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"The race is on, pink slips are the stake, you got what it takes?"

Rockstar has brought us the next installment of the Midnight Club series. Midnight Club II has been revamped even though it is a multi-console release it was delayed for the XBox so it could take advantage of Live capability, unfortuneately it failed to to take full advantage of the graphic power.

The Game:

Midnight Club takes you to the streets in several cities including Paris, Tokyo and other exotic locales. On these streets you go looking for action street racing as you find one of the several that are out cruising you flash your high beams see if you can tag along to the race site and race. As you progress you race for better and better rides the inclusion of bikes is a great touch. There are multiple game modes, the main is story where you progress getting better rides, there is arcade where you can just cruise or race any of the tracks you unlocked through the story and on line where you can race against up to 7 other live players. They also added track editor where you can customize the check points, however you can only select pre determined points.

The Graphics:

This is where I was most disappointed in the game there seems to be no major graphically upgrades from the PS2 model. The jaggies are predominant and are really not necessary. However the fun of the game will make you forgiving. The cars are well modeled the cities have incredible detail lot's of short cuts with back alleys and very large maps.

The Sound:

Rockstar must have forgot that the XBox has a custom sound track feature which can let you rip your own music tracks. When in story mode you may find yourself shutting the sound off as the annoying voice will drive you crazy repeating little digs while racing. The cars engines aren't very realistic but are adequate the crashes sound ok but nothing special. The biggest crime is the game is so so in so many areas when it could have been great.

The Controls:

If your looking for a GT don't look here. This is an arcade racer through and through. Although the controls are pretty good for an arcade racer you can powerslide turns use turbo boost do a slip stream turbo by following close to a racer then when your meter maxes hit the nitro. All in all the controls are adequate they are slightly configurable between pre set selections.

Over All:

Rockstar could have had a huge classic here with a bit more work. The sub par graphics the lack of sound options just make you wonder why they wouldn't have bothered. However the game is fun you will find yourself trying over and over to beat that pesky guy and taking his ride. The fact it's online is a great boost for the Live junkies as this is the first street car racer live enabled and all in all does a good job.

I advice renting and waiting to see how Mid Town is before buying this game. If Mid Town is half of what is hyped to be you won't want to miss it beacuse of this game. However if you just need a Live racer now then go get it, You will still have alot of fun

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/11/03, Updated 06/11/03

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