a
    chest with another boost in it.
    -Once you make your way outside kill the Berserker and smash the barrel of
    water by the villager.  It contains a boost and it will allow the villager to
    -When you get to the burning barricade that's blocking the ramp, shoot the
    barrel of water and then smash it. Go to the top of the ramp and smash the
    barrels of water on your right.  Now go back down the ramp and to the right of
    it is a chest containing the fourth boost.
    -The final piece is located in the courtyard at the end of the level.  After
    the Uruk-Hai throw the people into the burning house, go up the left side of
    the screen and break the barrel to get a boost.
         <<< THE WESTFOLD (2) >>>
    -When you cross the stream, go up it and you will find a chest with the first
    -After you see the cutscene where the soldier yells, "Hold them at the gate,"
    defeat the orcs and move toward the next area.  As you enter the next area, you
    should see a chest inside a burning building on the left. Pass under the
    burning building into the next area and, as soon as you enter, go to the right
    and up a flight of stairs.  Shoot the barrels at the top of the next flight of
    stairs to get to the top.  Now break the barrels you find there, this will
    extinguish the flames below allowing you to collect the boost.
         <<< GAP OF ROHAN (2) >>>
    -As soon as the level starts, go to the right, you will find a barrel
    containing the first boost.
    -In the same field, after you defeat the first two Wargs, head to the burning
    building. Smash the barrel to the right of the building to get the second
         <<< HELMS DEEP: DEEPING WALL (1) >>>
    -From the start of the level, head left until you pass the center part of the
    wall (it goes toward the background).  On the left side of this is a group of
    barrels, one of these contains a boost.
         <<< HELMS DEEP: BREACHED WALL (1) >>>
    -When you start the level head right, and cross over a pool over water.  On the
    far side of the pool is a barrel.  Smash it to get the boost.
    -After you rescue your companion on the wall from the Uruk-Hai. (Legolas or
    Aragorn, depending on which character you are.)  One of the dead Uruk-Hai will
    drop the final boost of the game.
    Although defeated enemies usually leave more than enough items to keep you
    going throughout the game, sometimes you really need another item to survive.
    Therefore, I have created this list of item chests and barrels.  There are
    three kinds of items you will find: Red Potions are a partial health restore,
    Green Potions are a full health restore, and Missile Bundles partially refill
    your ranged weapon ammo.
         <<< PROLOGUE >>>
    - None -
         <<< WEATHERTOP >>>
    - None -
         <<< MORIA GATE >>>
    - Green Potion - Near the start of the level, there is a chest on the left.  It
    is inside the second hole that the orcs burst out of.
    - Missile Bundle - After the cutcene of the orc archers shooting at you from
    the cliffs, you will find a chest to the right of the path leading under the
    - Green Potion - After you enter the swamp, go left into the second cove (the
    first cove contains an XP boost) and you will find a chest with a green potion
    in it.
    - Missile Bundle - When you are fighting The Watcher there will be a bundle
    floating in the bottom left corner of the screen.
         <<< BALIN'S TOMB >>>
    - Missile Bundle - There is a missile bundle floating on the far right of the
    ledge where you fight the Cave Troll.
         <<< AMON HEN >>>
    - Missile Bundle - After you here Legolas say "We must defeat the Uruk-Hai for
    Frodo to escape," you will find a chest on the left behind a tree.
    - Red Potion - When you are fighting Lurtz, you will find a red potion at the
    top of the screen next to Boromir.
         <<< FANGORN FOREST >>>
    - Green Potion - After you see the cutscene of the camp of orcs around a pit,
    you will find a chest at the far end of the camp.
    - Green Potion - At the end of the level, there is a chest on the right side of
    the area where you fight the two Wood Trolls.  The best way to get to it is to
    hack through the wall of vines on the right, rather than break through the logs
    to get to the trolls.
         <<< PLAINS OF ROHAN >>>
    - None -
         <<< THE WESTFOLD >>>
    - Green Potion - After the "Hold them at the gate" cutscene, defeat the orcs
    and pass under the burning house to the next area.  In this area, at the far
    end of the path, there is a chest.  Chances are it will already have been blown
    open by the Kamikaze Uruk-Hai that run down the path.
