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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick
    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction
    Legal Information
    Version History
    II - Walkthrough
    000.0 - Basic Strategies and Chainsaw Combos
    001.0 - Dearborn Outskirts - "The things that were and shall be again."
    002.0 - Downtown Dearborn - "Dead by dawn."
    003.0 - Nathaniel Payne Museum - "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun."
    004.0 - Colonial Dearborn - "Hail he who comes from the sky!"
    005.0 - Civil War Dearborn - "This is my BOOMSTICK!" 
    006.0 - Evil Dearborn - "Who's laughing now?"
    Welcome to my Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick FAQ.
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
    is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to A 
    Fistful of Boomstick in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what 
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    covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything 
    sent to me that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me 
    only if it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse 
    anyone reading.
    Legal information:
    This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005.
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    Version History:
    First Submission: Version 1.0. 
    II - Walkthrough
    000.1 - Basic Strategies:
    - Make sure to learn how to use the chainsaw early on. It can be your best 
    friend later on in the game when you need to conserve your ammo, but you're 
    screwed if you haven't had some quality time getting good with the combos. 
    - DON'T FORGET TO SAVE! Remember, when you die, you start at the last time 
    you saved. So if you haven't saved the entire level and then die, you get to 
    replay it. Also keep in mind that you can't skip over major cinematics. 
    000.2 - Chainsaw Combos:
    - Whirlwind - Press the attack button once and hold it. Release to swing the 
    chainsaw. This attack will kill most normal Deadites in one hit. Best used to 
    attack groups of Deadites.
    - Impale - Press the attack button twice, hold, and release. Unlike the 
    whirlwind, you can't wait too long before releasing. Can kill most Deadites 
    with one hit, and Guardians and Warriors with two. Best used for fighting one 
    Deadite at a time.
    - Backhand Slash - Press the attack button three times, hold, and release. 
    Does a decent amount of damage. Best used against two or three Deadites.  
    001.0 - Dearborn Outskirts - "The things that were and shall be again."
    - Find more weapons 
    - Find the security guard at the Kitten Club
    - Get inside the TV station
    001.1 - Find more weapons
    You begin at the very edge of town, so there's only one way to go. Talk to 
    the cop that kills the Deadite, who offers to pair up and fight the forces of 
    evil together. Of course, after he runs around the corner a Deadite breaks 
    through a wall and kills him. Talk to the Lumber Yard worker standing against 
    the gate near you; he tells you that he's been waiting for the other workers 
    to clock out and let him in. He says that his boss has a key, but he doesn't 
    know where he is.  
    Directly across from where you are now is a small lot with a save card on the 
    right. Pick it up and then continue through the small walkway in the 
    construction area, where the Shovel is. Try and use the Shovel instead of the 
    Boomstick for now since you're only being attacked by one or two Deadites at 
    a time. Continue down the road, killing Deadites as you go along, and talk to 
    the cop in front of the club. He tells you that no one is allowed in to 
    prevent anyone already inside from escaping, and to take it up with the 
    police captain if you want to. Do exactly that, the police captain is just up 
    the road standing in front of a roadblock. He tells you that only officers 
    are allowed past the roadblock, and asks to see a badge as proof. 
    Unfortunately, we don't have a badge, so keep going down the road you're 
    currently on. Follow it to the end, where two Deadite-cops are eating the 
    corpse of... the Lumber Yard boss? Kill the two Deadite-cops with your Shovel 
    and the Lumber Yard owner will get up and attack you. Kill him as well. You 
    can now go and collect two new items: a police badge from one of the Deadite-
    cops and the Lumber Yard key from the Yard owner. 
    Now backtrack your steps all the way back to the front of the Lumber Yard and 
    open the front gate. Run inside and pick up the Health Pack in the top right 
    corner. Now head through the barn to your left, in the very back of it is a 
    chainsaw. Refer to the Weapons section for chainsaw attacks; try and get a 
    lot of practice with it here in the early levels before you're low on ammo in 
    a later level and are forced to use it. 
    As you begin to leave the barn, the five or six dead workers will rise up and 
    attack you. Kill them, but don't leave the barn; three more Deadites will 
    attack you as soon as you step outside, so killing these guys first will 
    prevent them from overwhelming you. When all eight or nine Deadites are dead, 
    head to the right (straight ahead from the barn) to the planks of wood 
    covering the gap in the fence. Get close to it and break it with your 
    You come out near the Kitten Club, but don't show the police captain your 
    badge just yet. Head all the way back to where you found the badge and Lumber 
    Yard key; you'll notice that there's another breakable section in a fence. 
    Hack the wooden planks away and pick up the Spellbook, which has the Strength 
    spell and a save. 
    001.2 - Find the security guard at the Kitten Club
    Now run over to the Kitten Club and speak with the police captain, who lets 
    you through the roadblock since you now have a badge. The road forks right 
    and left, so take the left and run up the street. Pass the alley on the left 
    but make a mental note of it. Keep going down the street, past the locked 
    gate that leads to the park, and around the corner. You'll see a pair of 
    bikers being attacked by Deadites. Kill all of the Deadites and speak to one 
    of the bikers, who gratefully gives you a tin ring as a token of gratitude. 
