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Reviewed: 10/28/04

Can Red Faction 2 hold it's own on the FPS console of this Generation?

As most people know by now that the X-box survives on it's abundance of First person shooting action. Sure it has other games for the system that give great quantities of entertainment, but it's primary source has always been the first person shooter. Red Faction 2 is one of these first person shooters. Once titled ' Halo killer ' this game has fallen from the hype it was once given into a 2nd rate game. However, their are those that consider this game to be top notch, a game that is given too little credit, and the potential it has created. Every first person shooter gives a large arsenal, health packs, and a horde of enemies to mutilate and completely slaughter. Red faction 2 has the basics for a decent first person shooter, as well as a few flaws which we will explore later, and it has pretty decent AI. However, it has something called GEO-MOD. In a short explanation you can destroy walls, and alter the terrain. This is the the one thing that makes this game stand out among the best, yet it appears as though it was not enough. Lets explore the game, and come to a better understanding.

Sound 7/10

The game is certainly about war, so obviously it has what you expect, the sounds of war. Rockets exploding, tanks rolling, Battle armor stepping, soldiers threatening each other, yelling for help, screams of those on fire, and engines of air support vehicles. Sounds good! and it is, it really is good. Except when you get into the heat of things. The gun fire drenches out the voices of your comrades so you can't make out what their saying so you may miss out on a critical objective. Sure you can check the objective sheet, but that doesn't quite qualify for sound. Their is music in the background, but I miss most of it because it is so low. When you are fighting 4 soldiers, 3 with assault rifles and 1 with a shotgun, the shotgun will squelch the rest of the weapons out. I have also stumbled on a few parts where I shot a few rounds and no sound was made, then as I stopped shooting the sound of my gun started. The major thing that bothers me is the Battle armor chain guns. One of the guns makes a loud gunshot, but the other gun makes no sound.

Graphics 8/10

Lets face it, when you get a first person shooter you wanna see interesting ways people die when you shoot them with different weapons. At least I do... anyways the death of soldiers seems realistic to me. When you shoot them in the head with your average pistol or assault rifle the people will fall straight to the ground, shoot them in the chest the fall backwards, and you shoot them in the back they fall forwards. Pretty basic, but the true pretty stuff comes from your mor advanced weapons. Such as the grenade launcher or the W.A.S.P rocket launcher. If you hit someone in the head their entire upper portion is missing and their legs fall to the ground, if the rocket blows up in a straight hit, the guy simply vanishes and chunks of meat spew out. If you use your shotgun the person goes flying back a few inches. The real problem with this part of the game is the lower portion of the body. When you hit someone in the legs with a high explosive weapon you expect their torso to go flying, nope not this time around. The only thing that happens is that they fly around in pieces of meat, or the just go flying backwards. I guess i can't really complain though because that is a little brutal for most. Yet their is still 1 more flaw. The faces of people. Oh boy. Sure they have pretty good detail, but when they talk. Ya it's pretty bad when they talk. The mouth won't be moving when a voice is being said, then it starts moving and will end before the phrase is over, and the mouth pretty much has no motion except up and down, and very corny.

Game-play 8/10

Geo-mod is a holy tool for this game. You come to a door. It's locked. Who cares, make your own entrance. Use a high explosive weapon on most concrete and it just disappears. Now that is a lovely thing to have. Makes the game seem more like a war to me. Now I really don't have anything bad about the GEO-MOD it's that good. However, the pace of the game is... Blah. The game moves to fast to really get in it, and when a plot twist happens your kinda shocked because you thought something really deep was gonna happen in the storyline, but it simply passed by.

Multi-player 9/10

Short of the word, chaos. Nothing can be said, except get a powerful weapon FAST, you have to get a high explosive weapon or a really damaging weapon fast, or your not gonna survive. The weapon equality is just not that great. But it has little affect on the great fun and entertainment you will receive. The major thing going for the multi-player is the use of bots. Better yet, you can customize the bots to however you want. This multi-player is nearly unmatched in the terms of enjoyment and fun. Once I played it I was addicted. I am still addicted 3 months later. Just be warned that it makes any halo skills you have lower, fast. If your playing halo for greatness, or any other first person shooter, please do not get into the multi-player, because ,like i said, your skills will lower dramatically.

Storyline- 5/10

Ugh. It's pretty bad. Basically your a super soldier, all your comrades are killed except 6. You have allied yourself with the red faction. A group of rebels that have sworn to fight against the commonwealth, a dictatorship ruled by Sopot. You are sent on a mission to kill Sopot. That is the storyline, it does have a nice plot twist, but I won't ruin it for you. The main problem is, the game is to short. You never get involved in the storyline, making it shallow. Whenever something interesting comes up, the game focus's on something else. Really the only reason to play this is to unlock levels and secrets in the multi-player option. Other than that I wouldn't bother with the Storyline.

Weapon Designs- 6/10

Every first person shooter has an arsenal. Some with good arsenals, some with bad arsenals. This game has some good designs and some poor designs. The W.A.S.P rocket launcher is really cool looking, it just seems like the clip is to small for the gun. The MP submachine guns are also pretty cool looking guns. The basic assault rifle isn't to shabby either. Unfortunately, everything else looks,well, stupid. Your primary assault rifle looks like an unnecessary bulk of metal with a small tube coming out. The precision rifle is to over-decorative, and the Pistol is just downright bad. Their are other weapons to such as the grenade launcher, the sniper rifle, and the N.A.N.O M.P. Those weapons are really decent looking, but are contriversial among me and my friends, so I suspect they are contriversial among gamers.

Conclusion- Red faction 2 never really made it big. People play Halo, counterstrike, and Unreal tournament 10 times more than Red faction 2. It is unfortunate that this game never made it big with it's potential. The GEO-MOD was a excellent idea, and would have worked if the other areas of the game had stood out more. I give the game a final score of 8/10. A game that should be note worthy, and tried once by every first person shooter fan. If your one of these fans I highly recommend trying this game out. The multi-player is the number one reason to play this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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