         <<< GAP OF ROHAN >>>
    - None -
         <<< HELMS DEEP: DEEPING WALL >>>
    - Green Potion - There are actually three on this level:
    A chest is located on the far right of the wall.
    Another chest is on the far left of the wall.
    The final chest is at the far end of the center wall.
         <<< HELMS DEEP: BREACHED WALL >>>
    - None -
    - None -
      ///// 7 - BOSS HINTS
    << THE WATCHER >>
    An evil as ancient as Middle-Earth, the Watcher is a giant octopus like monster
    that guards the entrance to Moria.  As big as this guy is, he's really not so
    tough.  Watch for his tentacles to rise up out of the water, when one of them
    swings at you; block it (Square) to stun it.  Now run up and hack it off.  This
    will cause the Watcher to raise its head up out of the water.  Plant an arrow
    (or axe) in its face and it will retreat back under water.  Repeat this process
    until you kill it.
    << CAVE TROLL >>
    Ill-Tempered and ugly, the Cave Troll is both slow and unintelligent, but
    beware, if he hits you, it hurts.  While you will face several more trolls
    throughout the game this one's definitely the hardest.  You will start this
    fight on ground, run up and hack (Triangle) the cave troll ONCE, if you attempt
    to Double Hack you will get clobbered.  After a hit, retreat and wait for him
    to pound the ground, then move in and repeat.  After about a third of his life
    bar is gone, you will see a cutscene, and you will move to a ledge that puts
    you right at head height.  Convenient.  Run to a pillar, and stand a little to
    either side of it.  (If you're in the right spot, the Troll will hit the pillar
    and not you.)  From your new vantage point, simply pelt the big boy with arrows
    (or axes).  While you're doing this, a Goblin will run up next to you and
    attack you, dispatch him and get back to pelting.  After the troll hits the
    pillar three times his chain will wrap around the pillar and he will pull it
    down.  Just move to another pillar a repeat this process until he dies.
    << LURTZ >>
    The leader of Sarumans Uruk-Hai squad that was sent to retrieve the hobbits,
    Lurtz had a nasty disposition and a low IQ.  Lucky for you.  When the battle
    begins, Lurtz will be trying to shoot you, he fires in three shot bursts, then
    rests to reload.  Take this opportunity to fire a couple shots of your own, and
    after about three or four hits, he will resort to swordplay.  The hardest part
    of this fight is trying to kill the Uruk-Hai that comes after you while your
    trying to fight Lurtz.  Once you do this, it's a cakewalk.  Try to keep a
    statue between yourself and Lurtz at all times, eventually he will swing at you
    and get his sword stuck in the statue.  Then, as if you didn't guess, run up
    and unload a few combos on him (if you have your RAGE attack this work great as
    well) then RUN!  Eventually he will break the statue and start to swinging
    wildly.  Repeat this process until he collapses into a heap on the ground (I
    REALLY wish you could decapitate this guy.)
    << WOOD TROLLS >>
    Bigger, meaner, and a little uglier than their cave counterparts, these guys
    are arrow proof, and they throw logs at you from a distance.  Fight these guys
    as you would fight the cave troll run in, hack, and run away.  When your reach
    an area with more than one troll, DON'T WORRY, they are surprisingly polite and
    will, for the most part, wait for you to finish killing their buddy before they
    attack you.
    << WARG LEADER >>
    This boss is rather simple, but he takes a while to kill so hang in there.  He
    will start by charging at you several times, I think the general number is
    about three.  After this, he will stop and rear up on his hind legs.  Shoot an
    arrow (or axe) into his soft underbelly to stun him, then run up and unleash a
    combo or two before he recovers.  When he recovers he will take off running, if
    you're to close he will knock you down then run.  Whatever you do, DON'T try
    attacking him from a prone position, his Warg will pick you up in it's mouth
    and then you'll get beat around a little before you are thrown aside. OUCH!
    Once he retreats he will call another small Warg to his aid, dispatch him and
    repeat the process on the Leader until he falls down for good.
    << CATAPULT >>
    This boss isn't difficult to beat considering it doesn't fight back.  The key
    is having plenty of energy left on your gate when it gets there.  To start
    you'll have to fight your way through the lovely army of orcs in front of it.
