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"Who doesn't have Nano Machines......"

A couple years after the events on Mars in Red Faction 1, you take control of a Nano-enhanced soldier who is being hunted by the evil chancelor of the Commonwealth that created you. You and your 6 squad mates are joined up with the Red Faction on Earth this time to bring him down.


Those not familiar with Red Faction basically need to know this. In Red Faction you were a miner on Mars, the miners were being tested on with Nano machines. You were the one of the key figures in the rebellion against the evil corporation that was funding the research. That basically brings you to Red Faction 2. One of the main selling points of the series is Geo Mod. It basically allows you to destroy nearly everything; boxes, walls, floors, ect. It really adds a lot to multiplayer.

Gameplay: 7/10

The game is pretty fun overall. You have a large load out of weapons, some of which you can dual wield. Controls are pretty tight as well. I personally had some problems with right stick for looking around, it seemed a little clunkier than other FPS titles. Also when dual wielding you controled each weapon seperatly so you could still fire even if one gun was out of ammo. The weapons all had obvious differences. I did kinda miss the riot shield from the first game. Also, sometimes Geo Mod made getting around a level a little difficult.

Story: 5/10
The story sure isn't going to win any awards I can tell you that. The makers of the game assumed you knew what Red Faction was, as it did nothing to explain what it was. Also, from the outset you are told to go assassinate someone, and it really doesn't give you a lot of reasons why. Also another thing that is missing is explaining why you are nano-enhanced and how you relate to your squad mates.

Graphics 7/10

Graphics are pretty good, some of the Geo Mod stuff looks kinda meh, but otherwise not bad. Seeing your squad members use their nano machines is pretty cool.

Sound: 4/10

I had some serious issues on this one. The background music was par if there was any. Also some of the voice acting was just plain dreadful. Your squad commander is voiced by Lance Heirenks and isn't too bad. Also there were some issues with lack of a lip sync. I thought one woman's lips were going to fly off any second.

Replayablilty: 4/10

There is a large ammount of unloackable material and several different endings. However, most of the unloackables you can get through one pass through the game. Also the game is extremly short. In the first Red Faction I was wondering if it was ever going to end, in this version I beat it in only a few hours. The unloackables are pretty cool, especially the enemy and civilian models you unlock and see their names like; Faction Jackson a Red Faction Member.

Rent or Buy:
Easy decision, rent. The game being exremly short makes it hard to hold up over a long haul. It does have decent multiplayer that you can play against bots, but it's hardly worth getting just for that, especially when you can only play against a total of 5 other players, only 3 can be other players. Counterstrike is a much better multiplayer FPS and there are a ton of longer and in some cases better FPS single player out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/15/03

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