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Illegal street racing...what a great idea for a game. Any game based on this should do well...but this does not. Rockstar definetly falls short on this great idea, and they fall terribly short indeed. The major problem i have with the game is the fact that there is no car customization what so ever (with the exception of colors of course). You cannot race for pink slips or cash...when you win you simply just take the car. Now dont get me totally wrong i did like playing this game...but thank crap i rented it before buying it. The RACING IS THE BEST aspect of this game, Rockstar did do this extermely well. But now for the review broken down:

Graphics: 9
I mean this is a high profile game, made by a high profile company, on the xbox...naturally the game had great visuals but nothing you havent seen before on the xbox.

Playibility: 10
Like i said before this game is very fun to play...but not very fun to play for long perods of time mind you. The controlls are flawless.

Entertainment: 7
The funnest part of the game is playing with your friends or on live...but other than that the single player gets repetitive very fast due to no customization of vehichles, no need to build up cash, and so forth. On further note this game is not open ended at all. C'MON the company that gave you the GTAs makes a game where nothing can be done except for the next race!

Replay value: very low
Youll wanna rent this play it for a few days and not much more. And if you beat if within a couple hours (which is very possible) you wont want to pick it up again.

Closing note
The idea of a game like this is a great one that , if done properly, could have been great...but again the idea of this kinda game is all about customization of your ride. Who wants to play a game that taunts you like this. When i first rented this i was psyched to play it and i was psyched...untill i played it. Me and a friend of mine were so PERTURBED. But the multiplayer aspect of this was an addition that saved it...along with the LIVE capability. Although we did have to make up our own game type to sastisfy our needs. haha

Rent it, return it, never think about it again.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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