    Behind the two trucks in the small lot where the bikers are is another save, 
    so pick it up before continuing down the street.
    Just around the corner is another small lot with a save in it, so pick it up 
    and kill the Deadites there. Keep going down the street (don't forget to pick 
    up the other save on the right side of the street) until you reach the TV 
    station. Talk to the girl in the yellow shirt standing in front of the gate. 
    She gives you a key to the front gate, but says that the main door won't open 
    without a swipe card. She tells you that the security guard has a swipe card, 
    but went to the Kitten Club to "die with a smile on his face." 
    Continue along the road, and you'll eventually end up back at the roadblock. 
    Talk to the police captain, who refuses to grant you access to the club 
    unless you can kill the Deadites in the small lot. It's just too bad that the 
    main wall is too high to be able to shoot them; what we need is some 
    Remember that alley that I told you to make a mental note about (come on, it 
    was only three paragraphs ago)? Head down the alley and past the second 
    entrance to the park, which is also locked. Follow the winding path, killing 
    the Deadites that break through the walls, until you reach the back door to 
    the Kitten Club. It's locked, but there's a key to the park lying in front of 
    it. Head back to the park entrance near the alley and unlock it using your 
    new park key. 
    Inside the park, pick up the boxes of shotgun shells, the save, and the 
    health pack. Before long, a dozen Deadites will rise from their graves and 
    attack you. After killing them all, check their corpses for some dynamite. 
    Once you've found it, head back to the Kitten Club and hurl a stick of 
    dynamite over the wall to kill all of the Deadites. Talk to the police 
    captain, who thanks you before running off. 
    Now return to the alley that leads to the back entrance to the Kitten Club 
    (where you found the key to the park). As you proceed down the alley, dozens 
    of Deadites will attack you; use your trusty Boomstick to get the job done 
    without being injured. When you reach the back entrance, head inside and kill 
    the security guard-Deadite and collect his swipe card. Don't forget the 
    Lightning spell that's lying around.
    001.3 - Get inside the TV station
    Now get back to the TV station. Use the key on the front gate; you'll find 
    that it's stuck, so use the Strength spell and try unlocking it again. Pick 
    up the save on the left before using the swipe card to open the front door. 
    Enter the station and kill the swarm of Deadites that attack you. When 
    they're all dead, talk to the two people cowering in fear in the left corner. 
    002.0 - Downtown Dearborn - "Dead by dawn."
    - Find Professor Knowby's notes
    - Close all of the Vortexes in town
    - Find Knowby's cipher key
    - Find Trisha and Eldridge
    - Close all the Vortexes in town (Part 2)
    002.1 - Find Professor Knowby's notes
    Eldridge thinks that someone at Dearborn University might know the 
    whereabouts of Knowby's notes, but there's also the possibility that the 
    police who investigated his murder might have them as well. Check out the 
    University first; there are a few things that need to be done before going to 
    the police station.
    Immediately look behind the truck to your left in the TV station's parking 
    lot and find the Mana upgrade. Now leave the station parking lot. Take a 
    right and then another quick right. Head down the alley, there's a vortex at 
    the end. You'll need to take care of it, but not just yet. Continue past it 
    and pick up the health pack just before entering the park. Pick up the save 
    that's in the corner of the park and then leave using the other entrance to 
    the left of the one you entered. Talk to the cop, who tells you that all of 
    the evidence collected in the Knowby case was recently thrown away, but that 
    it's probably still in the dumpster behind the police station. Good to know. 
    From the entrance to the park (where the cop is) take a right and head down 
    the street until you reach a doughnut shop. There's an alley next to it that 
    leads to the University, which is otherwise closed off. Run down the alley 
    and break through the wooden barricade. Enter the University grounds and 
    avoid the Vortex; take a right and rescue the frightened professor from his 
    Deadite students. YOU CAN'T LET THE PROFESSOR BE ATTACKED. Some NPCs are 
    invulnerable; the professor is not one of them. If he dies, you lose and have 
    to start over from your last save. When all of the Deadites are dead, he'll 
    tell you that he has Knowby's notes, and goes inside the University to get 
    them. While you're waiting outside, the students are resurrected, so kill 
    them again. When you finish, the professor returns and gives you Knowby's 
    notebook, too bad that it's all written in code. The professor tells you that 
    you have to find the cipher that can translate it. Oh yeah, and if you happen 
    to find a gold watch that used to belong to Knowby, he'll make it worth your 
    002.2 - Close all the Vortexes in town
    However, there are a few more things to get done before we find the cipher. 
