"A game that cheats?"

A few years back I played part one of the series on Ps2 and loved it. The races were challenging and the capture the flag game was hilarious with a few friends over.
More then enough reason to buy part 2 right? Well, after having completed the full game, I decided people had to be warned......warned to run, run away, upon sight af this game!


A mixed bag, and I do mean, really mixed! The cars are okay, but the environments look like they come rolling out of a Ps2! The Xbox can do much better then this.
Another weird thing is the fact that the cars sometimes shine like they are made out of glass or something. See those things move around on the car? Well, those are reflections.....yes I know they look like graphical glitches, but those really are reflections.

Graphics 2/10


Útter rubbish! Complete, utter rubbish! The whole idea is to
drive around 3 large cities, looking for potential streetracers. There are always 2 or 3 of them driving the streets and before you hit the streets, the game shows where they are. When you find them you're supposed to flash your headlights and the chase is on. If you can keep up, you'll be challenged to race the guy you just whooped, and his hookmen.If you win the following race you advance and can win your opponents car in the following race. After that, restart from the first step.
The thing is: the computer ALWAYS cheats!
One of his fovorite tricks is to turn all hookmen into suicidal kamikaze pilots, that smash into you, and try to trash your car. If this would mean that you can do the same, it would be fair, but where your car is like a feather and slower then a tortoise, their cars seem to be solid brick walls driving around at top speeds far exceding yours, while they are driving the same, or even inferior cars! Which results in them pushing you around all over the place That's really cheaty ain't it?
Wait, it get's worse. What to think of them getting out of crashes undamaged! The streets in this game are crowded with fellow drivers, but where the opposition can just plow through without losing any speed, YOUR car slows down to a crouch at the slightest gust of wind from opposite direction!
Another trick the CPU likes to pull, is when you are finally ahead, to have a 100 ton, unmoveable truck stop right in front of you! The rest is obvious....you crash into it and thereby come to a complete stop, and the oppositions flies right past you. (when a cpu racer is ahead of you, a mysterious happening occurs, where the roads are suddenly completely empty where he's driving)
To top it all off, this game get's more and more frustrating the further you get, because the pace in this game is just way to high.
The thing is, besides driving at 300 mph around crowded streets and alleys, you also have to perform all kinds of tricks at the same time, (like driving on 2 wheels, flipping your car, etc) AND you have to watch your radar to see where the next checkpoint is AND you have to watch the opposition AND you have to watch uncoming traffic AND you have to watch the road itself, AND....you get the point right? After a while, you just start hammering buttons randomly and hope you press the right ones.
Well, this insane CPU should mean a solid challenge for the CTF and detonator minigames right, seeing as these minigames can be played against a grand total of 7 cpu controlled vehicles at once.
WRONG! Any game you start, no matter what you do, always goes like this:
You all start from a central position, and after about 10 seconds or so, all CPU drivers are stuck somewhere, trying to drive through walls, or sometimes not even moving at all!
Another thing that is just plain wrong is the fact that, when you win a new car, you throw the old one away and never look at it any more, because the next car is always better then the previous one, under any circumstances.
This takes all strategy of choosing the right car for the right track out of the game: the newest car is always the best, so why bother looking at the rest?

Gameplay: 0/10


Well, the sound barely saves this game from the garbage can.
The cars sound decent (although corny and standard, but it could be worse)
The background music features a nice selection of genres, from hip hop to trance, although it would have been nice if there'd been the option of using your own music from a cd or so.

Sound: 6/10

Replay: If you have a very large group of friends, maybe a week. If you don't: NONE!

Rent or buy?

Neither. Believe me, just about ANY Xbox game is better then this trash. When you see someone thinking about buying this, slap them in the face and put the copy they're holding in their hands back in the trashcan it came from.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/29/03

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