    Once you do this, however, it's a piece of cake.  There are three panels to
    destroy: one on the left, the right, and the front.  The best way to kill it is
    with your rage attack or, if you have the upgrades, your Gambit (X, Triangle,
    X, X) or Deliverance (Triangle, X, X, Triangle) moves.  Once you destroy all
    three panels, it's over.
    An alternate way to defeat the catapult is to use your Judgement attack
    (Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle) not on the catapult itself but on the
    surrounding enemies.  To do this, get as close to the catapult as possible and
    attack the Uruk-Hai, the ending burst from the move will damage the catapult as
    well as the Uruk-Hai around you. (Thanks to Marcin Jankowski for the info.)
      ///// 8 - HINTS AND TIPS
    I was originally going to comprise a full walkthrough for this section but
    after giving it some thought I realized, the game really isn't that hard. 
    Also, there are several walkthroughs on this site already, so I decided to
    create this section instead.  This section is designed to get you through the
    tougher parts of the game.  I'm using the e-mails I've received to compile this
    list so if you are having trouble with something let me know and I'll try to
    add it's solution to this section.
    The most e-mails I've received have been concerning the Hornburg Courtyard
    kevel.  To complete this level it is imperative that you LISTEN.  After saving
    you companion on the wall (Aragorn if you are playing as Legolas, or Legolas of
    playing as Aragorn or Gimli), return to the ground level and continue fighting
    the orcs at the gate.  After a few minutes, you will hear someone yell,
    "Archers on the wall!"  This will be your cue to get back to the top of the
    wall.  Once there, start shooting projectiles at the orcs in the background (on
    the other wall).  Once you defeat these archers, return once again to ground
    level and fight your way towards the gate.  After a few more minutes of melee
    battle, two cave trolls will climb over the wall a begin making for the gate. 
    Kill both trolls to end the level.
    I have received several e-mails with questions on how to reach the Tower of
    Orthanc bonus mission.  This information is listed in the Secrets section, but
    I will cover it here as well.  To unlock the Tower of Orthanc you must reach
    level 10 with any character, and complete the Hornburg courtyard with the same
    character.  The Tower level will then be unlocked for that specific character.
      ///// 9 - CODES AND SECRETS
    Nearly every game has some sort of cheat codes or unlockable secrets and
    characters.  THE TWO TOWERS is no exception.  Below is a list of all the codes
    that I am aware of, as well as a guide on how to unlock the secret level and
    character.  Finally, there is a list of the extras that you unlock for each
    << CODES >>
    To input codes pause the game and hold L1+L2+R1+R2, input code and release
    L1+L2+R1+R2.  You should hear a clanging sound to confirm correct entry. To
    enter more than one code, re-hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and input next code.  Re-entering
    a code will deactivate it.
    NOTE: Codes marked with a * can only be activated after unlocking the codes and
    secrets option on the quest map. (See secrets section for details).
    Add 1000 XP            X, Down, Down, Down
    Level 2 Skills         Circle, Right, Circle, Right
    Level 4 Skills         Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up
    Level 6 Skills         Square, Left, Square, Left
    Level 8 Skills         X, X, Down, Down
    Restore Missiles       X, Down, Triangle, Up
    Restore Health         Triangle, Down, X, Up
    *All Combo Upgrades    Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
    *Devastating Attacks   Square, Square, Circle, Circle
    *Invincibility         Triangle, Square, X, Circle
    *Small Enemies         Triangle, Triangle, X, X
    *Slow Motion           Triangle, Circle, X, Square
    *Unlimited Missiles    Square, Circle, X, Triangle
    << SECRETS >>
    There are three secrets in THE TWO TOWERS. There is one secret level, one
    secret character, and a page of cheat codes on the Quest Map.  Below is a brief
    description of each, as well as how to unlock them.
    - Tower of Orthanc - This is the tower of Sauruman.  It is set up like a
    survival mode, with twenty floors of about eight enemies each.  Between each
    floor you are given a slight health boost (equivalent to a red potion) and a
    small refill of ammunition (about six arrows/axes).  Enemies do NOT drop any
    powerups, so be careful.  To unlock the Tower of Orthanc, you must reach level
    10 with any character and beat the Hornburg courtyard. (If you follow my XP
    boost guide, you should be able to do both of these things your first time
    through the game).
    - Isildur - The man that cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand, Isildur starts at
    level 10 with all upgrades already purchased!  He can be used on all levels
    except for Weathertop, and is unlocked by beating the Tower of Orthnanc with
    any character. He starts at level 10, with all upgrades and combinations.  His
    upgrades and combinations are identical to Aragorn's.