    Leave the University the same way you came and take the road that's 
    perpendicular to the doughnut shop, slightly to the left. Follow that road 
    until you reach a fork; take a right and collect the health pack that's next 
    to the cop car and ambulance, and then turn around and continue left. Head 
    down that road and take the next left, which leads to the church. As soon as 
    it comes into sight, everyone in the church will scramble out and run around 
    like chickens with no heads. Unfortunately for them (and more so for you), 
    the Deadites that come out of the vortex directly in front of the church will 
    attack them and turn them into the living dead. Try and kill all of the 
    Deadites before they have the chance to attack the humans. If you fail to do 
    this, you'll have about twenty Deadites chasing after you.
    When you've secured the area in front of the church, head inside and talk to 
    the reverend. He tells you that the only way to close the Vortexes is by 
    having pure silver. He also says that a gang of bikers recently broke into a 
    jewelry shop; you might be able to persuade them into lending you their loot. 
    Basically, what that means is that you have to find the bikers that are 
    standing around being attacked. If you rescue them, they'll give you a piece 
    of silver that you can use to close a vortex. If they die, you get to kill 
    the biker and take his silver anyway. 
    To find the first biker, head back to the park; he's standing in an alley 
    across from where the cop was standing. Rescue him and he'll tell you that 
    his silver is stashed in the TV station parking lot. He also gives you the 
    Possess Deadite spell. Run over to the parking lot and collect the silver 
    (it's on the left), and then close the vortex in the alley next to the TV 
    The second biker is standing in front of the doughnut shop. Use his piece of 
    silver on the vortex in the University. When you close that vortex, a cop 
    will give you his pistol. 
    The third biker is standing next to a school bus to the left of the 
    University (assuming that you're facing away from the University). Use this 
    piece of silver on the Church vortex. 
    The last biker is near the University too; he usually becomes a Deadite 
    before I have the chance to rescue him, though. He drops both a silver goblet 
    and a coin; use one of them on the vortex near the museum to complete the 
    002.3 - Find Knowby's cipher key
    Remember the Possess Deadite spell that the biker gave you? It's time to put 
    it to good use, so head over to the police station (past the TV station if 
    you're coming from the park) and use the spell near the cop car parked out 
    front. As a spirit, go down the alley and into the back lot, which is loaded 
    with Deadites. Make contact with one of them to possess it, and then run to 
    the back corner where the dumpster is. Collect the Sealed Envelope and the 
    Now return to the church to give Eldridge the cipher. You find that the 
    reverend is dead and that Trisha and Eldridge are missing.
    002.4 - Find Trisha and Eldridge 
    Leave the church and speak with the cop that's appeared outside; he tells you 
    that the Deadites have been rounding up survivors in the park. Run over to 
    the park and enter through the side entrance near the TV station (use the 
    park key to unlock the gate). Quickly close the vortex with your last piece 
    of silver, and then unload shells into the ten or so Deadites. A good 
    strategy to use against them is to run around the gazebo while firing behind 
    When they're all dead, check on Trisha and Eldridge. Eldridge translates 
    Knowby's notes and finds out that the only way to dispel the evil is by using 
    the Kandarian Summoning Stone. They decide that the Stone is probably in the 
    Nathaniel Payne Museum, and head there to find it. 
    You, on the other hand, have to close the new vortex that's appeared.
    NOTE: I've gotten enough emails about this to warrant mentioning it. When you 
    go to enter the park, initially there's no option to use the park key. You 
    have to press the action button first, and Ash will say something along the 
    lines of "Hmm... this gate is locked." Afterwards, the option to use the key 
    will be available. 
    002.5 - Close all the Vortexes in town (Part 2)
    The first thing to do is find some silver. Leave the park and pass the TV 
    station (heading towards the police station); you'll come upon a mechanic 
    standing in front of his shop. Apparently, the envelope you found is 
    addressed to him. Give it to him and he'll reward you with some explosive 
    shotgun rounds.
    Now continue down the street towards the police station. A biker is standing 
    near an 18-wheeler. Rescue him from the Deadites attacking to receive his 
    stolen goods: a silver spoon, a gold watch, and the Stun spell. 
    Use the silver spoon on the vortex near the police station to check off that 
    objective on your to-do-list. Run over to the University and present the gold 
    watch to the professor, who gives you a key to the museum. 
    Check around the area for any items that you missed picking up (like the 
    health upgrade in an inlet near the police station) before going to the 
    museum. Use the key on the front door to get inside and finish the level. 
    003.0 - Nathaniel Payne Museum - "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun."
    - Find Trisha and Eldridge
    - Find the entrance to Payne's temple
    - Retrieve the Kandarian Summoning Stone
    003.1 - Find Trisha and Eldridge
    The museum is broken down into five sections; starting from the left, it 
    goes: the West wing, the colonial/staff area, the basement, the art gallery, 
    and the East wing. Since it's the only area unlocked, head down to the 
    basement. The gate closes behind you, and after descending the stairs you're 
    attacked by three Hell Hounds. Kill them and take a left into the main room; 
    pick up the vase lying on the ground and then continue. In the center of the 
    room is a Deadite eating a dead security guard, so kill him and pick up the 
    lighter and the staff swipe card.
