Review by AllYourBaseBelong2Us

Reviewed: 08/31/03

Next Halo? I think not...

This game sounds great to begin with. A brand new 'Geo-Mod' technology that has you blasting walls to make your own path to victory. But how come victory just doesn't smell so good? How come all this hype, hype, hype just made the game worse? Well first we find out that the game is a straight port from the PS2 version. So this would include same graphics, soundtrack, controls ripped away from Halo. The so called 'Geo-Mod' isn't even anything new. You can't blast just any wall, it has to be a 'different' wall. It just shows when you keep on going forward and forward and forward - finally the hallway ends and where do you go? Forward. So obviously you assume you can blast the wall. And so you do. But what if I want to blast this wall? I do it and it doesn't come down. You mean to tell me that this wall won't come down from a rocket? What is it? A metal wall? Yes, looks like this 'new' technology isn't new and original at all.

Red Faction II has you playing the game as 'Alias' who wants to overrun the 'evil' government with a group of friends who do almost anything to NOT help you succeed. No, they are allies, their A.I. is just so bad they end up doing more damange than good for you. Red Faction II also proves that vehicles can in fact be bad. Instead of having one great big long level, it has one big small level where you HAVE to pilot a vehicle to beat this part. First mistake. The vehicles themselves are slower than you (like this big robot thingy), has pretty weak firepower, and you take more damage. Now to mention you'll own pilot it for about 2 minutes before having to stop because of a crack so small, only Alias can fit into it. BORING! You'll also get missions where you fly in a helicopter type assault vehicle - of course you will pilot the guns and fire mindless for the next 15 minutes and not understand a clue of what your doing. Sadly, the gameplay comes up short, very short at a grand total of less than 10 hours, tops. The guns aren't all that amazing as well. If we could only have one different assault rifle, and not just five.

The only up side to this game is the multiplayer which still can be improved. Some of the modes include, Free For All, Team Play, and CTF. My favorite map was two bases overlooking each other with entire levels you can blow up. Perfect for snipering the defenders. This game would have been a little bit better if it included some System Link or Live support which it does not. Everyone is thinking this is the next Halo, which it does come out AFTER halo, but is nowhere near good as Halo. My recommendation? Give it a rental and see how it like it.

Final Reviewed Score: 7/10 Good!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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