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"Its not bad, but get Burnout 2 instead"

I played the first Midnight Club a while back and it was not bad. Unfortunately, very little has changed for its sequel, which really disappoints me. There are plenty of other street racing games out there, and I thought this would be the best. I was wrong.

Graphics & Sound
This is a section that you can really tip your hat to. The graphics in the game are very good, with oncoming traffic, detailed environments full of shortcuts and unique cars. I disliked, however, that there was very little visible damage, so you could not purposely ram into a lorry and then have to drive with the bonnet in your windshield for the rest of the race. There is only a meter to indicate the amount of damage inflicted on your car, which was disappointing to say the least. The sounds were also a strength of the game, as there were many new tracks that had variety. Each course had its own music to identify the course with, so a Midnight high speed race would have rock while a twisting, low speed course would be more mellow. There were screeches from sharp turning and screams from innocent individuals who happened to be in your way at the time. Many of the cars also had their unique sounds, but I would have preferred more variety. Overall, the sound and graphics were great.

Here is the juicy bit that brought down the score. That does not mean that the game was tedious or cheap in some way, but it was just the same old thing. Once again, you race around on the streets winning new cars and getting into a few cop chases. I would have liked money to be involved, as well as tuning and getting a paint job. That way, your vehicle is totally customizable. Instead, you just drive around looking for a race, but believe me, it is not as fun as it sounds. There were new characters with some annoying and humorous personalities, but that was not enough to haul me in. Unimpressive, cliched and old are the 3 words that sum up the gameplay. I was impressed with the control though, but I would have preferred the turbo button to be closer, but that is only a minor complaint.

If the gameplay were better and not so tired, then maybe this could last for more than a fortnight, but it will not. There are a few things to unlock and a wide variety of races to compete in, but hardcore racing gamers will soon get bored.

The game is definitely worth the rent, even if only 50% of the game will be done in that time. Whether to buy it is a different story; GT3 fans will probably not like this, while those who like Need For Speed may be interested. I recommend Burnout 2 or Project Gotham Racing instead on this, though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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