    Now return to the stairs and unlock the gate using the staff pass. Enter the 
    colonial area just right of the basement and head to the very back that leads 
    into the staff area. Unlock the gate and run down the hall; pick up the spray 
    pump and talk to the security guard behind the gate on the left. He gives you 
    a card that will allow you to enter the East wing, and also opens all of the 
    doors in the basement (with the exception of one that's stuck, but we'll take 
    care of that later). Lastly, the security guard tells you that Nathaniel 
    Payne had a temple that he used to visit; and that you'll probably find the 
    Kandarian Summoning Stone there. 
    But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's find Trisha and Eldridge. From 
    the colonial area, climb up the stairs all the way on the left and use the 
    East wing security card to open the gate. Head past all of the Egyptian stuff 
    until you reach another gate that leads to the Civil War section of the 
    museum, Trisha and Eldridge are back there, so use the East wing card to free 
    Come on, did you really think it was going to be that easy? The gate gets 
    stuck after rising a few feet, and Trisha suggests that you disable the 
    security grid. 
    003.2 - Cut the power to the security grid
    Naturally, the best place to put a security grid would be out of sight in the 
    basement. Leave the East wing and head downstairs; take a right and enter the 
    first room that branches off from the main room. In the back right corner of 
    this room is the Possess Dog spell. In the room after this one is a boiler; 
    behind it is a dead security guard who has a locker key. 
    Return to the main room in the basement and take a right. Enter the next room 
    in the corner and pick up the save card on the right. In the far right corner 
    is another vase, so collect it and leave. At the main room again, take a 
    final right and check out the last branch of the basement. Pick up the 
    dynamite and proceed to the next room on your left. This is the door that the 
    security guard told you wasn't working properly; it shuts whenever you get 
    close to it. From a distance, use the Possess Dog spell and fly through the 
    door. Possess the Hell Hound walking around; leave its body and pick up the 
    dynamite next to the table on the right. The security grid is in the left 
    corner; throw some dynamite at it and take cover to knock out the power. 
    003.3 - Find the entrance to Payne's temple
    Return upstairs and head to the staff area. Use the locker key you found in 
    the boiler room on the locker with the poster on it in the far left corner. 
    Inside of it is the West wing card, so pick it up and head over to where the 
    security guard is hanging out. Seems that he's become a Deadite, so introduce 
    him to your boomstick and pick up the incendiary pistol ammo on the right. 
    Leave the staff and colonial area and enter the art gallery that's on the 
    opposite side of the basement stairway. In the back is a large portrait of 
    Nathaniel Payne, with two empty stands on either side. Place the two vases 
    you found on each one to open the painting up, and collect the Supernatural 
    Divining Device. Head over to the East wing and talk to Eldridge, who tells 
    you that the Divining Device will signal when your near some sort of 
    supernatural object. 
    You'll probably notice that the Device is beeping like crazy while you're 
    talking to Eldridge, and even more so as you're leaving. Check out the wall 
    opposite to the Civil War area, there's a large crack that's just begging to 
    be blown up. Do so with a stick of dynamite and collect the Yellow crystal. 
    The next crystal you'll come across will start to become apparent as you're 
    entering the main area of the museum. Eventually you'll end up in the 
    colonial section, so blast a hole in the first door on your right as you 
    enter the area to find the Green crystal. 
    The last two crystals are in the West wing, so run up the stairs and unlock 
    the gate with your keycard. Find the statue of the growling bear in the Ice 
    Age area and blow the wall under it to find the Blue crystal. 
    The final crystal is past the Ice Age area; there's a large cross-section of 
    the Earth's core, so aim for the very center of the model to acquire the Red 
    crystal. Continue to the end of the West wing to find a mana upgrade, the 
    Summon spell, and the Launcher in the last room.
    Return to the East wing and find the crack in the far right corner of the 
    Civil War area. Destroy it with your new Launcher to uncover four slots and a 
    piece of torn parchment. Enter the crystals in this order: Red, Yellow, Blue, 
    and Green. 
    As soon as you open the path to the temple, hordes of Deadites begin 
    attacking you. Use any means necessary to take them all out and run the 
    passage, killing more Deadites as they come. When you reach the very end, 
    pick up the save card and enter the door at the top of the stairs. 
    003.4 - Boss: Nathaniel Payne
    Unfortunately (or thankfully), the bosses in A Fistful of Boomstick aren't 
    very challenging, as you'll quickly realize while fighting Nathaniel Payne. 
    He has two different attacks, throwing a rock at you or firing a red energy 
    thing. Both are easy to avoid, just run in one direction and then switch when 
    he fires either projectile at you.
    In order to inflict damage upon Payne, you have to hit the rocks he throws at 
    you back at him with your Shovel (they're even kind enough to pre-equip you 
    with it as a hint). In order to be able to return his rocks, you have to 
    power up your shot by holding the attack button down. Knock five or six rocks 
    back at Payne to finish him off.
    004.0 - Colonial Dearborn - "Hail he who comes from the sky!"
