Review by duzitsuk

Reviewed: 06/24/03 | Updated: 06/24/03

BOOM!! Midnight Club comes racing toward you with great fun

Boom! What do you think is the greatest racing game out there now? Burnout? Apex? Well if you have not tried this game out yet than you're mistaken, Midnight Club 2 comes at you with great graphics, awesome gameplay, and intense head-to-head racing.

To start it off, I'll list the negative points. First, the music is not that great, the only good song I think is ''Put your top down'' by Tre Little. I suggest turning down the music volume and cranking up the SFX volume.
The second bad point is that they overlooked so many glitches. It is so easy to get into ''blocked buildings'' you can fly by going on a sewer edge, if you hit start while your motorcycler falls off, you have a riderless motorbike.

Now here comes the good part, the rest of the game. There are unlockables, speed, babes that you race, a challenging campaign, and great graphics.
The fun thing about it is that it is like real street racing for keeps, you start with the worst car, to get a better car you have to beat that car in multiple races, as soon as you beat the champion of one city, you get to go to a new one, so you get different cars from different cities. They have their own made up cars with awesome names and high speed. The slowest any car's top speed is 105. The campaign is challenging and takes a while, so it has so much fun put into it.
The SFX are awesome in this game, screeching tires, cranked tires, jets, nitros, insults.
Listening to people cuss at you when you run them over is so funny. Lets face it the SFX are bomb
The people in this game have a range of personalities. Some are spiteful (Maria, Farid, Angel) some are nice (Moses, Gina, Blog) some dont care anything about you, they just want to win (Dice, Parfait) and one just wants to not have to street race anymore (Savo). And Gina is sexy.
The graphics are good, after certain amount of crashes your car gets beat up, starts smoking, and eventually is blown sky high. The cars are all fun to race, and some people online find they do well with a certain car (me=Boost) but most newbs dont bother finding the car they are good with they just get the fastest or the one they've unlocked (mostly Torques and Modo Pregos are the most common I see) The interaction is stupendous like most Xbox games
Oh did I mention this game is for Xbox live? That makes it one of the greatest top ten games overall, its 2nd on my list, losing only to MechAssault.

In conclusion, this game is a great game with people who have a need for speed and brutal street racing, and its just plain fun, I only got this game because I have Xbox Live but now I love it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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