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"I need Nos and I need it by tonite."

You think you got what it takes to race with the best underground street racers? Well if you do Midnight Club 2 is for you. This game is very frustrating but addicting too. Sort of like a love have relationship!

The Game:

Midnight Club puts you in the street of L.A, Paris, and Tokyo. You have to drive around and find a racer and race him for his car. If you win several of that racers race you will win his car. Each car gets better and better and you even get to ride a motorcycle. That is just career mode but there is also arcade mode which reminds me of twisted metal but with street racing in it. A race editor and my favorite cruise mode. Where you can ride around and do what you wish. All these modes are for multi player expect career. You can also go on xbox live and start drag racing with people. Tons of funs.
The Graphics:
The graphics are pretty nice but I am not that picky about them. I have played on a HDTV and it looks much clearer. But the draw distance, car details, and crashes look pretty nice. This game has pretty good crashes. I was impressed. The city is alive with people walking the streets, cars going along their jolly way and replica building in all the cities like the Eiffel Tower and London Bridge. I love the Beastia off the line!
The Sound:

While the songs in the game are pretty good. The game would have rocked it had a custom soundtrack avaible. That would be awesome. The cars whizzing by you really give you a sense of speed. Each car sounds unique and the burnouts sound nice. The sounds is above average but if it has a custom soundtrack option with it it would have rocked.

The Controls:

As you progress through the career mode you can unlock new stuff to do with you car. Like burnouts, in air controls, riding on two wheels, and slip stream turbo. The controls are easy and they have various configurations for the player is they don't like the default.

Over All:

I think this game is better than the first. Some of the races can be hard but they are fun and you wont want to stop playing untill you beat it. Online is a big plus too because it adds alot of replayilbility to the game. If you street racing or racing in general and have the need for speed. I recommend this to you. There is nothing better than hitting the nitrous oxide button and looking back on the other racers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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