    - Get back into town
    - Find Eldridge
    - Find the five spell pieces for Eldridge
    004.1 - Get back into town
    After following Eldridge through the vortex, you land in an open area. 
    Eldridge is waiting for you with a posse of his Deadite minions. After 
    insulting you, he runs off and leaves them to devour your flesh and swallow 
    your soul. Quickly equip your Launcher and fire off round after round at the 
    hordes of undead that attack you, just make sure to be far away enough that 
    you won't get caught in the blast. After defeating the first round, more 
    Deadites rise from their graves, so don't even bother fighting them all. Take 
    either the left or right path and collect the ammo and health that you find 
    along the way. When the paths branch off, remember to continue deeper into 
    the woods. At the end of the woods is a burning house, so pass by it and take 
    whatever path you didn't before and collect the rest of the items. When you 
    return to the clearing, you'll notice that a bunch of townspeople have 
    gathered. Speak with the man wearing the red coat; he tells you that town is 
    up ahead (where Eldridge ran off to), and seems to be mistaking you for the 
    town blacksmith. 
    Unfortunately, there's a vortex blocking your path to town and you seem to be 
    fresh out of silver. Return to the burning house in the woods all talk to the 
    man standing next to it. He offers you his silver ring; accept it and return 
    the favor by giving him the tin ring you got from the biker all the way back 
    in the first level. In gratitude, he gives you bottles of moonshine, which 
    you can use as Molotov Cocktails. Head back to the clearing where you started 
    and close the vortex with the ring. Take a left to pass through a less 
    developed part of town. Follow the dirt road as it curves around to the right 
    and eventually you'll come across a large barn. The stable door is locked, 
    but next to it is a breakable wooden fence, so bust through it and collect 
    the mana upgrade. Back in front of the barn, check out the group of homes 
    opposite of you, behind one of them on the left is a sickle. 
    Facing away from the barn, head up the hill on the left that leads to town. 
    Just before you enter the main road, take a quick right. There are three or 
    four houses lined up here, with a health upgrade in between two of them. Now 
    it's time to head into town.
    004.2 - Find weapon parts for the blacksmith
    When you enter town, you'll be on the left side of a very large home. 
    Although it's kind of skipping around between objectives, check out the other 
    side of the mansion, behind the hedges is a Deadite with claws for hands 
    otherwise known as a Deadite Warrior. It takes a little more to kill this 
    Deadite (two or three chainsaw impales), but it's easy enough to back it into 
    a corner. When it dies, it drops a piece of the spell scroll (1/5). 
    Across from the mansion is the church, so run over to it and unlock the door 
    with your church key (amazing that it works, isn't it?). Talk to the 
    reverend, who tells you that a man (Eldridge) ran into the graveyard, and to 
    be safe the padre locked the gate behind him and got rid of the key. While it 
    means that Eldridge isn't going anywhere any time soon, you have to find some 
    other way into that graveyard if you want to put an end to this. 
    From the church, head right and take a left after the mansion. Down this 
    slope is the blacksmith that everyone keeps mistaking you for. After 
    introducing himself, Ash realizes that this Williams the Blacksmith has to be 
    his great, great, great, great... something, and it definitely shows. 
    Williams is pretty good at taking down the army of dead that shows up at his 
    home and offers to upgrade any of your weapons if you find spare parts lying 
    around. In fact, he decides that he can put the lighter you found in the 
    museum to good use by fusing it with the spray gun. And if that weren't 
    enough, Williams gives you his Hand Canon, a more powerful (albeit slower-
    firing) pistol. 
    Remember the barn where the mana upgrade was? Return there and kill the 
    Deadite that's standing around in front of the barn door. He drops a Billy 
    Can, so head back to Williams and show it to him. You arrive just as the 
    blacksmith is blowing the head off one of those Warriors. Run over and pick 
    up the piece of the spell scroll it drops (2/5) and talk to Williams about 
    it. He says that he found another one of those scroll pieces, but handed it 
    over to the reverend as a precaution. Give him the Billy Can you found. He 
    asks for your trusty boomstick and goes to work on it in his shop while Ash 
    talks to himself. He returns a few seconds later and shows you the new and 
    improved boomstick, which can now fire eight shots before reloading instead 
    of two. He also returns your spray gun, which has been transformed into a 
    flamethrower thanks to the lighter. Lastly, Williams gives you the bolt 
    cutters that he used to upgrade the shotgun. 
    Head over to the church and get the third scroll piece from the reverend, who 
    is thoroughly glad to get rid of it (3/5). 
    Now it's time to put Williams' bolt cutters to good use. Remember how the 
    stable door was locked? Head over there and cut the lock with the bolt 
    cutters; there's a ton of shotgun ammo and a piece of scrap metal. Run back 
    over to Williams' place to see if he can make anything out of it. Except when 
    you get there, you find a Deadite massacre with the blacksmith AWOL. The only 
    thing worth checking out is a Pentagonal Piece of Stone.
