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"Welcome to the next Generation"

This is really the next generation, my friends.
If you like First Person Shooters, you've probably played Doom, Wolfenstein, Halo, Timesplitters 2, Nightfire, Goldeneye, Etc.
This game has one thing that they don't.
This game, has destroyable terrain.
You'll be walking along in multiplayer, and suddenly blow up a wall, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.
Not to mention the story isn't half bad either, like in most shooters.

Graphics - 8/10

Great Graphics, Not as good as Halo's, but still really good, especially for a port from the PS2.

Story - 7/10
Basically, your a guy (Alias) who has been outfitted with Nano-Modification to make you a better warrior, but the chancellor who made you is scared of you and your squadron now, so he's decided to eliminate you, only you and 5 others like you remain of the 2000 that were created. You will now, Kill him.

Sound - 7/10

To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to the sound, I couldn't even tell you if this game lets you change sound. The sound is good if you notice it though, I suppose.

Controls - 8/10

The controls are good, you can customize them to your liking, and they're farely easy to use, and most weapons have an alternate firing mode. And you can launch grenades as well, without switching weapons, if your using a one-handed weapon.

Inguientiy (SP?) / Creativeness 10/10

This is where the game shines. I can't think of another FPS where you could destroy the terrain, not to mention you HAVE to to get things in multiplayer, and to beat the game in Singe player mode.

Replay: 8/10

The replay in this game is farely good as well. You have to beat it more than once to unlock everything, and some things (extra's) can be unlocked by beating it on normal and hard. Not to mention it's always fun to watch you shoot a grenade at enemies, and watch their bodies literally blow apart.

Overall: 9/10

This is one of the FUNNEST multiplayer games I've played in a long time, I still prefer time splitters 2, because of the customization you can do in it, but still a great game. I would highly recommend picking up this game if you haven't played it yet, well worth a buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/22/03, Updated 04/22/03

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