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"Getting bored of Halo? This one is great!"

***I know you see alot of reviews out there saying ''This game blows Halo out of the water!!!''- Those are just people trying to get you to read their review...Those reviews aren't worth reading...

Okay, if you are bored of Halo because you have played that great game that many times... (I'm not bored of it yet =-))
then you might want to give this one a try, the multiplayer is great, and it is hard for one person to beat down the rest because he knows a level well.... there are 60 levels to choose from and lots of other options. If this game was made for XBOX live, it would be the most popular game out there right now.(most popular xbox live game that is...)

Gameplay- 8/10
There are no aliens, but this game is GREAT, has lots of levels for single player, where you can have three difficulties, 14 different weapons, including a gun that can target and shoot enemies through walls...

Story- 9/10

Nano-technology, Created on Mars by a scientist. Stolen, brought to Earth. Stolen and Stolen again. Until Alias, a top demolitions expert, obtained the technology for the Republic of the Commonwealth.

Chancellor Sopot used nano-technology to transform Alias and two thousand of the Commonwealth's bravest volunteers into super soldiers- fighters who were stronger, faster, and smarter than any others. But then Sopot began to fear
his creations. He declared them enemies of the state, ordered them hunted down and destroyed by his elite guard.

Alias and a handful of others survived. Once a national hero, Alias is now a
renegade allied with the rebellious Red Faction. He is one of a squad of
six, all nano-enhanced, all united by their uniquenesses and common cause

Audio/Video- 9/10

The first thing you will notice about the Graphics in RF2 is that they are much cleaner, and much more sharper than those of RF1 and of RF2 on PS2. Plus, they are even cleaner for those of you with an S-Video setup. The sound is good, supporting tense music at tense parts of the game, and calm music at calmer areas.

Replayability- 8/10
This is where the game gets great. If you are bored there are plenty of things to unlock in the single player, also multiple endings. Then there is multiplayer, it will never get boring if you have 4 people playing, because just like HALO, its that great! Also, its got 14 guns, and 60 levels to choose from, and WAY more characters to look like then on any other MP FPS.

To Buy or to Rent?- BUY!

BUY THIS GAME, its as good as HALO, if not then better then Halo! I am so glad i payed the $50 for this game because the day i got it, i played seriously over 13 straight hours on MP, and 2 straight on Single Player.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/03, Updated 04/10/03

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