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"Best multiplayer game I have played to date."

Goldeneye came out in 1997. 6 years ago, and still only one game can top it. That would be Red Faction II. Halo came damn close, as did TimeSplitters 2, but neither quite topped it. I have yet to play single player on Red Faction II and can already tell you it is my favorite FPS ever-multiplayer on this game is a blast. Now for the scores.

Like I previously stated, I have not played single player as of yet. I have only played multiplayer. All I know is it has to do with the future, and with killing or stopping an evil dictator in what is probably Russia.

The graphics on the XBox are the best of all of the console versions of this game. They look great and are very well done. Everything is detailed very well.

Sound Effects-10/10
Again, very well done sound effects. Everything sounds great. The guns sound great, and people will scream and the such when they are shot or die. They even swear when they fall off of cliffs and die.

While I do not really play close attention to music, when I do hear it in this game it sounds pretty good. It has a nice soundtrack.

The multiplayer is what I bought this game for after a rental. It is addicting, fun, and just downright excellent. I have never had more fun in multiplayer in any game I have ever played. The multiplayer has a huge amount of stages, characters, and modes of play-from a normal deathmatch to capture the flag.

I am just reviewing this on multiplayer as I said. So the gameplay, to me, is multiplayer, so I already went over that. However, according to my stepfather, who plays this game more than I do, the single player in this game is great as well. Someday I will get around to finding that out for myself.

Get some friends to come over to your house and play this with you. I guarantee that both you and them will get hooked on this game. Again, this game is worth the price you pay for the multiplayer alone.

This game is great. It is so much fun that you will start playing and never stop. The more, the merrier, so get some friends and play this with them as well.

Buy. No further explanation is needed. Just buy it now. It may still be going for fifty dollars but this game is well worth the price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/01/03, Updated 06/01/03

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