Review by ranion

Reviewed: 07/25/06

Wish it had been a little easier


I'm not here to say too much about this game. Just what I liked and didn't like. I am big HP Lovecraft fan, so Call of Cthulhu had a lot going for it from the start. It really captures the Lovecraft universe well and most of the creatures really look like something you'd expect from Lovecraft's stories. This level of immersion was about all I liked.

Now the bad stuff. This game is difficult. Extremely difficult. Granted I don't have the patience for action games that I used to, but even taking that into consideration the challenge level in this game was annoying. Probably my biggest complaint are the effects they add when Jack, the main character, starts to freak out. Every time you are chased by enemies, approach enemies with a gun, look over a ledge, or think of something remotely scary, the screen goes all fuzzy or slows down, or in some way prevents you from doing what you have to do. Time travel should be invented if only to go back in time to the staff meeting where this feature of the game was suggested and talk reason to the developers. The game is hard enough without the effect. Add the effect, and it is nearly impossible in places.

The second major problem is that you can only save the game in prearranged save spots. Some of these spots are rather inconveniently placed in terms of pacing. Even though you can skip some intermissions, some parts you can't. So when these parts are followed by a difficult spot (read: die repeatedly), you need to sit through the intermissions over and over. It only happens two or three times in the game, but its enough to be noteworthy.

The final major problem is that no strategy really works in this game except trial and error. There is a scene where you must shoot at locals from the back of a truck as someone else drives out of town. I must have tried this at least two dozen times before realizing the best method was just to crouch in the back of the truck, move back and forth constantly, and heal every now and then... a rather ridiculous solution to a such a thought out sequence of the game.

If you are up for challenge and like Lovecraft, give it shot. If I were a better game player, I may see some additional value in this like the other reviewers. But it was too tough for my liking.

As a final note, I should mention that it is a little glitchy on the Xbox 360. I could not defeat Robert Marsh in the last level because the game kept encountering an error.. so I was never able to see any of the game beyond this point. Reading over the walkthrough, it looks like this glitch is a common problem. So, play at your own risk if you have the 360!

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