    - Codes and Secrets Page (Quest Map) - This is required to use some of the
    cheat codes.  All you have to do to unlock this secret is beat the Tower of
    Orthanc with Isildur.
    There are several interviews as well as some production photos to unlock
    throughout your journey.  Here a list of what they are and how to open them.
    Interview - Peter Jackson ------------- Beat the Prologue
    Interview - Elijah Wood --------------- Beat the Prologue
    Interview - Ian McKellen -------------- Beat the Prologue
    Video - Making of the Video Game ------ Beat the Prologue
    Concept Art - Lord of the Rings ------- Beat the Prologue
    Production Photos - Rohan and Helm's Deep --- Reach level 2 with Aragorn
    Photographs - Fellowship of the Ring -------- Reach level 2 with Gimli
    Production Photos - Fangorn and Orthanc ----- Reach level 2 with Legolas
    Interview - Viggo Mortensen ----------------- Reach level 5 with Aragorn
    Interview - John Rhys-Davies ---------------- Reach level 5 with Gimli
    Interview - Orlando Bloom ------------------- Reach level 5 with Legolas
      ///// 10 - EASTER EGGS
    Most games have some type of "Easter Eggs" (i.e. hidden names, dates, or
    pictures) hidden throughout them.  The Two Towers does not have Easter Eggs, in
    the traditional sense.  I have comprised a list of the cool things I have
    noticed while playing this game.  If you have anything to add to it let me
    This ancient tree herder can be spotted several times in the Fangorn Forest.
    -The first place you can spot Treebeard is at the beginning of the level.  Just
    before you reach the attacking orcs, you can see him in the background on the
    left side of the screen.
    -You can see him again while traveling down stream.  When the camera shifts so
    that you are heading LEFT (just before the waterfall), Treebeard can be seen
    standing in the background, with his reflection in the water.
    I realize this section is small, I just felt that I had to get this information
    in this FAQ somewhere.  Please let me know about things you find in the game.
      ///// 11 - CREDITS AND THANKS
    First and foremost, I would like to thank J.R.R. Tolkien, for creating the
    timeless adventure that is The Lord of the Rings.  You will always be loved.
    Second, I want to thank Peter Jackson for recreating this tale in such an
    amazing way.  I never thought that a film could possibly do justice to The Lord
    of the Rings, thank you for proving me wrong.  I want to thank Electronic Arts
    for creating such a great game in a genre that has primarily sucked in the
    past.  I want to thank Gamefaqs for posting my FAQ and for all the help I've
    gotten though this site in the past.  And finally, I want to thank my dog,
    Biscuit.  She's the only one who doesn't look at me funny for cackling with
    glee while I kill hordes of orcs.
    I used Gamewinners.com to locate a couple of cheat codes (namely the level up
    codes) and post them in this FAQ. I would also like to thank Marcin Jankowski
    for contributing information in the XP Boost and Boss FIGHT sections.  Finally
    I want to thank all the people who have e-mailed me with comments and
    compliments on this FAQ, wighout the thanks and support of all you people this
    wouldn't be half as rewarding.  Thanks for Reading.
      ///// 12 - CONTACTING ME
    If you have questions, comments, or if you find have some CONSTRUCTIVE
    criticism you can E-Mail me at: switchfreak@hotmail.com.  Be sure to put THE
    TWO TOWERS in the message bar or I won't open your message.  Also let me know
    what you thought of the guide in general, this is my first time out so any
    feedback would be tremendous.  If I get a lot of positive feedback on this I
    will probably do some more of these in the future, after all someone has to
    write a guide for THE RETURN OF THE KING next year.
    On a final note; the above statement was made on a rumor I heard through a VERY
    long grapevine, but I have just had it confirmed to me that at this moment
    there are definite plans to make a game based on THE RETURN OF THE KING this
    fall, and a LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY game next fall.  Hopefully EA has heard
    the cries of the people and these games will be longer and have (possibly) a
    multiplayer mode.  Either way, I'll be writing FAQs for these games.  I'll see
    you then!
      ///// 13 - LEGAL STUFF
    This document was created exclusively for Gamefaqs and may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed
    on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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