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"One of the Best Shooters In Recent Years"

Playing Red Faction II is ridiculous. Volition unquestionably established itself as one of the big players in the video game business in 2001 with their widely successful Red Faction. Yes, I knew Red Faction II was going to be a good game, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS good. Red Faction II is one of those rare sequels that not only demolishes the original but in fact is so superior to the first it seems like playing Red Faction III rather than a sequel.

Red Faction’s claim to fame was its revolutionary “Geo-mod” technology that allowed players to destroy and alter the environment in real-time. Although ground-breaking for it’s time, looking back now one can’t help but notice its shortcomings. The Geo-mod was very strict on what areas you could actually destroy within the levels; nor did it actually give players any ways to use it to their advantage in battles. However, as Volition Producer “James Tsai” stated “Red Faction II uses a more enhanced version of the Geo-mod, it’s faster and more stable now”, and what an improvement it is. Red Faction II sports the most amazing destruction ever seen in gaming history. Every gunfight you participate in the environments can be affected. Whether you’re blasting away walls of buildings with a tank or mowing down soldiers among marble pillars within an office building, about 75% of everything in the game is destructible.

Asides from the amazing geo-mod technology, the best new feature in Red Faction II is the hours of endless action. In fact there is never a dull moment in the game; no longer will you have to trek through endless murky caverns of Mars like the original. Every moment of Red Faction II has you pitted in a colossal battle to end the rule of a corrupt dictator on Earth. Players control “Alias”, a genetically enhanced soldier who with his five comrades fights alongside the Red Faction to bring peace back to the Commonwealth. Right from the get-go you’ll be involved in endless adrenaline soaked action. From tearing through Chancellor Sopot’s endless armies at the enemies’ headquarters to dogfights high above the city limits to a final showdown inside a Statue of Liberty like structure, it’s hard not to appreciate the lighting pace of Red Faction II.

Volition has created one of the greatest sequels in gaming history. Not only is Red Faction II easily the best FPS available on the PS2, it’s quite simply one of the best shooters ever on any platform. While it certainly isn’t even close to Xbox’s “Halo” (Still levels beyond any other shooter in history), Red Faction II is an amazing game that is easily one of the five best PS2 games on the market. Games don’t get much better than this.

Graphics- 9
Gameplay- 9
Sound- 9
Overall- 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/04/03, Updated 07/04/03

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