Review by GRAVE

"Red Faction II 3rd Best FPS On The Box."

Gameplay- 8/10
The gameplay is sweet as that seen in Halo, That's if Halo was all indoor's. The best way to put it is, Red Faction 2 is like Medal of Honor Frontline meet's Halo. Red Faction 2 play's a hell of a lot like Medal of Honor Frontline is freaky, you'd thought it was made by the same team. The mission's are pretty much set up the same way as that of Medal of Honor Frontline. The game will get you a list of this you have to do...go here...shot him, same old, same old, Nothing that will be too hard. The big push for this game is the Geo-Mod, It's no where as good as the Geo-Mod was it the first Red Faction. The ''Geo-Mod'' let's you blow hole's is some wall's, as in this first one you could blow the whole level up...It was cool but the fact that you could blow a two mile long hole's through a wall isn't really that...well ''real''. So the team modded the ''Geo-Mod'' only letting you blow ''some'' thing's up.

Story- 9/10

Who really buy's a first person shooter for it's story? Because this game doesn't really have one...It does, but it's nothing like that of Halo or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic..But it get's the job done, Just don't go into this looking for some thing mind blowing.

Audio/Video- 9/10

The Graphics in Red Faction 2 are much cleaner then the PS2 version and much sharper, But there is a few level's that look pretty bad [Like two] but the rest have some of the best lighting I've ever seen in a FPS to date. The sound is good, But nothing mind blowing, Some of the music really help's to set the mood while some of the other stuff seem's out of place. The weapon's effect's are great as well, Some are looped and sound awful.

Replayability- 8/10

Just like Halo this game has a great Single Player, It's around 8 hour's. One thing you'll see right away is that Red Faction 2 has hand's down the BEST multiplayer money can buy. The multiplayer is a mix of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament...Sure it doesn't have Live or system link, But it's still one sweet multiplayer.

To Buy or to Rent?- BUY!
If you like FPS then you'll must likely love this one. It doesn't have the longest Single Player...But the multiplayer make's up for that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/10/03

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