    004.3 - Find the blacksmith
    Now that we've done everything in town, it's time to get into the graveyard 
    and chase after Eldridge. Behind the church is a locked gate, so cut the 
    chain with your bolt cutters. Head over to the left side and read the 
    inscription on the large stone door, which says, "A true soul must embrace 
    death in order to pass." In case you couldn't figure it out, it means you 
    need to possess a Deadite and try opening the door. Do so and head into the 
    woods. Stay on the main path and you'll come up to a dead end with some 
    health, but get ready for the swarm of Deadites that close off your escape.
    After hacking and blasting your way through the front line, check out the 
    path that branched off. It leads to a group of houses and a mineshaft 
    surrounded by a horde of Deadites, including another Deadite Warrior. It 
    attacks you by itself while the rest of the Deadites watch from the 
    sidelines, so kill it and pick up the piece of the scroll it drops (4/5). Now 
    the rest of the Deadites attack you, so deal with them. Head over to the 
    mineshaft in the back of the area and destroy the wooden fence blocking it to 
    find health and shotgun ammo. 
    Return to the graveyard and get over to the back right corner (from the 
    church that is, back left from the door you're at now) and find another stone 
    door, this one with a five-sided hole in it. Put the Pentagonal Piece of 
    Stone in the socket to open the door to open it. Grab the Rain of Fire spell 
    right behind the door and follow the path to Eldridge. 
    004.4 - Find the five spell pieces for Eldridge
    Thing's are looking pretty good at the moment with Eldridge being cornered, 
    but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He has Williams being held 
    hostage by two guardians, and demands that you find all five pieces of a 
    scroll that will allow him to leave this place, or he'll have the blacksmith 
    killed. And anyone who's seen Back To The Future will know that screwing with 
    history, especially history concerning your own family, can be a problem. 
    However, if you've followed this guide, you should already have four of the 
    five pieces of the scroll. Just in case you haven't been reading (and I'm 
    deeply hurt if this is so), then here's a quick recap of their locations 
    (remember that, unless it's given to you by a human, the scroll pieces are 
    dropped by a Warrior Deadite).
    - Behind the hedges on the right side of the mansion across from the church. 
    - Dropped by a Deadite that Williams killed after bringing him the Billy Can.
    - The reverend in the church has one that Williams found before.
    - After possessing a Deadite to pass through the stone door in the graveyard, 
    head down the path and take a right. The Warrior runs up and attacks you 
    while the rest of the Deadites watch you fight.
    The final scroll piece is being held by a Deadite in the graveyard. Depending 
    on whether or not you had four of the scroll pieces before confronting 
    Eldridge, the Deadite is in one of two places. If you had four before finding 
    Eldridge, then the Deadite Warrior should be walking towards the stone 
    doorway that you're leaving. If you didn't have four before Eldridge, then 
    the Deadite will be in a small inlet just right of the gate that leads to the 
    town (right assuming that you're facing away from the church). 
    When you have all five scroll pieces, return to Eldridge, who stabs you in 
    the back (again...) by running off into the portal with your ancestor still 
    being held by those guardians. What to do?
    Immediately turn around and kill the Deadite Warrior sneaking up behind you 
    and pick up the Possess Guardian scroll he drops. Cast the spell and possess 
    one of those ugly mothers, and use its body to beat up the other. When you 
    kill the one guardian and leave the others' body, talk to Williams to say 
    your goodbyes and give him the piece of scrap metal you found. It's just too 
    bad you'll never know what he made out of it. 
    Or will you?
    005.0 - Civil War Dearborn - "This is my BOOMSTICK!" 
    - Close all of the portals in town
    - Find a way into Fort Dearborn and catch up to Eldridge
    005.1 - Find an army
    Just when you thought the history lesson was over, right? You land just in 
    time to watch Eldridge run off into the large fort directly in front of you. 
    Soon after, Deadites attack and a single Union soldier makes it out. It's 
    just a shame that he doesn't realize that Ash is the only person capable of 
    sending those Deadites straight back to Hell, and refuses to help you get 
    inside. And just in case you were getting any ideas, he mentions that the 
    front gate could withstand a buffalo charge and that you'd need an army to 
    break it down. So let's get an army, shall we?
    Check either side of the fort; the left side has a health pack, grapeshot 
    ammo, and Molotov Cocktails, and there are health and mana upgrades, as well 
    as a sword (which replaces your sickle) on the right. After getting all of 
    the items, turn around and head up the path leading to town. When you reach 
    the barricade, fire dynamite from your Launcher to destroy it. 
    As soon as you enter town, a group of Confederate soldiers confront you and 
    ask about your intentions. Ash smooth talks them into wanting you to join 
    their army.
    Run down the street and take a right. Enter the church (use the church key) 
    and talk to the reverend. He asks that you bring any survivors you find to 
    the church. The three survivors are standing around the group of houses just 
    left of the mansion. Pass through the hedges and take a quick left to find 
    them, and lead the group back to the church. The reverend gives you half of a 
    torn parchment, which is the other half of the one you found in the museum, 
    as a reward. The completed parchment is the Possess Slavelord spell.
