Review by Dark Jedi Malak

"Best street racing game out yet........"

Gameplay: I give this game an 8 on gameplay. The general idea is you drive around town and find other racers to race. When you beat them this gains respect and at the end of each city,which there are 3,L.A., paris, and tokyo You race the city champion. When you beat them you move on to the next city. Once you beat each racer they give you a new car and sometimes a new ability such as, SST, Nitrous, or being able to control yourself in the air. There are cars and bikes''crouch rockets'' as they are called. The bikes are hard to control but are fast and the cars are slower but have better handling. After a while you will gain a nitrous. Which, for those of you who do not know is a turbo boost for your car. THe most you can get are 4. These regenarate after each race. After you beat one racer you have to find another in the city to race. This is not too hard. On the cars you can pop up on two wheels and on the bikes you can duck down for more speed or pull back for a wheelie. The bikes do not have nitrous in them.

Graphics: I give this game a 7 on graphics. The graphics are not the best in the world but they will do. When you hit the nitrous exhaust fumes come out of the tailpipe. When your car gets beat up it starts to smoke and will eventually blow up. Another thing, it does not have licenced cars. They just made up a bunch of names for cars. They still look pretty cool.

Multiplayer: I give this game a 8 for multiplayer. There is a cruise mode, a single race mode and a career type thing. The multiplayer works pretty well, providing you have a large tv. The cool thing is you can race your friend without a real race mode. That is really fun.

Xbox Live Support: This game gets a 9 on it's xbl support. It works really well. People on there organize races and hit eachother like a demolition derby. It is really fun.

Replay Value:I give this game an 8 on Replay Value. After you beat the whole game you can make your own tracks and just cruise and do stuff. It takes a while to make the tracks. You have to learn how to make them.

Overall Value: This game may get boring after a while but the track editor makes a pretty good add on. This game in my opionon gets a 7. A well planned game but needs licensed cars, more tracks and needs to be longer. That is about it. Have fun! Oh yeah! the multiplayer has 3 and 4 player on xbox. Have fun again!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/03

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