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Reviewed: 06/18/03 | Updated: 06/18/03

Fun street racing action!

I was looking forward to Midnight Club 2 for the Xbox. I heard good things about it from the Playstation 2 players so I thought it would rule on the Xbox. A few hours into the game, I realized that it was much more difficult than I thought it could be.

The gameplay can be really fun and also a pain. The first few races in career mode are somewhat easy, but sometimes you will have to restart the race after you get to know the track. But after a few races in Los Angeles, you realize that the game is going to be much more difficult than you thought. This game will have you pulling out your hair just trying to remember where the checkpoints are and the fastest way to get there. Another thing that drives me crazy about the game is the A.I. The regular cars will try their best to pull out in front of you or make you wreck sometimes. This can drive you crazy if your close to first and all of the sudden a car pulls out in front of you. The gameplay is really fun, but can drive you crazy also.

The graphics are alright. They are nothing special for the Xbox, but some of the lighting in the game is done great. The car models look smooth and overall, all the game is done greta as far as graphics go. The sound is one part that brings the game down. You can not have custom soundtracks in the game. The soundtrack for the game is alright, but it's nothing compared to being able to listen to your own tunes while racing.

You can play the game online with Xbox Live. You can race up to 8 players. There are many different modes to choose from online. CTF, Detonator, Career, Circuit, Custom, and Cruise. Since I can not go through them all and you can probably guess what a lot of them are, I'll just explain one or two of them. Career and circuit are basically just regular races. Career races are races that you've been in while playing in career mode off-line and circuit are just regular races. Custom Races are tracks that the host has created by himself. Custom races are usually fun and are quite a challenge. Sometimes you can find a custom race that are drags, which are the funnest in my opinion.

Overall, this game is done great. If you don't have Xbox Live, you may not want to buy this game since it doesn't seem like it has good replay value after you beat it. If you do have Xbox Live, then you would probably like this game and you could play it for many hours just online.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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