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    Final Levels FAQ by Bilboboy

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                         The Two Towers -Final Levels FAQ
                                    By Bilboboy
    One ring to rule them all
    One ring to find them
    One ring to bring them all
    And in the darkness, bind them 
    1. Email Policy
    2. Other Works by the Author
    3. Helms Deep - The Deeping Wall
    4. Helms Deep - The Breached Wall
    5. Helms Deep - The Hornburg Courtyard
    6. Tower of Orthanc
    7. Copyright Notice
    1. Email Policy
    With any walkthrough, there will be minor errors or different ways of 
    doing things. But, there are certain ways of informing the author about 
    them, here is a list of things I will accept via email and that will be 
    acknowledged and included in the FAQ.
    Different mission strategies
    Polite suggestions of things I could put in when I next update the FAQ
    Your own reviews of my FAQ or any others that I've posted
    Things that you found didn't work that I said did
    New things you found that I missed i.e. secrets, glitches etc
    Here is a list of things that I don't want:
    Rude emails telling me a mission strategy or something is rubbish
    No foul worded emails WHATSOEVER
    No angry emails that say I have used something from your guide and I 
    haven't given you credit for it. If this is the case then a polite 
    email informing me of the error will solve the problem.
    No emails that don't explain the problem. E.G.Part3. How do you kill 
    him, will not get an answer as I will have no idea what mission you're 
    talking about, or if it's The Two Towers you want advice for.
    2. Other Works by the Author
    So far, I have two FAQS posted at gamefaqs.com which are for The Two 
    Towers (full walkthrough for the game) and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
    Also, on IGN.com I have three FAQs posted which are for The Two Towers, 
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (these two FAQs are the same as the ones on 
    gamefaqs.com) and another for The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time for 
    the Nintendo Gamecube.
    3. Helms Deep:  The Deeping Wall
    NOTE: Be prepared for a really tough time of it when playing the three
    Helms Deep levels, because I've lost count of the number of times I've
    died, or just generally received an ass kicking of the highest order. 
    You have been warned!!
    The first thing I'm going to do is tell you to watch the cutscene 
    because it is useful if you have no clue what you're supposed to do or 
    have not read the books and are not familiar with "Helms Deep". Now 
    onto the strategy, here is how the level works. The wall has three 
    sections. These are middle, left and right. There are also ladders for 
    each of these sections which must be kept down at all costs, leave the 
    enemy slaughtering to the other soldiers on the wall, because, if the 
    ladders aren't up, then the enemy can't get onto the wall, simple 
    strategy, but extremely effective
    The basic objective for this level is to prevent the orcs from taking
    complete control of the wall, which is where the meter in the right 
    hand corner comes in. You have to keep this meter as empty as you can. 
    Ideally, it shouldn't be above orange, but if it goes into red and you 
    can get it back down to orange or below, then that's fine. The map in 
    the left hand corner (which is better than mine!!) is a good indicator 
    if you're not quite sure where you should be going next.
    When you begin the level Aragorn shouts, "Take down those ladders 
    before we are overrun!" you should see a ladder in front of you, press 
    O to knock it down, and then knock down the other ladders which are 
    displayed as red dots on your map. By the time you have knocked those 
    down there should be another ladder up and some enemies should be on 
    the wall get to that ladder and try and help clear out a few enemies 
    (optional) or just hack your way through to the ladder and knock it 
    down using O.
    By this time, there will be quite a few ladders up, so go to one of 
    them and knock it down. You may notice some more ladders going up, 
    while you're travelling from one ladder to the next, make sure you take 
    care of the ladders which have been up for a while because they will 
    have more enemies on them, than the more recent ones. This rule also 
    counts for the rest of this level as well.
    From now on, it's pretty much up to you, as, like I said, there is no
    definite order in which the ladders go up, just keep on fighting and
    eventually there will be a cut scene during which the orcs gather 
    together their archers.  When you see arrows flying, you can do one of 
    two things:
    You can ignore them, and continue booting down ladders and killing orcs
    (only if there a lot of ladders up) or you can run to the back and 
    avoid being hit (only if there are very few ladders up).
    After a bit more kicking and fighting, there will be another cutscene,
    during which they start lobbing flaming rocks all over the shop. It is
    a very good idea to keep on the move and not get hit by these things 
    because they take great chunks off your health bar, on the plus side 
    though, they do take out large groups of enemies with one hit.
    After more kicking, fighting, avoiding of arrows and flaming rocks etc,
    there is another cutscene and you have finally beaten the level. 
    Stressful or what!! Don't worry if you die a lot because I died more in 
    these final three levels than I did in the rest of the game. Just keep 
    trying and trying and you will eventually beat the level. The bad news 
    however, is that the next level is twice as hard and stressful!!