    Back to the main objective; go back past the hedges and run down the hill to 
    find a Union camp. Head to where the barn is and demolish the breakable 
    wooden fence; there's a lot of Gatling gun ammo and exploding shotgun rounds. 
    In the barn shed are some grapeshot rounds. Talk to the captain of the Union 
    army, who happens to be the great grandson of Williams the Blacksmith (which 
    would make you his great, great, great, grand... something). He's willing to 
    fight against the Deadites and gets his army ready for the battle, and tells 
    you that there's a gift that was made by Williams after Ash left. 
    We're not quite finished with finding an army, even though your to-do list 
    says you are. Return to the church and head to Williams' home (from the 
    church, head right and then a left after the mansion) and grab the Gatling 
    gun on the side of the house. Watch out, though, because a swarm of Deadites 
    have come to attack you. In fact, massive groups of Deadites are appearing 
    all over town, and appearing so quickly that by the time you fight off a 
    group, a new one will appear.
    Head back to the church and take a left; follow that road until you reach a 
    vortex, and take a left to find the Confederate camp. The guards demand to 
    see identification, so show him your S-Mart badge to gain clearance. Enter 
    the camp and talk to the commander. He's reluctant to believe your story 
    about the Deadites, and tells you to bring him proof. Run back to the 
    entrance of the Confederate camp and coax a Deadite into following you 
    (shouldn't be too difficult) back to the camp. Let the confederates kill it 
    and talk to the commander again, who is a little more willing to fight 
    against the greater evil. He doesn't think that the unionists are going to 
    agree to attack their own fort, but Ash assures him that he's a great 
    negotiator. Head back to the Union camp and talk to your ancestor, who says 
    that they're ready to leave as soon as you close all of the vortexes around 
    town. He says that the Confederates looted the town a few days ago, which 
    means that you're going to have to get them to return anything silver so you 
    can close the vortexes. 
    005.2 - Close the vortexes in town
    But guess what? You get screwed over again. Not only is the Confederate 
    general offended by your asking for the silver, but he doesn't even have it. 
    So we have to go find it first. Run over to the church and check out the 
    graveyard. The area in the back right (where the Pentagonal Stone fit into 
    the door) has all of the silver that you need. Pick up the four bars and go 
    close those vortexes.
    Vortex 1 - From the gate behind the church that leads to the graveyard, take 
    a right. It's in a small inlet. 
    Vortex 2 - From the church, take a right and follow that road as right as you 
    can go. The vortex is at a dead end.
    Vortex 3 - Right in the middle of the intersection in front of the 
    Confederate camp; you had to have passed by it at least a six times already.
    Vortex 4 - Behind the mansion across from the church, the last vortex is in 
    the inlet where you rescued the survivors and led them to the church.
    After closing the last of the vortexes, return to the Union camp and talk to 
    your ancestor, who begins the charge against the Deadites in Fort Dearborn. 
    Head over to the fort and join the fight; the soldiers have a tendency to die 
    pretty quickly if you don't give them a hand, which leaves you up the creek 
    without a paddle when the pack of Deadites begin chasing you around. 
    When they're all dead, head into the fort to confront Eldridge.
    005.3 - Kill Eldridge
    Good old Eldridge is in the fort watching his minions slaughter the soldiers 
    when you arrive. He then runs off to one of the back areas, so follow him. 
    Pick up the silver bar behind the vortex on the left and use it to close the 
    other vortex in that area (the one blocking the doorway on the right). Enter 
    the next area and run up the dirt mound covered by boards on the right; walk 
    along that level until you enter the next area. Take a left almost 
    immediately after entering the next area and pick up the silver bar next to 
    the canon. Return to the second area and close the vortex in front of the 
    doorway leading to the next area. It's finally time to get some revenge 
    against that backstabber Eldridge... 
    005.4 - Boss: Eldridge
    Eldridge The Monster, like Nathaniel Payne, is really a joke. He basically 
    walks around the area swiping at you with his tail or claws. Occasionally he 
    also runs directly at you, but even that's easy enough to avoid. 
    The way to injure Eldridge is by flipping him on his back and attacking his 
    stomach. How do you do that, you say? Notice that your pistol has been pre-
    equipped for you; use it to take shots at the exploding barrels (Donkey Kong 
    anyone?). When you light one of them, you have to coax Eldridge into getting 
    close enough to the barrel to be caught in the blast. However, if he gets too 
    close and contacts the barrel before it explodes, it breaks and doesn't 
    explode. You can also flip Eldridge over by having him run into a wall; this 
    is a little more difficult since you have to be in the right place at the 
    right time, but it still works.
    When Eldridge is on his back, take it to him, chainsaw style. Any combo will 
    work fine (except impale), so do whatever you want in that sense. You should 
    only have to repeat this two or three times to get in enough hits to finish 
    him off for good. 
    When he's dead, head through the vortex to return to modern times.
    006.0 - Evil Dearborn - "Who's laughing now?"
