Review by kain50bc

Reviewed: 11/29/05

Far better than Halo, for one thing it's on Playstation as well!

I first played Red Faction 2... drunk. I think my memory is a little hazy. But I know I loved it so much I rented it out a second time and loved it again. Read on to find out why this seems (to me anyway) to be a really underrated game.

Graphics: 9/10
Ooh yeah! I love these graphics a lot. On all the "special" characters there are these sort of energy flickers that runs across their body at random times that looks prime. I just wanted to point that out first. The rest of the graphics look great. The only bit thats slightly (ever so slightly) bad is that when you blow up terrain and stuff, the remainder looks blocky. Oh and one of the levels is murky and hard to see in. But everything else looks grand. The atmosphere is great in this game for sure!

Sound: 8/10
I don't really remember the music much anymore but I think i enjoyed it immensely. But I'll leave it at 8 just in case. Voice acting is good, not hammy like some of the recent games. Explosions, lasers.. everything fits.

Gameplay: 10/10
First point.... YOU CAN BLOW PRACTICALLY ANYTHING UP! he he... lots of terrain gets blasted away in this, which you can use to your advantage to make sniper holes or just peepholes in walls to plan your attack. Obviously you can't blow EVERYTHING up but the greater majority of it you can landscape with ease. The story in this game is pretty good. Basically you're in some future time and you are part of a squad of nano enhanced soldiers fighting against a guy who looks suspiciously like Stalin. That's as far as I'll go but there are some good twists in this game!
Second point (or third?) you have an incredible arsenal of weapons. From pistols to assault rifles to grenade launchers to the deadly WASP rocket launcher. There are so many different weapons to keep you entertained and they're all good in their own fashion.

Re-playability: 10/10
The missions are so fun and accessible after you complete the game. Multi-player is very fun with Death-match, team death-match, Capture the flag and the hat game! which is basically a keep-away game that looks incredibly funny (especially when drunk! I advise it!)

Overall: 9/10 The best First person shooter I've played

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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