    4. Helms Deep - The Breached Wall
    Another impossible level, and then enemies just keep on coming and 
    coming!! Enjoy the cut scene while it lasts because you won't get much 
    chance of rest in this level, that I guarantee. The idea for this level 
    is to defend the door to the caves where all the women and children 
    Ensure the exploding Uruk-Hai get no where near the door, and those 
    normal orcs that do get past must be killed immediately, regardless of 
    their number. OK, let's start. The first group of enemies you have to 
    kill are those exploding Uruk-Hai, so, get your bow ready, and let rip 
    with the arrows. 
    After a few minutes of this confused archery, a few normal orcs will 
    come at you, a few will attack you, but the majority will head straight 
    for the door. Use the rising attack on enemies with shields and a 
    simple hack job on the shield less ones. Be careful though, because 
    some more exploding Uruk-Hai will come, infact I would even suggest 
    holding down triangle to strengthen your fury attack, as they do loads 
    of damage.
    Just keep on your guard as each wave gets more frequent and tougher. 
    You'll now get a few archers and one of those son of a bitch orcs that 
    you first encountered in Fangorn Forest. Take out the archers first, 
    then kill the tough one, using the same strategy as before (let him 
    knock you down, fierce attack, R2 to kill instantly). 
    Then there will be a cut scene during which you see the catapult that 
    the enemy are rolling up to the gate. Then they will send in a cave 
    troll and a fresh wave of those exploding orcs, so be extra careful. 
    Let rip with the arrows to get rid of the exploding orcs and then, when 
    you get a spare minute in between each group of them, get rid of the 
    cave troll, now kill the remainder of the exploding orcs.
    Now for another cutscene and the best bit of fighting apart from 
    Orthanc, but more on that later. An orc will come up to you, parry his 
    attack and then kill him. Now proceed forward and a ton of shield orcs 
    will come and attack you (hint: the fury attack is very useful for this 
    Once they are all dead, proceed forward and kill all the archers 
    guarding the catapult, now to destroy the catapult. Kill the orc 
    standing at the left side and then destroy the wooden barrier on the 
    side of it with your best and strongest attacks and combos. 
    When that's destroyed kill the guards of the other two parts of the 
    catapult and then destroy the two parts. You'll now get a cut scene, 
    which shows the catapult falling to pieces and some pretty cool axe 
    wielding by Gimli. Now, that's it for this level, but the best is yet 
    to come.
    5. Helms Deep - Hornburg Courtyard
    Well done!! You've made it to the last real mission of the game, and 
    damn is it hard, even though you have the help of your two comrades 
    from The Fellowship and the King's army. This time you have to protect 
    the courtyard and the caves where the women and children are. 
    After the cutscene, you get thrown right into the middle of the battle, 
    and immediately get hailed with orcs, goblins and every enemy you've 
    encountered so far, including Cave Trolls. As soon as you get control, 
    get over to the door and start hacking away at anything that comes near 
    Try not to focus on killing individual enemies, try and use your combos 
    that will take out groups of them at once, however there are a lot of 
    shielded enemies on this level so a lot of your combos won't work, so 
    just watch out for that. After a bit, either Legolas or Aragorn 
    (depending on who is not with you defending the door) will call for 
    As quick as you can, run like hell to up the stairs and across the wall 
    to where either Legolas or Aragorn is. Once you've killed all the 
    enemies that were surrounding your comrade, get back down to the door 
    pronto. Halfway along the wall, there will be a cut scene, while this 
    is happening, tilt your left analog stick to the left, so that when the 
    cut scene finishes your character is already running in the direction 
    you want him to. 
    This makes getting back down to the door slightly quicker and reduces 
    the chance of you getting caught up in a fight somewhere along the 
    wall. Once back at the gate, keep with the strategy of only attacking 
    orcs who are actually attacking the gate and therefore not giving up 
    too much of the gate's health. 
    Now you have to listen carefully in this part because after about three 
    minutes you'll hear either Aragorn or Gimli shout "Archers on the wall" 
    now, run back up to the wall, try not to get caught up in a fight, and 
    shoot all the archers, I think there are seven in total. Once they are 
    all dead, run back down to the door and continue defending it. 
    After what seems like an age, two cave trolls come and join the party. 
    Your main job now is to kill these two because they can (and will) do a 
    lot of damage to the door. When I was doing it, I completely forgot 
    about the old strategy (run in, hit, jump back, run in etc) I just went 
    all out and attacked both of them, and when they knocked me over I went 
    in with my fierce attack and continued with my combos, this way, they 
    die a lot faster and can do less damage to the door and, if you die or 
    the door gets smashed in, even at this stage in the level, you have to 
    start from the beginning again, which is very annoying. 
    After you've beaten these two, CONGRATULATIONS you've just beaten the 
    last Helms Deep level and almost beaten the game!! Now you can access 
    the secret character and play the secret level.
    Secret Level - Strategy
    So, you've beaten the Helms Deep levels and are wondering what to do 
    next. Well, by now you should have a character who is at level 10 in 
    which case there is still the secret level to do and the secret 
    character to unlock. The secret level is actually the tower of orthanc 
    and can be quite hard if you're not good at fighting enemies "on mass". 