    - Free the humans being held captive by the Deadites
    - Find Trisha
    - Find a way into the Deadite Queen's lair and kill her
    006.1 - Free the prisoners
    The Deadites have done some redecorating since you last saw modern Dearborn. 
    The town is in shambles, and lacking any signs of life. Turn around and run 
    up the road; take the next right and talk to the humans taking cover in the 
    building. They tell you about a weapons catch somewhere underground, as well 
    as a group of prisoners somewhere down there. You also get the Seismic Wave 
    from them.
    Now return to the church and take a left, that path leading underground is 
    the only one open right now. At the end of this pathway is the large cavern 
    where the prisoners are being held. Also make a note of the spell behind the 
    gate in the corner of the pathway. 
    When you enter the cavern, a cinematic plays, showing a Slavelord opening the 
    door where the prisoners are. That door (and any like it) can only be opened 
    by Slavelords, so collect some mana from Warriors and possess it. As a 
    Slavelord, open the prison door and then head to the far left section of the 
    cavern. Another Slavelord-only door is there, so unlock it and kill the two 
    Slavelords inside. The second one has a key to the individual prison cells, 
    so pick it up and return to the prison. Unlock both cells and talk to the guy 
    in overalls. He gives you a wrench, which can open up any of those sewer 
    gates (like the one in this room). Don't forget to pick up the Leecher in the 
    prison cell on the right before leaving the area. 
    006.2 - Find the Queen's lair
    From the area you just came from, head to the underground passage at the 
    other end of the street (it's the only one you haven't explored yet). As soon 
    as you enter inside, a dozen Hell Hounds attack you, so kill them all. 
    Now head down to the main area and possess the Slavelord in the left corner. 
    Run to the opposite end of the room and open up the two Slavelord-only doors: 
    one right before the stairway and the other halfway up the stairs. The one on 
    the stairs has a Dispel Runic Lock spell that we're going to need later on, 
    and the other door leads to the weapons catch. There are quite a few 
    Guardians here, but they shouldn't be much of a problem for you by now. 
    Collect all of the shotgun ammo and the Diamond-Bladed Chainsaw.
    Remember that spell behind the gate in the first underground area? You can go 
    get it now, thanks to your new chainsaw. Do just that and get the Possess 
    Warrior spell, along with any other items in the other gated areas. There's 
    also a room that requires a Warrior to open it (they're the doors with the 
    claws over them) near the stairway at the end of the first cavern with some 
    ammo and health in it in case you're interested. 
    At the lower level of this first area, open the sewer gate with the wrench 
    and follow the sewer to a Warrior-only room. A Warrior has already opened it 
    for you, so head inside and kill all of the Deadites in there. Pick up the 
    Bizarre Occult Thing (blue) in the center before leaving. Opposite of that 
    room is a chain link fence that leads to the cavern with the Hell Hounds and 
    weapons catch. Break through it with your chainsaw and run to the far left 
    corner, where another sewer gate is. Open it up and kill all but one of the 
    Warriors that immediately attack you. Possess the last one and open the 
    Warrior-only door on the right and collect your second Bizarre Occult Thing 
    (green). Possess another Warrior and return to the second cavern; just left 
    of the sewer gate is another Warrior-only room, which has the Exsanguinator, 
    an upgraded version of the Leecher that fires the blood you suck from enemies 
    back at them. Very cool.
    From the sewer gate, take a left and go around the pathway underneath the 
    church. That area in the back is where the Queen is, but we need our third 
    Occult Thing first. From the passage under the church, enter the sewers and 
    follow it to the last Warrior-only room with the last Bizarre Occult Thing 
    Now return to the pathway under the church and place the Occult Things in 
    their appropriate slots. In case you missed it before, there's a drawing on 
    the sign in front of the church that shows, which colored Occult Thing goes 
    where. From left to right, it goes Green, Red, and Blue. 
    Once the three Occult Things are in place, a bridge leading to the Queen's 
    lair appears. In the very middle of the bridge is the symbol of the Rune 
    Lock. Stand on top of it and recite the Dispel Rune Lock spell. When the door 
    opens, head inside for the final battle.
    006.3 - Boss: Trisha
    Admit it, you saw it coming as soon as the survivor in the building ruins 
    mentioned that the one controlling the Deadites was a queen. 
    As with the other bosses, Trisha The Deadite Queen doesn't put up much of a 
    fight. In fact, she only has two attacks: she can either fire some green 
    plasma stuff at you (which is easily avoided) or she sends out a shockwave 
    that knocks you down. I'm not even sure if the shockwave injures you, and if 
    it does, it's minimal.
    As for inflicting damage on Trisha, notice how you have dynamite pre-
    equipped? After attacking you a few times, Trisha lets out a roar. The time 
    to attack is now, so toss a stick of dynamite into her mouth. Five of those 
    babies is more than enough to take her down.
    Congratulations on completing Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick. Sit back and 
    enjoy the ending. And remember, shop smart, shop S-Mart.

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