    So, I've decided just to write one strategy for all three characters as 
    it's the same level and concept for each character.
    Tower of Orthanc 
    This level is more of a survival challenge than a level, as you only 
    have one chance at completing it. By that I mean if you died you'd go 
    back to the first floor and have to start all over again. This level 
    has 20 floors, each with different types of enemies to kill. I found 
    combos work well with floors 1-7 but after that it's really up to you 
    how you kill them.
    Floor 1                 5 shield less uruk-hai	                  
    Deal with these like you've dealt with them throughout the game. Pretty 
    simple really.
    Floor 2                3 shielded uruk hai
                           2 un-shielded uruk hai	
    Break the shields of the shielded urk-hai and then use your combos or 
    whatever proves most effective and easiest.
    Floor 3                4 Dual knived uruk-hai	
     	           2  shieldless uruk-hai	
    Simply use all the combos you wish, as there are no shields to block 
    them. The best one to use is Saruman's Bane, which instantly kills an 
    attacking uruk-hai.
    Floor 4	           3 shielded uruk-hai		
    	           3 shield less uruk-hai	
    This floor is the same principal as floor one, but there is one more 
    shielded uruk-hai, so break the shields of the shielded uruk-hai and 
    then use your combos.
    Floor 5	           3 shielded uruk-hai
    	           3 dual-knived uruk-hai	
    Kill the dual knived uruk-hai first and then use your combos and 
    devastating attack on the shielded ones.
    Floor 6	           8 Archers	
    Run around, dodging the arrows and the stop every so often and parry 
    the arrows. Quickly shoot a few arrows at the archers to kill about 
    three. Keep up this strategy for all eight of them.
    Floor 7	           4 Archers
    	           2 dual knived uruk-hai	
    	           2 shield less uruk-hai	
    Shoot as many archers as you can, then go for the dual-knived uruk-hai. 
    Now kill the remainder
    of the archers and then the two shield less uruk-hai.
    Floor 8	           3 Archers	
    	           4 shielded uruk-hai	
    Run to one of the archers and quickly boot him over the edge, using O. 
    Now boot the other two archers over the edge and use your combos and 
    devastating attack on the shielded uruk-hai. 
    Floor 9	           4 Archers
    	           2 shielded uruk-hai
    	           2 dual knived uruk-hai	
    Shoot the archers first, then go for the dual-knived uruk-hai with your 
    combos, then, finally use devastating attack and your combos on the 
    shielded uruk-hai
    Floor 10	           2 Archers
    	           5 Uruk-hai	
    Watch out for the bombs which the archers throw at you. Take out the 
    five uruk-hai first, then the shoot the archers.
    Floor 11	           8 Archers	
    Kill the two that run up close to you, and then just keep shooting and 
    parrying until you defeat the rest, or just boot them off the edge, 
    whichever is simpler.
    Floor 12	           2 Archers
    	           4 dual-knived uruk-hai
    	           2 Uruk-Hai	
    Use combos on the Dual-Knived uruk-hai, then simply use devastating 
    attack on the normal 
    uruk-hai, then shoot the archers.
    Floor 13	           4 Archers	
    	           4 Uruk-Hai	
    Shoot the 4 archers first, and then use combos on the uruk-hai. Or, try 
    and get an uruk-hai infront of you, so that when an arrow is fired at 
    you, the uruk-hai gets it in the back and is instantly killed.
    Floor 14	           2 Archers
    	           2 shielded urk-hai	
    Shoot the two archers, then use devastating attack on the uruk-hai's 
    shields and then use Saruman's Bane on them.
    Floor 15	           4 archers 
    	           1 cave troll	
    Quickly, shoot all the archers, and use the usual tactics for a cave 
    troll (hit, jump back, hit, jump back) etc
    Floor 16	           2 Archers
    	           2 powerful Uruk-hai	
    Shoot the two archers and use devastating attack and R2 on the two
    strong uruk-hai.
    Floor 17	           4 Archers
    	           2 powerful Uruk-Hai
    	           2 Uruk-Hai                                          	
    Shoot the four archers, and then take care of the regular Uruk-Hai. 
    Now, use your rising attack and R2 to kill the stronger Uruk-Hai
    Floor 18	          4 Archers
    	          1 Cave troll
    	          1 powerful uruk-hai	
    Run around, shooting all the archers, and uruk-hai. Now kill the troll 
    using the usual method of hitting him with your sword, jumping back, 
    hitting him again etc.
    Floor 19	          2 Archers
    	          2 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai
    	          2 Cave Trolls	
    Shoot the archers, and take care of the dual knived uruk-hai. Now, lure 
    one troll away from the other and kill it as normal and do the same to 
    the other one.
    Floor 20	          3 Cave trolls (!)
    	          2 shielded Uruk-hai	
    	          3 Archers	
    Run around and shoot the archers, now break the shields of the shielded 
    uruk-hai and shoot them also. Now, lure on troll away from the other 
    two and take them on as normal.
    8. Copyrigth Notice
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2003 Michael Tattersall

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